Friday, April 6, 2012

The Little Green Guilt Goblin

Why is it I'm always the one feeling bad? Damn you over emotional reasoning. I have my Nanny to think because she raised me this is the right way to be. Bleh. Oh, let me explain.

So I've written the majority of what has went on in this house this year with the snubbing, the dirty tricks and the drama. And you all know I'm getting ready to take a much needed trip home. I've been getting things in order and searching for gifts for my family. (Yeah I know, that's not the best way to save post coming tomorrow on shopping lol.)

So today I went out shopping and I took Kitty because she never gets out of the house and I still need a translator. I didn't tell anyone I was going and neither did she with the exception of her brother. So while we're out she asks me when I'm leaving and when I'm coming back. I told her some of my plans and the rest of the time we were fending off stares from random men. (Just a side note, there wasn't a single woman out in the streets of our neighborhood when we went and I've never felt so subconscious in my life! India is really having a strange effect on me.)

After coming home I went back to work and late in the evening MIL came up and was talking to hubby about my trip. She was saying how in May they're going to start purchasing gifts for my family and how her and FIL are going to miss me. FIL mentioned not having to buy fruit all the time (LOL!). Hubby has been saying how he's going to be lost while I'm gone since he purchased the ticket. I keep reminding him how much of a pain in the ass I am and how peaceful things are going to be around here while I'm gone. He's not buying it. Maybe I'm not enough of a pain in the ass hahaha.

Anyway all that talk of missing me has me feeling guilty that I have no intention of bringing gifts back. I learned my lesson last time. There's nothing I could bring from the US that they would appreciate. MIL only likes suits and gold and the last suit materials I brought her are still in her closet. American costume jewelry sucks at withstanding the environment here and everything I brought quickly turned ugly. I can't call it tarnish but the finish on them got all messed up just from being here. They weren't even worn. Half the bangles available where I'm going are made in India so what's the point in buying those lol.

I'm hoping this guilty feeling passes because I don't deserve it. Hubby's wanting me to bring back electric toothbrushes for everyone but I'm not sure that will happen. We shall see.


  1. I don't bring back gifts for anyone in our family anymore either.  After years of never receiving a "Thank you" and finally one cousin just flat out asking "Where is my gift?" I decided that our money was better spent elsewhere. 

  2. You're right. The money could be much better spent on things to make my life better which I will appreciate every day rather than something that will be put in a closet and never touched.

  3. I never told my mom that the watches she gifted my in-laws when she came for our wedding never got worn, because that would break her heart, gift giving doesn't seem to have the same value in India :(
    It still irks me a little to buy stuff that I know will end up in a closet and never come out again, so each time we go to DH's parents we first ask what they want first, and then don't buy super costly stuff because there is no point. I still hate the fact that a saree we took great care to choose for my MIL got gifted back too ME by MIL, it's not my style, it's hers, and she said she liked it but has no occasion to wear fancy sarees much, but then why oh why did she ask us to get her a South Indian silk saree int he first place.
    So basically we spent 3500 rupees on one that ended up coming back in our home and that I'll probably never wear at all because it's really not a colour that suits me in the first place...sigh!

  4. That's so rude about the sari. I think I'm going to purchase some American food to give out but that's it.

  5. I totally agree Cyn, gift giving doesn't have the same value here at all.  I watched one of my husband's cousins give her very young daughter an expensive purse and body cream that I had given her, I watched helplessly as the purse was dragged on the floor and ruined within days and as the cream was put on dolls and the floor.  

    Why did she ask for a south indian silk saree? Because she could, I think that they just want to make sure that you are willing to run out and get whatever it is they ask for, regardless of whether or not they really want it or need it.