Friday, April 13, 2012

What's Better? Nudity or See Through Clothing

I posted a week or so ago about being rebellious and going outside with a low cut spaghetti strap pajama top on and hubby panicking. Now it's become necessary for me to show you said top so you get the point of this post. Please take note of just how much skin is showing and the fact it covers my body just fine.

Now, a few days ago hubby got all excited over a compliment his friend made about me (which is also weird because normally he can't handle anyone looking at me) and decided I needed new clothes to show off in. The compliment was a good one about my figure. So we were shopping and he ran across these really pretty kurtas and he bought me two. I liked them so I'm not complaining. BUT....ya'll knew that was coming right?

Both tops are completely see through and I don't just mean thin cotton see through. So I have to wear - you guessed it - a spaghetti strapped tank top underneath. Because for the white one that's all I have to wear underneath. So I'm wearing it today and I'm quite proud of how rebellious it feels. Let me show you the picture of this kurta in comparison to the pajama top.

That dark spot is one of my tattoos by the way. Notice how you see my bra strap here and the strap from the tank top. At least with the pajama top there weren't all those undergarment showing.

Confused yet? I understand that it's slightly harder to see through the shirt and there's obviously some flowers covering a little bit more skin but I don't agree that it's enough to make a huge difference.

Too much naked shoulder visible = Horrifying
See through kurta = Great! (Before alcohol hubby commented that I was "really beautiful" and after alcohol I was a "Jaipuri princess" lol.)

I think the men in this area have a lot to learn about reality. The fact is, visible skin is visible skin and men CAN see through clothing like this so there is no difference. The same area of my body is still visible. And there's nothing scandalous about it. I see a lot of women wearing tops like this (though not all have a spaghetti strap top underneath) and a majority of the women here wear see through cotton daily during the summer. It's translucent rather than transparent but you can still see a lot. I would take pictures but let's face it, that's rude by any country's standards.


  1. Yeah this is one of these baffling Indian facts : see through kurta = decent but tank top or spaghetti strap top = slutty I never quite got it.

  2. yes, it totally confuses me too! I live in Delhi and moved here from southeast Asia where I used to wear full cotton below the knee skirts when it got hot. So, when it went up to 45C last summer, that's what I put on, with a very conservative cotton shirt. I couldn't believe how many people were staring at my legs! Women, men, young, old....actually 12 yr old boys were the worst. I don't know if it was my pale skin, or if they just couldn't get over some one wearing a skirt. Looking around, I now see that almost no Indian women here ever wear skits. The upper classes (younger women only, most likely not married) will wear them to private parties or clubs or people wear them if they're part of a uniform, but then with leggings or tights underneath. Yet, when it's hot here there are women who wear extremely low cut sari blouses, so that almost their entire backs are exposed, all of their stomachs, a lot of chest, and sometimes arms because there are a few daring souls who wear sleeveless blouses. But....wearing a prim 50s style skirt is shocking!! I really don't get it...On another note, I also don't understand why in the capitol of the world's largest country men can wear "western"/modern clothes but women have to be all men here wear kurta-pajamas/dhotis/salwars etc but Lord forbid if a woman wants to wear a skirt when it's hotter than Hades!!

  3.  Yeah North India is a bit more concervative than the South when it comes to women's wear, in Bangalore women have no problem wearing capri and form fitting t-shirts in the street and yes I even saw skirts there too. in Mumbai there is even less of an issue with it, I'm living in my shorts and capri at the moment and there are many women wearing knee length skirts or dresses in my neighbourhood too, and there isn't even that much starring going on.
    Delhi is the rape capital of the country, DH keeps saying that North Indian men are sleazy and have no good manners toward women they see around. They probably expect woment to stay home and cook dal and make roti the whole day...sigh

    I myself hate slawar suits when it gets hot because I sweat buckets and look like a wet mop in minutes, and the wet fabric rubs against my skin and irritate it, I don't wear kurta with sleeves even short sleeves in anycase because I have broad shoulders and they never fit and no tailor seem to understand that they have to measure the shoulder and arm circumference as well. But when we go to Delhi to visit family, I never go out without a dupatta (I do anywhere else) and it's ethnic all the way. :(

  4. Lol, I understand you completely! It's the same up here in Amritsar. Men do wear some traditional wear here (maybe 20% of them) but it's only the farmers that are in town or Muslims. I didn't see that in Delhi any time I've been there though. Women wear salwar kameez almost exclusively. We hardly even see sari's here. When we do though the tops are always skimpy and the womans entire midsection is exposed. They don't see that as showing flesh but you let a leg be partially exposed and they can't handle it.

  5. You're so right Cyn. Its much different here and men are fairly unruly, especially before marriage. I've had them try to block me at the mall and a friend here had them get directly in her face.

  6. Unruly? They are OAFS!! I used to live in Italy and also lived in a Dominican/Puerto Rican neighborhood in NYC and the men/boys here are 10 times worse! On top of that, they all seem to think they are God's gift to women and that we goris are just dying to talk to them.
    about the saris: yep, I just don't get the stomach-leg dichotomy. For me, the stomach and lower back are much more intimate parts of the body than the lower leg. What never ceases to amuse me, however, is the type of 'western' (although I think it's more appropriate to call them modern or in fashion) clothing sold here to young middle-upper class Indian women for going out to clubs/parties: most of it is really tacky and kind of slutty.

  7.  Yeah and the issue is that women are thaught to be affraid of men and avoid comfrontation which give these loosers that much more false sense of power. I told DH that cities in Europe aren't necessarily safer as such, but that women will not tolerate eve teasing and not hesitate to use a few self defense techniques if they need to, men there have to live with the fact that they risk their nuts doing stupid things, pathological sex offenders and rapists are sadly everywhere, but in Idna there is a fair amount of guys that just do what they do because they can get away with it being men and not face repercussion, if they risked getting punched by a woman more often, they would stop doing it :)

  8. Yes the men only do it because they think they can get away with it! The social customs here are shoved so far down women's throats it's amazing they even leave the house. They are shoved at men the same way. I can thankfully say my husband doesn't do those things and I am pretty sure he never did. He always says his parents would have killed him if he had.

  9. Yes the men only do it because they think they can get away with it! The social customs here are shoved so far down women's throats it's amazing they even leave the house. They are shoved at men the same way. I can thankfully say my husband doesn't do those things and I am pretty sure he never did. He always says his parents would have killed him if he had.