Friday, April 20, 2012

Pro/Con List

A follower of this blog recently suggested to me that I make a list of pro's and con's about living in India versus living in the US. I immediately thought it was a good idea but didn't think I had taken the time to really compare the two. Then I started writing one for her and realized there's a lot of things on my lists. Since then I've had time to think more about it. I wanted to share with all of you and I hope those of you living in India or considering a move to India will make your own.

  • You don't need a prescription to get your medicine (I have a thyroid problem and I'm much better at managing it on my own)
  • You don't have to have tests ordered by a doctor. (My last ultrasound was $20!!)
  • I only need to share my first name at doctors offices. 
  • Gold jewelry feels cheaper. Gold prices are the same but what you're getting is much better quality without the 300% markup. American gold is way over priced.
  • Trains are cheap - executive class Amritsar to Delhi (about 250 miles) is only $30 and you get treated like first class with meals and first class seating, etc. It gets significantly cheaper if you travel in the sleeper cars
  • I get truly star treatment from our favorite restaurants - the waiters actually fight to get us at their table, the door man goes out and takes care of our personal shopping on the street (our pharmacy is right by the place) and they give us huge discounts (because whatever they give us hubby will leave as a tip - it works out to 15% but I'm guessing many Indians don't tip well)
  • Cheap shopping in the bazaars - IF you know where to go and aren't afraid to bargain as needed. 
  • Indians are quite sadistic, careless and selfish in ways I'm not used to (because people in the US can be sadistic, careless and selfish as well).
  • The smells - between smelling death frequently and the poop always in the roads, it's hard to deal with
  • Noisy and busy (I'm a small town farm girl and I like true peace and quiet.)
  • The staring has made me self-conscious and I was never like this before.
  • Most Indian women don't want to talk to me. Even friends we have where the wife speaks English, she will rarely talk to me. This leaves me being the 5th wheel a lot
  • Availability of food that satisfies you and doesn't take hours to cook - it's also difficult to figure out substitutions so you can cook things you loved in the US. Things like enchiladas, gnocchi, or biscuits are not known around here. Before I came my family didn't even know that there were red and yellow peppers (called capsicum here).
  • There is no southern hospitality here. Doors are often closed in your face because no one holds the door for a lady, etc.
  • Most items available of are inferior quality compared to US goods (just a few days ago I was in a "couture" suit shop and almost everything was more than $200 on sale and was either noticeably dirty or missing stones/sequins.
  • Winter clothes are available in the summer and summer clothes in the winter. They bring out sleeveless shirts and capris in October and corduroy in February (they say it's thin and is a summer fabric).
  • I feel guilty/bad a lot when I don't keep up with the American standard of compassion and concern for others but those things are not returned here. For example, if I know hubby is sick I won't bother him for anything no matter how I feel but if I'm sick no one respects that I need to sleep and rest. They'll run in and out of the room, wake me up just to ask if you're feeling better, or still ask you to do things for them.
  • People don't clean up after themselves or says excuse me, etc. like they do in the US. There is very little common courtesy among people here and things considered rude in the US are normal here.
  • Frequent hand washing is not promoted as a hygiene standard
  • Everyone touches your children. I was recently with a friends child and strange people kept putting their hands on his face.
When you shop in most stores they bring stuff to you while you sit. This seems nice at first but they often bring things you don't like, don't seem to understand that if you ask for a specific color or design that it's not okay to bring you everything else first. I feel a little guilty when a salesperson opens 10 suits for me to see and I have to keep saying no, not like that, I need xx and they don't bring it. For example, last year I was trying to find a purple dupatta but the store owner kept bringing turquoise, orange and yellow. And they rarely listen when I tell them not to open the suits.

Is there anything I'm missing? What would be on your Pro/Con List?


  1. Living in India all these years, I think there is not just one India, but several Indias....depending on where you live(rural/urban), your status and your education...So the pros/cons can vary depending on the lens through which you look. A lot of items on your list are common issues that even a lot of upper middle class educated Indians also face, ....Poor quality of goods/ Lack of hygiene/ Lack of chivalry and common courtesy/ obnoxious shopkeepers who will go to any lengths to annoy you just to sell their stuff etc are things which we too recognize and face single day. But for us its easier to place these things conveniently in a class bubble and live life accordingly. There is an inherent class system, if you haven't noticed already. It's just that we guys recognize these subtle differences in caste/class and you probably don't. I faced a similar situation when moving to the US. the cultural cues that let me differentiate between why certain people behaved the way they do were extinguished. Don't tell me all Americans are nice, courteous and warm. I'd shudder to go to the inner city districts of NY knowing that some1's going to rob me. Till the time I came, the picture in my mind of the US was all milk and honey....after being mugged twice in NYC in the open, I know now which places I should go and which ones should I avoid. I thus won't generalize the whole of NYC being shady, though some places are. Similarly for you, try and recognize the differences between people....If your MIL is not hygienic, understand that she comes from a time when India was mostly a rural society....My grand-mom had no qualms about making dung cakes with hands till a long time. We had to understand her perspective too....She'd say, 'Oh, but I'm a solid country girl', but I'd be like, atleast use gloves!'.   Being an expat amplifies all these these differences as they are shoved in your face hundred times over, I guess. Natives probably get used to all of it, find a niche in the culture and get on with life....its just a matter of time when that happens. Instead of cribbing all day 24/7 about how bad India is, go out and explore the me, you don't need a drive to the US just to make you feel better...Take like a 10 day trip to someplace in India, go the bigger cities, explore what this country has to offer and you'd realize that even with warts and all, it can be a great place to live. 
     You have a guy that likes you and seemingly you like him too. Your marriage is not like college where you take 3 semesters off or a summer program abroad and decide to defer studies for a year and come back. If you planned to marry, you should accept that the guy's family came as dowry and not run away from it all the time however hard a time you're facing here.   Even though I empathize with you for your courage and struggle to put up with the madness that India can be at times, but.....stop whining all the time! I've seen so many other expat blogs where women are trying to enjoy and find themselves in this opportunity life has thrown at them. Go out and enjoy with your man in this country! There are so many things to see, and I honestly think that sometimes you're stretching your bad experiences in small town Amritsar to the rest of this country. Think next time before you generalize the whole of this country with your lens of Amritsar! You'd be distorting the image to your readers who come from different places!

  2. I have been out to several states and places across India. The vacations don't help when you wind up sick. The things on my list are not all just Amritsar issues either. They are prevalent here. Many times on this blog I'm not just writing on my own experiences either. Many gori's experience the same things and they're living in multiple cities across the country. Some in Mumbai, Bangalore and Kerala, all places that are very different from here. And for what it's worth, the worst experiences I've had in this country have all been outside of Punjab.

    I'm not taking a 3 month break from my marriage and if you were in an intercultural relationship you would understand the need to go home. Marriage isn't about one person all the time. There are two people in a marriage. By what you're saying I should never see my family again because I'm married. That's ridiculous and no Indian woman would ever be expected to live like that. Rohit bought the ticket for me himself because he has seen how much I missed them. He chose the dates, I had nothing to do with it.

    I don't generalize nearly as much as people think I do. The word "here" does not always indicate that I'm talking about the whole country. It can mean my home, my neighborhood, my city, my state, etc. The things I write about here are the things I experience and it only stands to reason not everyone would have those same thoughts and issues.

    I gotta agree with you on the NY issue. It's not the only city like that in the US either. If you go way back and look at my older blog posts when I was still in the US, you'd see that I didn't sugar coat the crappy side of life there either. The US isn't perfect but, I didn't stay sick there all the time. I'm sure since you're Indian (or at least your name sounds like you are) you wouldn't necessarily have the same issues. But, I do see many Indians not from Amritsar who come here and get sick every time. This city does have issues that don't exist elsewhere in India and even Indians not from this city tell me the same things I say on this blog (about the city). So I'm not the only one who feels this way.

  3. oh the touching babies thing drives me nut, when my daughter was little I used to have her strapped to my chest more than she was in a stroller because Indian cities aren't that stroller friendly, never failed when she was on my chest in the baby carrier thing I had aunties flock to me wanting to pinch, pat and tease the baby, totally ignoring the personal bubble space each human being has, I had these ladies with their hands close to my boobs simply because they wanted to touch a baby they didn't even know, malls, supermarket, parks, random places in the street, I had totall stranger come and touch us. I'm not germophobe, but really? Do you need to put your hands on any baby you see?
    My friend sin the US claimed having the baby in a chest carrier solved the touching issue as compared to stroller, in India it seems to be the opposite, have baby in a pram and nobody will go there to pinch their cheeks.

  4. Wow. I'm surprised they would touch the baby so close to your chest! I'm a semi-germophobe and I just think about how they could be sharing all kinds of germs with a baby that doesn't have the immunity to resist them. I'm really overprotective like that. Maybe that's the reason why people here rarely go out with babies, they don't want random strangers making them sick.

  5. Hello.. I'm quite a regular reader of your blog and as an Indian myself living in Europe, I totally empathize with you for the changes and struggles you go through. However, after reading this post i was just about to comment on some of the things that Mr. Abhay has written. I think it is not right to generalize that Indians are sadistic, careless or selfish. Come on, we are a country of more than one billion people,I'm sure you wouldn't have seen some 10% of them, much less interacted with. Even if you say by here you mean Amritsar, when you read the entries it doesn't give such a feeling. In fact even in this entry you have mentioned Indians in general. There is no blanket term to describe India.  Such people exist everywhere in the world (as you have already mentioned), I request you to be a bit more balanced when you present your views. 

    Even if i feel that it is your blog, where you are totally free to express what you experience, feel or understand, I am afraid that it gives quite negative views about the country to people from abroad. It is miscommunication. 

    That said, I agree with you on some of the problem that you talk of, like the lack of knowledge about good hygiene, not respecting your private space etc. I appreciate that you are ready to discuss the real life problems, and burst the bubble that India is not only about holy temples and spirituality (the most popular misconception abroad as i have seen)
    It would also be good if you put posts about the good things in here.
    Have a nice day.

  6. I totally agree with Abhay & prya....i told u before on your post is not only for the good things...sometimes hardships makes u perfect..cmn...jst stop complainings all the times about india....i dnt think you only own all the problems in the world...ryt..?....Time heals everything so jst give Time sometime....dnt rush...i believe You can make up...& every country in the world has its own u jst cant compare it with anyother...& yes ur country too had a gr8 lists of pros & cons.....hehh hav a nice day..

  7. @Abhay : Welcome to the Club !! The message you are giving is written beautifully but my friend it has been told to her gazillion number of times over the past 1 year by so many readers including indians and other expats, but she refuses to listen, acc. to her it her blog so she can write whatever she wants ( which is sadly true ) and her eyes through which she sees the real India and that's it, Although she is quite qualified and educated but fails to understand that nothing can be generalised in this world. We as Indians still get mesimerizesd discovering new things every 100 km we travel and she has been to a few places here and there and has somehow thought that she is suitable enough to comment on a country called India and other expats would follow her advise.........Ha

  8. To Abhay- Not every American married to an Indian has the time nor the finances to travel as extensively nor relocate as they wish. Money doesn't grow on trees in India or the US and most people do have to work for a living. Think about it.
    Health issues- lack of hygiene/pollutants causes a lot of health issues for everyone long and short term. Just like we get colds/flu in the US in India hepatitis/gastroenteritis/bacterial and or viral diarrhea/typhoid, parasites & lung ailments such as tuberculosis and pulmonary filiariasis etc are relatively common. I'm just getting over another bout of amoebiasis from our last visit to India.

    Hygiene- generally poor & is primary cause of above health issues, India is slowly changing most of these endemic diseases will be around throughout our lifetime. I guess Indians aren't taught to 'Keep your hands to yourself' like must US kids. Get used to the filth.

    Language barrier- I will never be able to speak any of the 8 languages my husband speaks fluently, well except English- but his English is not exactly fluent. ;)

    Isolation- You either like it or you don't. It suits me, I can see where it may drive some people nuts. However if I had to live with my in laws I'd be homicidal.

    'Cost of living' expenses- I don't care what anyone tells you on here it costs A LOT of money in India for things we take for granted as 'basics'- examples
      -clean drinking/washing water, ever think what comes out of the tap which you bathe in and wash your eating utensils with?
      -air conditioning/heating, India's heat and humidity in the monsoon and the cold foggy winters in the north are miserable, unbearable without AC/Heating.
     -24 hour electricity: YES this is still a 'luxury' you must pay extra for in most of India.
     -Flush toilets: Sorry, I'm not doing the 'squat' and I won't go into the further hygiene issues involved here. Yes the squatter saves water but the 'jug' method of wiping turns the fecal-oral route into a 4 lane highway. I wish India would get EcoSan recoiling toilets instead. Toilet paper/baby wipes are more expensive here too. 

    Privacy-Doesn't exist in India as we know it in the US at the personal or professional level- in the family, at the doctor, the pharmacy, bank etc -forget it.

    Healthcare is easily accessible & relatively cheap- Love the pharmacy system- inexpensive and generally quick.With physicians it has been hit or miss no matter how much you pay. (Yeah I know & that's my business so I should know)

    Now is the time to make money in India- I'm telling you we just bought another flat in Gurgoan, the one in Noida doubled in price in a year. Beg borrow or steal that money and get you and Rohit like a flat in one of those new buildings in Amritsar (if that is where you have to stay). Who cares if it is just a 1 bedroom or whatever? Buy now!
    Plus you'd have easier access to taxis and distance between in laws and can eat what you want!.

    Shopping is fun- Yes, there is a lot of crappy stuff in India. Yes, shopkeepers will drag out everything in the store to get you to stay longer in India. Yes, it is considered ok to 'mislead' (LIE) to get a customer's business in India. Yes, quite a few of these so called 'upscale' stores have ancient shopworn shoddy stuff. But it is getting better, I have a few favorite 'boutiques' that I love that aren't that expensive (well, I don't think so) and have quality stuff.

    Everyday is an adventure- 
    That's right, I see something I've never seen before everyday in India. 
    Good, bad or indifferent there it is. 
    No everything is not standardized and predictable like the US for the most part. No India is not 'safe', 'convenient' and 'sanitized' for your protection. Everyday is a new world in India. 
    The longer I've been away from the US the more I realize I could never live in the US again.

  9.  I don't think people refrain from going out too much with babies because of germs as much as because of breastfeeding, it's not appropriate to do so in public it seems even with a cover.And you would not believe the amount of even medical professionals that are against using a bottle, if you can't breastfeed the popular guideline is to feed your infant milk with a spoon, even if they are 2 weeks old!
    Things are changing, but yeah I got a lot of condecending stares bottle feeding when outside.

  10. Cyn, I have 9-month old twins who I was not able to breastfeed because they were premature and had latching on problems. I've gotten a lot of grief for it here in Delhi...but nobody seems to understand how hard it is to take care of 2 premature, tiny babies who need to eat! But about the bottle feeding: many people in north India (Rajasthan, Haryana) believe that it is very bad luck to bottle feed a baby in public because someone could look at the bottle and put the evil eye on it causing the baby to stop drinking. So, some people avoid bottle feeding in public at all cost, and if they have to do it they cover the bottle with something so that the milk can't get the evil eye.

  11. You're right. I ignore it because it's always said by an Indian. And as much as you understand I will never see the India you grew up in, you will never understand the India a foreigner sees or what we have to deal with while adjusting to it. So you can think I'm wrong all you want, but from a foreigners standpoint, these things are what we deal with and you will never be able to understand it. Even the NRI's that have left her and come back only to find out they no longer like India still don't have to deal with the extremes that non-Indian foreigners do. So whether you like what I have to say or not, we must agree to respectfully disagree.

  12. Thanks Bibi. I could travel if I wanted to but then that's just new sickness and suffering to encounter. I quit traveling last December so I could prepare for the surgery I had. I will resume traveling after my vacation. I don't always blog about it but I have been on 11 different vacations in the first 11 months I was here.

    I appreciate your pro/con list. You brought up some valid points I hadn't thought of. Normally isolation suited me. In the US I was alone a lot and I loved it. I did what I wanted when I wanted, filled my life with the things that made me happy, etc. Amritsar is a much bigger city than I'm used to yet I'm far more lonely and feel significantly more tortured by life here than I've ever felt in my life.

    You're 10000000000% right on the cost of living. If you can't eat cheap, unhygienic street food then your grocery/food bill is going to be high by Indian standards. I eat imported goods almost exclusively as part of my staying well tactics. They're not made with polluted water or in dirty factories so it has helped improve my health a lot. Well, that and never touching walls where it's obvious unwashed hands have been.

  13. Oh that's right, I forgot about the stigma of breastfeeding. It's so sad how many ways the world can find to look down on the beauty of womanhood. If I had a baby here, I don't think I would let the stares stop me. It's not like I'm not used to them already anyway.

  14. That must have been emotionally hard when the babies had problems latching on. I don't think people understand that not everyone can breastfeed and it's not always best. There's so many considerations, including diet, that can make baby formula a healthier option anyway. I love babies and I would absolutely come help you if I lived in/near Delhi.

    I'm a little surprised about the evil eye though. I thought it only related to people. I didn't realize objects could be affected as well. It would seem nothing is immune to the evil. Don't let it get to you though, these are all just old wives tales. Formula has come a long way and if you're feeding your baby that instead of pumping then you know you're okay. The babies are getting the nutrients they need even if the neighbors are too stubborn to realize it.

  15.  Cyn - I didn't know that people in India thought it was inappropriate to breastfeed in public!  I'm an American gori who has visited India several times with my Indian husband and breastfed my children countless times in public in India, although always with a cover.  Trains, airports, taxis, parks, everywhere.  No one ever said anything or stared more than everyone already stares at a gori in India.  If I'm in someone's home then I ask to use a bedroom for some privacy but in public I just put on my cover and my babies nurse.  I've seen some poorer women breastfeed children in India and not even bother to cover themselves. 

  16.  That's part of the same old double standard, if you are poor, they assume you have no other choice, if you are more well off, they think you should stay home, I read it in a few mothering articles, you have nut women from the Shiv Sena that apparently regard it as unacceptable and selfish, because a woman should not be out in public but at home devoting all her time to the need of her infant baby. I know many Indian ladies that told me that they avoided being outside as much as possible because of the breastfeedig issue too.
    I sadly couldn't breastfeed past 6 weeks, but the first 6 weeks I had my share of stares doing so on a thew occasions I was out, in a lot of places toilets aren't clean enough, so I would go to the car, but still had people stare at me, I was ocvered, and my daughter was a highly opiniated infant who rebelled against swadling big time in hospital 2 hours after birth, and who had a strong issue about having her head covered by a dupatta while eating and kept kicking it off. On the other hand I have a friend who is from Mysore but is living in US, when she returned with her son for a visit to her family a few months after he was born, she basically said screwed India and her breastfeeding stigma, I know m son hates being covered and I should not have to to do something natural, she had a few mild complaints from relatives but she stood her ground.

  17.  Ah! I haven't thought about the evil eye, but that makes sense, it seems people areound here just think it's all out to attack babies in every way possible. I think it is a way for ignorant people to explain things such as SIDS whcih they can't link to anything that has led to avoid the evil eye.
    I don't believe in that stuff, so I kept bottle feeding in public.
    I have PCOS and nobody ever told me that it could lead to problem in breastfeeding, I couldn't do it past 6 weeks because I was nearly dried up by then, despite the lactating supplements, the eating oatmeal, drinking plenty of fluids, and snacking at regular interval, and pumping to stimulate more milk production, by 3 weeks my daughter was getting frustrated, her latch was perfect, but my breast was bruised ugly, ou could see purple moon shaped gum marks on the white part of the breast from where she squeezed like mad to extract the barely 1.5 OZ I was producing, the nipples got of course destroyed too, and I ended up on top of everything with one mastitis at 4 weeks and another one at 5.5 weeks! By then my daughter was cring so hysterically and wetting so few diapers that I said ENOUGH, I bought formula, and supplemented, the change in her behaviour was an instant one, my cranky super fussing screaming baby was suddenly a sweet happy cuddly one.
    But guess what? I had the OB who saw me in the hospital for my mastitis tell me : "I think you should try harder and not give up, breast milk is what's best for babies"
    Clearly it wasn't for us, we were not bonding, we were both frustrated, and left in tears after a feeding session, I'm all for breastfeeding, if it works, time to just accept not all can do it, sadly few seem to understand that, in India and back home :(

  18. mate whom you trying to convince a citizen of usa
    the most hated country in the world there must be something special about them haha Sigmund Freud: 'America is a mistake, a giant mistake
    (they used to blame everyone else for their problems.most stupid,very loud,arrogant, ignorant,rude,obese,flag waving over-patriot,don't have humor,don't know anything about world,lazy,racist,easy girls,unaware of people, cultures, and the World outside of the US (except maybe Canada and Mexico, or when bombing it). On the Internet, many Americans give the impression that they are unaware of the International nature of the Internet, and assume that everyone else here is an American.Hawkish. Christian Fundamentalist - religious and zealous,Lots of gays,Lots of right wing, Bush-voting, I-raqi hating rednecks,Over familiar with strangers,Obsessed with medication and therapy,Love country music,think everything is better/bigger in the US,poor geography,Think they are the best in the world, Incredibly religious- often to extremes,If they disrespect us, bomb the sh*t out of them' attitudes,only nation ever to use nuclear weapons, harsh alcohol laws yet lax gun laws,world's biggest polluters,Freedom Loving,Anti communist,Cheerleaders,Dumb rich girls, Exclaim 'Oh My God!' constantly,think they don't have accent,think they know everything,Pushy,made mockery of real english language)
    above are common stereotype of Americans many of them fits on almost 70% of population

  19. nothing wrong with touching baby its way of loving them and playing with them it's just cultural difference westerns leave their baby alone that's why they have weak bonding with family and visit family just a few times in a year.

    western culture is individualistic that's way they visit a mental health professionals
    more often in their life where average indian not visit mhp at all.
    over hygiene leads to autoimmune disease,allergies,cancers is proven fact 
    check out
    frequently hand washing not needed at all unless you are eating and indians wash their hands before eating.
    its compulsion for some people and prevent people from acquiring immunity like you who often get sick and water is way better than toilet paper its more hygienic it remove all fecal particles unlike toilet paper where fecal particles remains. and good on environment and trees also
    don't compare Indian culture with american cultural norms one culture's good is others bad. nothing good or bad its just different
    courtesy,concern,rudeness and politeness you are talking about is just cultural practice it has nothing to do with true and feeling from heart.
    americans are most fake people in the world (eccentric and full of themselves, over enthusiastic serious and fake about everything, phony)
    Fake hair. Fake tan. Fake boobs. Fake smiles. Fakefakefakefakefake. 
    “i went into stores and people said, ‘How’s your day?’ But they didn’t really want to know how my day was, did they? Did they!?”
    they say thing which they don't want to know and thing means nothing to them
    Americans seem so friendly and nice to you and will even call you their friend and then they will move on, or they didn't 'really' mean it
    they are most fake and not genuine at all at least Europeans are way better in this

  20. I can tell by all you've said that you've never been to the US so let's compare stereotypes. These aren't my opinion btw. Check any Indian newspaper and you'll see the same information.
    Indians are dirty
    Men run around naked in the name or religion
    half naked women take off their clothes in the name of religion
    Famous for ashrams - more religion
    honor killings
    baby murdering
    infant killers - especially girls
    rape condoning
    dirty, nasty
    no common sense
    extremely lazy
    can't tell time or adhere to deadlines
    closet gays afraid to if they don't marry they will lose everything
    men who still sleep with their mothers after marriage
    young men with NO morals or scruples whatsoever who think they can touch and abuse any woman any time
    bride burners
    dowry demanders
    liars who live in a constant state of denial
    women who dance provocatively then swear they know nothing of sex
    child prostitution
    slave labor
    beggars and mass decay
    can't speak proper English even after years of studying it
    most polluted country in the world (was just in the news, maybe you should read sometime)
    extreme insecurity
    And say what you want about religious extremism. India has a shitload more religious zealots than the US and there are more terrorist living in India than the US.

    And we have alcohol laws so we don't wind up like drunk the old fat men with massive pot bellies hanging over their belts in India.

    And just FYI, the majority of the "Americans" you meet on the internet are actually Indians, Egyptians, and other middle east nationalities faking trying to be American. But y'all don't realize we can tell the difference and you can't.

  21. The problem with touching babies is that you're putting your dirty hands on someone elses kids. I've yet to see anyone wash their hands before touching babies here. Babies don't have the immunity to resist germs so when you put dirty hands on them you risk making them sick. Your view of America come only from Hollywood movies and it shows.

    Indians could use mental health professionals. Just look at all the tortured and abused women in this country who have to put up with archaic traditions and being told they were raped because they had the audacity to go home from work at night and such as that. If there were mental health professionals here maybe so many men wouldn't still be mothers clinging to their male children trying to get the attention from the sons that their husbands won't give them.

    My immunity problems don't come from taking too many medicines or washing my hands too much and you thinking so again shows your ignorance of the subject.

    Lol on how fake Americans are. Indians aren't real either. Many live in a constant state of denial about their own country. Many lie on a regular basis under the premise of not upsetting anyone.

    It's also very common for Indian family members to ask how your day is and not really care for the answer either. Most ignore anything you say unless you answer "vadiya hai" or "theek hai" and beyond that they drop the subject.

    You do know that wikipedia is edited by random people and therefore not considered a reputable source don't you?

  22. washing hands before touching baby haha never heard of it may be kids in the culture other than yours are get sick 24/7 ,365 days.
    and kids don't get sick easily they are vaccinated 
    but no one touches  kids after washing them in sewage water
    well well i am a health care professional so don't need any subject information about human body,hygiene,immunity from anyone.and don't worry about wikipedia issue i can give medical research journal      of over hygiene measures and the link was given just for the convince 

  23. ok lets check your stereotypes list
    indians are dirty - i don't know what is diff. of dirty but average indian bath,brush,groom daily
    Men run around naked in the name of religion - haven't seen yet and naga sadus are well above the worldly desires
    half naked women take off their clothes in the name of religion - never heard of 
    Famous for ashrams - ashram are darmic in nature not religious and term dharma have no equalization in english so called hindu religion not exist
    honor killings- right present in some northern partsbaby murdering - never heard ofinfant killers  especially girls - present 
    rape condoning - don't think so nobody condone rape and 14 jail is punishment
    dirty nasty - in what sense?
    no common sense -i don't know what you talking about but average indian have more common sense than average american at least over vice president candidate not think africa is country 
    extremely lazy - some what right about today's generation 
    can't tell time or adhere to deadlines - india have diff. way working and is big country
    homosexuals are unnatural thing and disease arise from the faulty parenting and social environment and psychologist state that
    men who still sleep with their mothers after marriage - good joke and sons alway be kids for their parents regardless of age.mothers have unconditional love
    young men with NO morals or scruples whatsoever who think they can touch and abuse any woman any time - no morals don't think so every indian gives their children good value, but some antisocial elements are present
    bride burners - present in specific parts but don't do on daily besis
    dowry demanders - original dowry is never demanded its given to daughters as a gift and insurance but some greedy people may demand
    corrupt - present everywhere in the world  even american policies affected by companies.indian corruption is legacy of british system 
    abusive - to whom ?
    liars who live in a constant state of denial - most awkward remark ever heardwomen who dance provocatively then swear they know nothing of sex - hehehehe ? haven't seen woman dancing other than entertainment industrychild prostitution - ? child can be prostitute haven't knewslave labor - abolished beggars and mass decay - beggers present mass decay - where?
    can't speak proper English even after years of studying it - English is learnt as a medium of instruction not as a language its not mother tongue of the students its usually 2 or 3th language
    125,226,449 english speaker in india second most in world
    most polluted country in the world - india is 3rd in emission after china and usa india is polluted by large population small territory not emission
    extreme insecurity - everywhere in developing economies
    India has a shitload more religious zealots than the US and there are more terrorist living in India than the US - more zealots because population is more but % vise still less than usa 
    terrorist like al quada and taliban are created by usa and cia now they are out of control and stuck in other countries throat 
    And we have alcohol laws so we don't wind up like drunk the old fat men with massive pot bellies hanging over their belts in India - good america care about bellies but don't care about guns and human life hahaha
    oh old middle east propaganda middle east responsible for everything bad for terrorist america created to counter Russians in Afghanistan
    or for may for providing oil for gas guzzler suv with v8 engine americans drive and keep polluting world and pressurize developing nations to cut emission when self is having highest.
    why would anyone trying to be american on internet

    and my stereotype list is purely on European base where these are prevalent 

    indians even don't know about american stereotypes
    European make fun of usa not indians 
    india is among the most pro american country in the world

  24. Hehehhe.....i think this lady(kristy) herself a shitload in her brain...

  25.  Thouching babies, I have an Indian friend who actually had her INDIAN pediatrician in Mumbai urge her to start being rude to people and tell the to stop touching her daughter because her daughter got whooping cough before being properly immunized, that was a couple of very nasty weeks and frequent dr trips.

    And not only westerners do visit families once a year, that's what my husband is doing with his, because we live too far appart, and for the reccord I know many western, European AND American families that live all togheter or int he same street as their other family members, so you can generalize.

    Indivualism, I have seen a lot of the wrong kind of it here in india, so can't compare dude, more than I have seen in Europe where by the way I come from.

    And funny how you bash americans for getting fake tans when a solid percentage of Indan ladies would spend a fortune for a fair skin

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