Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Legs and Boobs!

Yeah, you read that right.

So having not bought clothes for a while because a) I really don't like anything here and the clothes (even at designer stores) are not the same quality as what I wear) b) I'm pretending to be scrooge and saving every single penny I earn for this massive summer I'm planning and c) It's hard to find anything that fits right in this country and tailors suck 9 times out of 10. So the other day I finally couldn't take it anymore and went on a store hunting spree across town (much to hubby's dismay lol). It reminded me again why I hate buying clothes in this country. (Delhi included because I've done most of my clothes shopping there.)

I'm one of the tallest women in our neighborhood. Yet every pair of pants I purchase is too long. The tailor even measures me and every pair of pants she makes is too long. (I'm short by US standards and there are tall Indian woman around, just not that many that I've run across here.) I don't understand and I don't like walking on my pants legs.

I have (what I feel) are normal sized boobs. I see tons of women here in Punjab with bigger boobs. It's not unlike the US where there are women of all different sizes. Indian women are not flat chested in most circumstances. So why is it that all the effin clothes in this country are designed for flat chested women it seems?

This just drives me nuts! If I get a shirt that fits everywhere else it's either way too tight in the boobs or I'm falling out of it. If I get one that fits in the boobs it looks like a freaking moo moo on me. I did break down and purchase a new ready made suit on my shopping trip. Even tried it on. I was so excited because instead of having to get a XXL I got a medium and it fit so perfectly. It was a little lower cut than I'm used to but it was so cute I had to get it.

So now I get dressed today, wearing my new suit and what happens when I sit down? The freaking boob section is so tight that now all I see when I look down is my bra. I was embarrassed to have the maid come in because I had to sit on the bed and I know she saw my frilly lace undergarments. Bleh. Maybe this is why old Punjabi women don't wear bras. They need their boobs to sag so their clothes will fit. Grr.....someone needs to teach these designers a lesson.

You can't win. Who the hell designs these things? I have trouble thinking it could be a man because we all know all they think about is boobs. And I also have trouble thinking it's a woman because she should know we all have boobs. So that only leaves an alien. Yep, Indian kurtas are designed by aliens. Non boob staring aliens.

Damnit. Now I have to stand up the rest of the day. Lesson learned. I shall continue saving my money for American clothes where designers understand women are supposed to have curves and not be stick figures. The land where we celebrate boobs and know how to use them. (*insert evil grin*)


  1. I have the same issue, but to be fair I had it in Switzerland as well, I've been wondering who designs women's clothes just the way you do, because back in my pre India days I was of a BMI within normal range but on the lower side of the range, and with measurments of 40-32-40 I had the bigger problems finding clothes that fit, magazines will tell you that an hour glass figure is an enviable shape a lot of women wish they had, yet it seems all the clothes are designed for flat column shaped women, and possibly with all measurments under 30 inches!
    In India it's even worse because most branded clothes are sold in Asian sizes, whcih means that with my post pregnancy body of 42-34-42 I have trouble fitting into XL or even XXL depending the brand. I'm by no mean obese, granted I'm slightly overweight now compared to 10 years ago but still, in Europe I still fit in a  size M or L if I look carefully enough.
    My biggest problem between top and bottom still remain the pants, the freaking alien designer that isn't thinking about boobs, clearly doesn't get hips either, so if I take a  size 34 pair of pants half of the time I cannot get it past my hips, and if I luck out and find a size bigger, I'll have a good fit at the hip but will have enough space at the waist to put another me in!
    So far I found the only brand I have a fair chance to find something good is benetton, clearly the Italian designer understands that women should have curves. I chanced once on a pair of levi's cotton pants but that was the one in a million thing, I will mourn these cropped pants dearly once they wear out.

  2. I have the same problem with my Indian clothes. I feel like a lady trying to dress in drag - like my chest is bound with an Ace bandage! I typically buy American clothes with a little stretch in them, so the pure cotton clothes feel a bit uncomfortable to me as it is...add in the crazy tightness...and this is why I rarely wear the kurtas :)

  3.  Yup when I wear kurta I go for the sleeveless type, the one with sleeves even short sleeves just kill me, I have a broad chest so it's already bad enough to feel like I slipped into a corset, but thanks to years of swimming I also have broad shoulders and the sleeves dig into my arms, in Summer I sweat a lot and if I wear short sleeved kurta I end up with raw under arms due to the chaffing combined with moisture and end up having to use diaper rash cream to get rid of it.
    I just found a brand that does nice indo-western wear recently though: Global Desi, it's pricey but they make kurta like tops made of stretch fabric and even cotton ones in sizes that suits me, but I haven't tried their sleeved items yet.

  4. Oh I know! I was trying on clothes and got scared I wasn't going to get one shirt off. I got it stuck on my boobs and when I went to take it back off they didn't want to come out lol. Talk about a scary moment. How the hell can I get Rohit into the dressing room to help me in India with all the nosy aunties watching hahahaha. Thank goodness I got out of it on my own finally.

  5. I'll check it out. Thanks for the tip.