Saturday, April 21, 2012

Shopping with the In-Laws

For the first time since I've been here (15 months) my in-laws asked to take me out somewhere. That sounds horrible doesn't it? It's only fair to mention FIL rarely goes anywhere and when he does it's never for long. Function in a nearby city? He leaves in the AM and comes back in the PM. Retirement party, he goes for an hour and comes back home. I don't think he's been shopping the entire time I've been here and I had to fake like I would cry to get him to go to the Taj Mahal with us. He had never left Punjab before that and I doubt he's ever been more than an hour away from home his whole life. MIL is the same. She hadn't left this neighborhood for 30 years before I came here and started dragging her out of the house (not literally).

They wanted to purchase gifts for my parents and instead of just sending us to get them I threatened hubby if he told them not to take me I wasn't coming back after my summer trip. Yep, that sounds harsh too but they wanted to take me a couple weeks ago and he had told them no and I found out about it later. His reasoning was that I would get bored. Needless to say I had to do something to correct this behavior. I won't ever feel like part of the family if he keeps telling them not to take me places. And yep, those of you who've been around here a while know I've complained several times that MIL doesn't take me when she goes out in the bazaar. Now I'm starting to question why.

Anyway, we went out and they decided to take me to the local mall. Mostly because there are no other large, nice shopping centers here. There's another smaller mall but it's limited on stores and full of young jackasses just oogling from the top floors trying to see down girls shirts. So off we went. I didn't realize (or think about) it until later that FIL had never been to the mall. We went in almost every store searching for something for my parents.

My dad is a rather large man and you should have seen some of the looks from the store clerks when I told them what size I needed. Not only is my dad a giant, he's a jolly one. He's 6' 4" with 17-inch neck and wears a 46 (shirt and pants). So it went something like this:

Me: Do you have anything in a 46?
Salesman: Sure madam, follow me.
....we walk to the Arrow counter to which he pulls out a 44
Me: No, it has to be a 46
Salesman: This is close to a 46
Me: It has buttons, his stomach will fall out
Saleswoman: It's almost a 46, it will look very nice
Me: No, it won't. Buttons don't stay buttoned when you buy a shirt that is too small.
Salesman: It's the largest size we have madam.
Me: Okay, thank you. What about jeans?
Salesman: (With wide eyes of disbelief) waist size?
Me: Yes
Salesman: Oh no madam, the largest size we carry is 34.

Then I had to that's why the obese men in this city (because there are way more than anyone admits) wear their pants so far down and their big tummy hangs over them. Well, onto the next store. We went int a bunch of stores and finally at the actual Arrow store they had one shirt in a mens size 46. It was nice too. So we got it. All 2500 INR ($70ish) of it. But they didn't have pants. Went to the next store and the poor salesman about popped his eyes out of his head when we said 46. That store only carried up to a size 32.

Finally I decided to try Blackberry's. I didn't really want to go in there because they're more of a business casual to business wear store. My dad is a jeans/pick-up man. But we got lucky!! One pair in the whole store and we got them. Yay!

My mom wasn't nearly as much trouble. She's super picky but Indian necklines and sleeves fit her style pretty well. Only problem is the skirt is going to be too long because she's a shorty like me. I got a nice shirt for myself too. FIL got all carried away in Tommy Hilfiger and walked out with 6 shirts for him and 3 for hubby. MIL got a new suit and new shoes. FIL remarked at the end of the day how he knew why hubby and I spent so much time there now and how he had spent his whole paycheck lol.

We walked out with a full buggy/trolley from HyperCity and bags on every arm. I think it was a good trip.

I was cracking up at one point. FIL and hubby were butting heads at the register paying for something so FIL decided to make a joke of it and walked off giving me all the money and leaving hubby stranded at the register. I took pity on him and went and gave him the money though. Now all is well and I have the return gifts for my parents from the wedding since I hadn't been home to take them anything before. (In case you're not familiar, at some Indian weddings the in-laws exchange gifts and it's typically clothing.)


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