Monday, April 9, 2012

What's Available in India?

Planning on coming here? Considering moving here or you know someone here and want to see what is the same and different? In addition to this blog I've started another one. (Well, it's my 3rd total but the 2nd related to India). I'm posting lots of pictures and information on the stores, businesses and restaurants in Amritsar. My main focus is on stores that are out of the mainstream. I will do a few posts on Alpha One Mall and Trilium when it opens but mostly I'm focusing on stores that aren't found online or in a tourist guide. Places that are of interest to foreigners or that are gori/gora friendly.

By gori/gora friendly I mean I've eaten there and not gotten sick or visited there and not been bombarded with requests for photos, or had anything worse than the normal Indian staring.

Each post has several pictures, locations, directions, open hours and prices. There are even pictures of my individual purchases to give you a better idea of what brands and flavors and styles are available so you'll know if it's the place for you or not. If you have a particular place or type of business you want to know more about, let me know and I'll go and get pictures and information and post it for you.

At the moment I'm only scheduling one post a week but I have tons of posts scheduled. As I have more time to write I'll be posting them more often. There are a few sites out there with information on Amritsar but from what I've found they don't offer much that is of use. A lot of sites have stopped updating and there's really not much out there if you need to find things in this city. Not everyone here has people they can ask for referrals.

Those of you who are new to the blog or come here looking for information about India, I recommend you take a look and see for yourself what is here. Obviously bigger cities have a lot more to offer than Amritsar but checking out the pictures will show you what bazaars and tourist areas are like in many cities here.

Hope you enjoy it!

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