Thursday, April 5, 2012

Tales from the Desi Hood

Tales from the Indian hood is a new feature I'm going to be posting about real life Indian families/households. These are observations from  myself and other gori's of the people in our neighborhoods, the problems they face, the struggles they have and the sins against society they commit. This is the real Indian society, not the Bollywood version, not the mythical version that comes from folklore. Real life, real people - just like you and I.

I already have several stories scheduled to post but I would love to have anonymous stories from your neighborhood to add to them. I can be contacted using the contact tab above or messaged via FaceBook. All stories will be posted completely anonymously meaning your name will not be revealed as the source and the people in the family/household's names will not be revealed either.

What's my purpose for posting these stories? It would seem far too many western women are misled to believe that somehow Indian society at large is better, holier, more righteous, etc. than their own culture. It's important that anyone seeking to marry into desi culture understand that Indian society is not the glamorous and carefree society portrayed in Bollywood movies. It is not always a dancing, wealthy culture. People here suffer with real life issues just as any other society would. Sometimes these issues are far more pressing than the ones westerners face. Often their suffering is extreme by western standards.

The posts are set up to post monthly on the first Thursday of each month. They're designed to be interactive and I hope you will post your thoughts, answers and opinions on the end of each post.

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