Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Finally Getting a Break - My 16 Month Update

Work has been completed on schedule and I surpassed my goal for how much money I wanted to take home. I almost doubled my goal despite having some difficulty working the second half of this past month due to emotions.

I successfully purchased gifts for every friend and relative imaginable back home. I got a little carried away in the excitement of going home and may have went a little overboard. At least no one important to me will feel left out.

I've set up my plans with family, purchased all my plane tickets, hotel rooms and rental cars for travel inside the US. I got all of my plans printed out and ready to take with me and packed all of my bags at least twice trying to make everything fit as well as I can. I'm taking some crazy stuff home but part of the fun is sharing India with my family as well. I burned about 10,000 pictures to disk to take with me. That's a lot of pictures! I could have taken my portable hard drive but I don't want it damaged and my new laptop has a 1 Terabyte hard drive so it voids any need for a portable hard drive. Then I would just have extra stuff to bring back and I'm saving as much space as possible for the important stuff - food lol.

Packing was interesting because I have a few expensive, breakable items and not that many clothes to wrap them in for protection. I wound up wrapping them in cardboard paper and then storing them in a padded cosmetic case.

I put off getting my hair and nails done so I can go to my favorite salons back home. My hair is a mess and looking awful flat right now and my toenails are screaming for a fresh coat of paint but I'm still holding out. My nail salon back home has a full body massage chair for you to enjoy while you get your nails done and they give you a full sugar massage up to the knee as part of the process. I haven't found anything as good here and no one here seems to do the intricate designs that my salon back home does. I've missed having tiny flowers on my toenails! It's sad but I'm quite sure I'll post pictures once I get those new flowers.

My blogs all suffered this past few weeks as well. I just couldn't force myself on here most of the time. It's good that I keep several posts scheduled ahead of time because then there's no guilt on days I'm not here to post. Hopefully I'll get back into the swing of things soon.

I had a lot of visits from in-laws who wanted to see me before I go. Some came twice and one came three times. I fielded a lot of phone calls and requests for me to come visit them in their cities before I left. Instead of my normal reply of "I'm coming whenever Hubby brings me" knowing full well that won't happen because we're just not interesting in going. I replied with "Okay, I'll try." That was enough to satisfy them even though I had no intention of going. Hubby's got the higher ups in town and work is crazy right now. There's no chance he's going to get off work to go gallivanting around Punjab and then take time off for my departure.

I think, other than those few things, this month has been mostly uneventful. I haven't gotten seriously sick other than the normal stuffy nose from temperature changes. It's been amazing to say the least. I needed this kind of good thing right before I left so I can relieve some of the anger I have toward this place. And I especially need it since my leaving peacefully campaign has now been sabotaged. There's a post coming on that.

I've eaten out or ordered in almost every day this past month too. No slaving in a hot kitchen and I can eat enough tandoori items to last me all summer. At home I've had my fill of watermelons, mangoes and sprite.

Yoga has been going quite well though one morning I got so dizzy I had to quit before the session was over. The yoga didn't cause it, I also go nauseous a few minutes later and then fell asleep and woke up fine again. It was very weird and I have no idea what caused it but it wasn't the first time that's happened since I've been here and I was just thankful it didn't turn painful or into a long sickness.

I haven't had any new or major issues with anyone in the house and all is quiet on the joint family drama front for a change. The only blip was Uncle and Chachi trying to decide if they were going to the airport with us or not. I haven't heard if they decided yet so who knows if they will. My guess is this is one nice gesture before I go in hopes they can secure gifts for themselves on my return. Too bad I've already decided there won't be any gifts. There's just too much negative drama with gift giving around here and I'm determined not to participate. Now let's just see if I can stick with that throughout the summer.

I still can't believe I'm looking forward to my mom's swimming pool since I really don't even like swimming. I'm also looking forward to the beach and that's not one of my favorite places either. This should be an interesting summer.


  1. my advice, for what it's worth: take the portable hard drive with you.

  2. Have a nice time Kristy. I can't belive that you went through all this just becuase you fell in love with Rohit. I don't think I would have done this ever... hope to hear more stories of your trip back home. 

  3. I would but the US government has full discretion over confiscating items at the airport. They basically have free reign at airports where they are above the law and they seem to be making a habit of confiscating items from expats returning from abroad.

  4. Thanks!! I'm sure I'll be writing a lot. I'm planning a few posts to give everyone insight into my background and how I lived in the US.

  5. Kristy,  I have been going back and forth between the US and Asia for 7 years, making several trips a year into O'Hare, Newark and JFK, and nobody has ever looked in my bags.  I used to travel back and forth between Shanghai, and now it's Mumbai, but no one even looked for fake DVD's from China, although I know it can happen. If something is very important to you, I would recommend bringing it with you.  If you are traveling with several huge suitcases, perhaps they will take notice, but my one really large suitcase doesn't seem to elicit any interest.

  6. That's really good to hear. I'm still going to be cautious though. I do have a couple large suitcases but nothing beyond my limits. Thanks for sharing your experience.