Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Coming Home(Wreck)

I finally arrived at my local airport at 1 AM, very tired but happy to be home. I was excited to get to my moms, get some sleep and start a whole new day spending time with family. Little did I know that riding in the car would be scary! My mom is a great driver, never had any kind of accident, not even a small one. She was only driving about 50 mph but I hadn't ridden in a car going faster than 35 mph in over a year. I found the speed to be mildly unnerving. I became tense for the ride home, especially when we got on some of the back country roads near our house.

We got home at 2 AM and the only thing I remember is getting into my pj's and covering up. The next thing I know it was the middle of the day. Obviously my body understood how tired I was and put me directly into a deep sleep. Everyone else had woke up, ran around the house, made noise, went out for morning errands and came back before I ever even rolled over the first time. Lol.

I got up and chatted with my mom and then we all decided to go out for a nice meal. We had to wait for the foster kids to get home but that gave me time to unpack the gifts I had brought. I gave them to my mom and step dad and they loved them. Then the foster sisters got home and they liked their gifts too. I know that doesn't sound surprising but the elder foster sister is a very troubled girl and never likes anything and never is nice to anyone. But for some reason, she seems to be nice to me. We're not close but she talks to me like a friend. I like that even though I worry she's a ticking time bomb waiting to explode.

Anyway that's beside the point. Everyone got ready and we went out. The elder foster sister had been in trouble and had lost her driving privledges. But, because they wanted to take two cars and my step dad is a softy, he let the girls have the keys to the spare car. Basically he ungrounded her by letting her drive again. After dinner, they went home and me and my mom went out to shop and get our nails done.

No sooner than we got into our first store than her phone rang and the look on her face became one of terror. I listened intently and started walking toward the door. I didn't know what had happened but I knew we were leaving and we needed to go now. She was so concerned wtih the conversation she left her purse and I had to grab it. Then I knew something was bad. We made it all the way to the car before the conversation ended and I told her I would drive. I knew she was in no condition to drive. It was then I asked her what was going on.

The call was from my younger foster sister. They had been driving and wrecked. My mom kept making calls and we found out that the girls were going down one of those back country roads, had lost control of the car, slammed the back end into three different trees (as it was still sliding down the road), flipped it three times and it landed on the passenger side windows, up against a tree and wedged down the gully slightly on the side of the road. The girls could not get out and both were screaming and crying.

The police arrived on the scene and had to cut the top of the SUV off to get the girls out. The eldest girl had cut marks from the seat belt on her shoulder and she was bruised along her left side. She also had a 6-inch long and 4-inch wide spot on her leg that had been scraped up. The younger foster sister was hurt along her spine and in her rib cage. Both girls were braced and strapped to body boards and air lifted via helicopter to a nearby big city for emergency treatment.

After running medical tests they let the eldest girl go home and warned her she would be hurting for a couple of weeks. She was distraught and blaming herself for the accident. The younger girl needed more test and they also determined she would have to spend the night in the hospital because there was swelling and her injuries couldn't be properly diagnosed until it went down and they could see more clearly. She was immobilized for the night. She was in a lot of pain.

We found out the next morning there was no major spinal injury. She would be in pain for a long time and it would take a while to heal. Her activities are restricted and she'll be taking painkillers for a few weeks at the very least. Then she will need follow up care to strengthen her spine and ensure no tissue tears or vertebraes slip, etc. We were all just thankful they were alive. Both girls were more concerned about their cell phones than how fast they got pain meds while they were at the hospital.

This was not how I wanted to spend my first day back in the states. I do not handle death well at all and this was too scary for me. These girls have been with our family for 4 or 5 years now. They are not just someone else's kids, they're our family.


  1. Phew... :) glad that all people made out in one piece on your 1st day at home.
    Rest...and let the healing begin.. :):)

  2. Ronda ClassifiedMay 29, 2012 at 4:01 PM

    What a horrible scary thing ... I will keep you all in my thoughts (and prayers). I am glad that the injuries were no worse than they were. Bless your parents for taking in foster kids...it is so hard to be a kid these days, and doubly hard raising them...I have a lot of respect for those that sign on to help raise troubled kids.
    Welcome back to the States..I do hope the rest of your time here is nothing but looking up! And Thank You!! for letting me krrp reading your excellent blog.

  3. Yes it was very scary. I'm glad I could be here for my mother through this. Foster parenting is a lot of work. She's been doing it for about 10-15 years now and it's just unbelievable what she goes through with these kids and how they get here to begin with.

  4. *hugs*
    I hope things get better for these foster kids.
    Its very unfortunate that they had an accident but what caused it?

  5. hugs! i will say a prayer for you all...

  6. Her ticket says reckless driving and failure to maintain control.

  7. Her ticket says reckless driving and failure to maintain control.