Wednesday, May 30, 2012

As If I Hadn't Already Traveled Enough

Day 3 I left my moms and went to my dads. I had to. I promised my niece I would buy her graduation dress for her and it was only one day left until graduation. So I drove with my mom down to get her (almost 100 miles away). We picked her up, drove around and shopped. Then my mom had to go home and so I got my dads car and her and I went and shopped some more.

The shopping was absolutely fabulous! There were clothes that fit right, were good quality and looked American. It was like a shoppers paradise for me. She of course felt the same because I would be spending money on her lol. I purchased a whole new wardrobe for her. She got 4 pair of jeans, 4 pair of shorts, 4 dresses 6 shirts and a belt. I got myself just as much. We were so tired by the time we got done shopping I wasn't sure I was going to be able to get out of the car and walk into the house when I got home. I had a fantastic time.

Day 4 was her graduation day. I got up, ran my dad out for errands and then kept his car to go back to her ceremony. He's mad at her right now and refused to go. I got there and my brother was there and it was so good to see him too. I video recorded her graduation ceremony, including busting her texting a few times which she wasn't supposed to be doing lol. Then afterward I drove back to my dads, picked him up and took him out for more errands.

Afterward we got dinner but by the time we got home I was so exhausted I hurt all over. I vowed not to get off the couch after I got into my pjs and got on it. So far, that has been true. I've been parked for the last 4 hours and I won't be getting up for at least one more and then it's only because I'm going to bed.

Oh, I almost forgot. During all that errand running today, I got a big bag of baked ruffles!! That makes this couch like heaven because I brought them with me when I came and sat down. I have everything a tired girl really needs. Her favorite snack food and the tv remote. Oh and yoga pants. I could live in yoga pants every day. With this tired goodbye, I'm going to leave you with a picture of my new shirt. I couldn't resist.

For those of you who don't know, in the US quite a few people call banyans by the term "wife beaters." Yes, it is a racist term and wrong on so many levels but when I saw this shirt basically making of that racist term, I had to buy it. It's not a literal meaning. I would never beat my hubby, I just simply found this funny. I have a deviant sense of humor like that sometimes.

You should also notice, I'm sporting a traditional white trash look by wearing a colored bra under a white shirt and letting the straps show. It was fitting for this shirt so I could get you a thematic picture. I'm having too much fun with this.

Now, I'm going to keep myself in this house all day tomorrow. I need a break from all the travel lol.


  1. Yay on splurging on new clothes :)
    The wife beater is called "Marcel" in French which is a man's name that pretty much sound like an old fashioned trucker name nowaday, no idea why, but yeah probably an allusion to white trash.
    Yours is hilarious :)

  2. Oh my.
    To complete the look I think you need a mullet, a Marlboro dangling from your mouth, a can of Skoal in your back pocket (just a pinch between yer cheek & gums), one of those American 'super sized' buckets of Mountain Dew (from the gas station of course) to slurp on & of course a 'Slim Jim' in the other hand to munch on- or perhaps a 'moon pie'?

    I'll be cruising & perusing the "Redneck Riviera"of central Florida myself in a rented fire engine red Mustang soon enough. Yee HAW!!!

  3. AnotherkiraninnycMay 30, 2012 at 9:45 AM

    Wife beater, yoga pants, ruffles, couch, TV...  that is all about relaxation!  But take the bra off!  I cannot relax with one of those things on! Sounds like you are having a good time.

    Why did you change access to the blog?

  4. Yeah it was funny. I really want racist to see shirts like this and feel stupid. Racism is ugly.

  5. I didn't wear the bra after the oic lol. Just didn't want to be obscene here lol