Thursday, April 26, 2012

Indian Adolescents are More Sexually Active Than US Adolescents

Hate me all you want. I have proof. And the title's not all I have proof of.

Not a day goes by that I don't hear something from an Indian about how people in the west (usually their context includes America, the UK and Australia) are easy, loose or sleep around. I also hear a lot about how violent we are and how peaceful India is. America is definitely desensitized to violence BUT so is India, they just don't realize/admit it. These aren't the only slanders that I've been subjected to. I'm not just talking about recent comments on this blog, I hear these from local Amritsari's and other Punjabis.

I'm not the only pardesi that hears these same slanders. Most of the time they come from Indians who have never been abroad. I've never heard an NRI make these kind of comments. I've always believed that their misunderstanding had everything to do with how open Americans are as opposed to how closed Indians are. Indians generally don't like to bring problems in the country to light and face them so they can be corrected whereas Americans are quick to bring in a news crew and highlight what's going on.

That's not all Indians though. The younger generation is truly beginning to step up and show great promise for ending horrors like corruption and violence against women. I take great pride in seeing Indians stand up for themselves and their country. But, I am sick of hearing/reading ignorant insults.

I recently saw a news article that astounded me and also brought to light the reality of just who is more loose/easy. Get pissed all you want. I personally don't advocate for adolescent sexual behavior. From a health standpoint it is NOT good, no matter if you're married or not.

So this article was in the Times of India and prompted me to look further into the matter to see if it was indeed true. The headline was this:

These figures pertain only to India and they come from a study done by Unicef (listed at the end of this post). I went to the study to look for myself and some things I saw astounded me. One thing was that the girls indicated that they felt it was okay for a man to beat his wife if she went out without telling him or if her the food she cooked was bad or even if she refuses sex

While I can't speak for the entire US, given it's prevalence of various countries, I will say that when I grew up it was taught that you do not hit girls EVER. Not for any reason at all if you're a boy. It is ingrained in us that girlfriend/fiance/spouse beating is never justified. That wasn't just my home, that was my city, my state and pretty much everywhere I've lived on the East Coast of the US. American born citizens who were raised in the US are taught this in schools. So the only part of the US I don't speak for is those who came into it later during their lifetime and not by birth. 

The biggest shocker: (and I do not mean that sarcastically)

63% of Indian men between the ages of 15-19 have high risk sex 
and only 31% of them use a condom!

Now I knew that a lot of hubby's friends engaged in pre-marital fornication but I'd never seen the numbers. I never would have imagined it would be this high, especially not with all I hear about how chaste Indian society is. You should also know that in the US only 40% of teens age 15-19 have high risk sex. So here's a thought for you chest thumping Indians....stop pointing your finger at the west and clean up your own home first. (See the CDC reference at the end of this post for proof.) 

I didn't find a condom study for the US and I didn't look. There's hardly any stigma on condom usage in the US and they are given to teens as a measure of preventing disease and pregnancy. But seeing this study I guess it's true what we're told in the US. Teens are going to have sex anyway, so you might as well teach them to protect themselves. 

8% of girls and 3% of boys had sex before they turned 15
These sexual relations were all with people they did not live with nor were married to. (pg.52 of the Unicef study defines this clearly)

30% of girls and 5% of boys aged 15-19 are married

I guess that means that the girls are being married off to older men.

The adolescent birth rate for girls between 15-19 was 45 per 1000  in India and only 40 per 1000 in the US. Given the difference in population size, that means far more Indian women have babies in their youth. In Switzerland the rate was 4 per 1000. Germany was 10 per 1000. Pakistan was 16 per 1000. The UK was 26 per 1000. All lower than India.

This doesn't even take into account the amount of miscarriages (aka spontaneous abortion) there's a significant probability that the pregnancy rate is much higher in India. It's commonly known that far more women here who have miscarriages than they do in the US and then there are the selective abortions that occur in both countries which I didn't bother to look those up. 

There is no justification of why it's okay that Indians have higher numbers that will ever change the statistics. Pre-marital sex is pre-marital sex just like teen pregnancy is teen pregnancy. These are facts, whereas any justification of why the numbers are different in either country is speculation.


  1. I wanna sleep with you & fuck you hard bitch.....

  2. A few years ago there was s imilar survey conducted by Outlook India, there is an improvement in the wife beating thing though because back then about 70% of males and pretty much as many women thought it was justified, so I can only say this is one small improvement.

    I don't remember where I read it but read that countries and US states that teach sex ed early in the curriculum have less teen pregnancies occuring that those who don't. The puritan hardcore Christian states have apparently fare more teen pregnancies than liberal ones.
    In Switzerland sex education in school starts at age 10 where we are taught wat periods are and how babies are concieved, by age 12 we get a demo on how to put a condom on a banana, and by age 13-14 the sex ed teacher (there is one class a year until the age of 19) gives a free condom to all student, encuraging us to open it right away and see how it is made, half of them usually end up as condom balloons flying across the campus, but the point is kids are encouraged to not be affraid of the condom, at no point does the sex ed says "Go have sex" they just know that puberty hits, hormones rage and that it is better to give proper information so that the hormonal teen has all the crads in hand. They also teach legal repercussion, in Switzerland a teen reaches sexual majority at 16 but the partner should not be more than 17 and no less than 16, because the absolute legal majority placed at 18 defines the limit between an adult and a kid, just to be aware that if someone lodge a complaint against them for having sex with consent with a 15 years old they are fully held accountable in front of the law, and that should they mess around with an older partner they are going to put that person in deep poo poo if a complaint is filed. A few years back the placed the Swiss average for first sexual relationships at 17, and in all my life I think I knew only one person being a teen mom, so yes the figure of 4 teen pregnancies for 1000 Swiss resident totally hold true.

    I don't think forbiding sex until marriage is a solution, putting an interdiction on a essentially hormonal act only makes people especially teens who are in the process of discovering who they are and where they stand want to break the prohibition that much harder. Information is not pushing the act, but telling teens who aren't totally kids anymore but not yet adult 'hey you are becoming a grown up, here is what you should know, medically and legally" is actually a good idea.
    I remember some of my sex ed classes, and the annonymous question time, several time people asked "When is it ok to have sex" the teacher's response was inevitably something along these line "There is no clear cut answer there, but it start with conscent, YOU as an individual regardless of the age must feel right about it, no one should force you, not in rape, not in peer pressure among social group, sex is a deeply intimate act, so you must treat it as special, especially for your first time, you need to feel deep down inside that you will not regret it" and yes that answer applied to both boys and girls in the class. My parents also discussed topics such as sex freely with us because they felt we had a right to information, did it push both my sister and I into early fornication...far from it, we both had our first time past the age of 18, fully grown up in the view of the law and held accountable for every single of our actions, and we knew our rights and obligations as well in regard of the law.

  3. Here is more recent survey conducted among the youth in India and their view on sex published in the Hindustan Time Weekly Bruch Magazine in February, the e-copy of the magazine is here: the title of the article is : Is this a confused Generation on page 8

  4. Excellent piece!

    I'm also so tired of the dirt being swept under the proverbial rug that I could cry.

    India is as much my home and country as America is. I'm quick to point out the issues and problems that we face in both places, however I get far more in your face criticism from people in India then I ever did in the US.

    And I believe you are right. Most of the people I've talked to here have been to the US or another Western country and have a far more broad understanding of the country they visited and the issues that they tended to ignore in their own country before going. 

    The ones who are the most critical of other places are the ones who've never even left India. Not always is this the case...but it's far more likely to get those sorts of comments from someone who hasn't been then someone who has. 

    For example, when my husband and I were getting married a good friend of his was absolutely against it. He had all the same preconceived idea's about people from the US and had never stepped foot outside of India. Once he met me, he liked me but felt I must be an exception to the rule of what his opinions were. 

    And then his company sent him to the US for six months. He was terrified! He thought he would come back sullied! And six months later he returned with nothing but love for the US and his life as he had led it there. He made friends, he went out, he spent time with people other than from India. He learned and grew as a person.

    And now he's back in the US with his new bride on an H1 and plans to settle there. His words were "My life there was not only easy but fulfilling. I had never had that experience of content and peace before. It was a pleasure to go out on the weekends and not be bombarded with people, pollution, corruption, and trash. I was happier there than in my whole life and hope to share that with my parents!" 

    India is such a beautiful place and it hurts to see her less than she could be. The younger generation can make a difference but I still see at least two more generations needed before India becomes all she could be or more. 

  5. I absolutely agree with u 'gorirajkumari'....yes India needs time...more then we think...& your veiw of India & considering it as your home right now as you are living here....i respect that...hehh but visiting /living in USA..will only make you a perfect man or grew as a not worth...according to u which means those who are living outside of west 'ALL ARE COWARDS...?'....its ridiculous...u know i dnt feel like reading this blog anymore...cause this lady had gone on complaining-comparaing rather then solution...i think this wopping lady(kristy) must learn something from- SHAREL & OTHER EXPATS....

  6. Oh golly now a statistic game. I can play this game too.

    Lets look at the growth rate of three countries below:
    Country X - 11%
    Country Y - 5%
    Country Z - 2%

    If you ask an idiot(which is the majority)
    which country is doing the best, he and his followers will tell you
    that Country X is doing the best, followed by Country Y, followed by
    Country Z.  If the idiot was asked which country is far ahead of others, he
    would say that Country X is far ahead of Country Y by many counts.  Mr idiot
    may even tell you that it is much better to live in Country X followed
    by Country Y and the least desirable place would be Country Z by all

    And btw, if someone wondered who these countries were... here they are:

    Country X -  Ethiopia

    Country Y - Iraq

    Country Z  - USA

  7. As I tried to explain in the below comment:

    First, there are Lies
    Then, there are Damned Lies
    Finally, there are Statistics

    Anyone who has ever collected data in college projects for weekly presentations will know how easy it is to collect biased data and present them in a way that coincides with the one's pre-judged conclusions.

    Kristy, enough with the statistic warfare. There already thousands of so-called watch groups from around the world who will tell you that majority of indians take a dump on the streets. That girls are raped, killed, murdered everyday at incredible rates. That thousands are displaced due to religious violence everyday. That many dalits are hounded and killed by high caste groups everyday. That india invest more in nuclear missiles then in poverty elevation.

    Now tell me really, if all the above were actually true, how does india actually function? If you read india articles around the internet, it almost seems as if it is in a state of perpetual warfare.

    Which one of the two is really true?

  8. not whole west only america
    my mate in england said a popular saying in uk- american girls are so easy and loose to shag

  9. That is almost identical to how sex education is taught in the US. We educate them in the same ways and on the same topics. It's not mandatory and parents can choose not to let the kids participate if they choose. Parents also talk to their kids and keep the communication lines open in many homes so the kid can get help and make better decisions rather than getting coerced into sexual behavior because they don't know better.

  10.  In switzerland this is a mandatory class, parents can still not send their kids pretending they are sick, but they don't have a choice as to tell the teacher, no I don't want my kid to learn about sex, this is part of the curriculum, there is another half day a year devoted to road traffic sensibilisation in order to tell kids to be responsible crossing the street, driving, and legal repercutions. This class start at age 4 with how to behave on sidewalks and how to properly cross the street, it is taught by the police corp that comes to school to teach the kids, as the kid grow they learn more about traffic laws because a mopped license is obtainable at age 14, a 50cc scooter or motorbike at 16, and the big car license at 18. Beer and wine can be legally drunk at 16, other booze stuff at 18, so kids need to know what it implies if they choose to drink, drive and get caught or in a patrol or worse in an accident.

  11.  Hmm are you implying that there are no rapes, no murder, no religious violence in India?
    Statistics aren't the ultimate truth but a good indication of some trends in a specific context. Call it an instant snapshot of a specific situation in a specific environement.

    And India doesn't function that well as of now, eminent professors, certain politicans and activists who oh by the way are Indian will tell you so, it gives the illusion it is working, but only tiny sector does move forward. Each elections the major politcal parties all go visit the slums and bribe the dwellers to vote for them, promise improvement that they can relate to, but they know better than to provide improvement, in Mumbai it is estimated that about 50% of the population lives in slums, that's a big voting pool for corrupted politicians, it's not in their interst to improve these peoples condition or give them too much access to education, because they day they do get more savvy is the day they will stop voting or electing rotten scoundrels. Sad but true. In the recent BMC elections, it has been found that none of the super rich elite people show an interest in voting, not surprising at all because the politicians on offers do not care about the interest of the common growth and wealth of the city, they care only about how much money they can bag under the table, I'm sure that said elite would vote if there were credible politicians to vote for. DH didn't get his voter ID in 2009 for that reason, but said should there be a strong person with leadership an a vision for a positive change, he would.
    India is a country of enormous potential, I noticed that back in 2003 when I first arrived, and I mean it, what it needs to achieve that is to get into one nationwide determined revolution to say stop to corruption. When that happen, and I have faith it will then that country will truely be a functional powerhouse, right now it's way too crippled, but voices are rising more steadily, steps are taken in the right direction, what we need is the final blow and people believing that they have the power to change, all 1 billions.

  12. Here's a bunny with a pancake on it's head. 

    That's how much I understood from your comment. 

    Growth with regards to what exactly? Economy? Populace? Education? Poverty? Employment? Health? Rape? Murder? Child Marriages? Prostitution? Aids? 

    I mean...come on. Making a comment like this doesn't really do anything but make a very empty argument. {shrugs} 

    And to be honest...I think you missed the point that was trying to be made in this post.

    The West ain't all bad and the East ain't all good. It's not just the West that is issue driven and that some people in the East need to yank their head from the sand and take a look around them instead of pointing their fingers elsewhere. 


  13. Progress is unfortunately slow but I'm glad this generation is getting the ball rolling.

    I've seen the same as you. The NRI's I grew up around had a much more cultured view. I never expected to get here and hear so much slander from people who've never been abroad. It's mind-blowing how many people like to voice their anti-western opinions when they really have no clue.

  14. Oh wow, resorting to insults against another country because you aren't able to debate the actual topic being discussed.  How refreshing.

    I'm from the UK and can confirm that there are many popular sayings in the UK but this is not even an unpopular one.  It's not a saying at all.  Even people who are not very broad minded or well travelled in the UK tend to be intelligent enough to know that in every country in the world there are all different types of people and American girls definitely do not have any such reputation.  In fact, in the UK we don't associate any one country with having 'easy' girls.   That would be impossible to actually know for a fact and therefore absurd.  You do know that Hollywood films and tv serials aren't documentaries don't you?  Just like Bollywood isn't real.  And perhaps your 'mate'. 

    Anyway, had to reply cause it's one thing making your fellow Indians look bad 5w with your comments but when you start attributing this nonsense to the people of a country you've never set foot in, it's insulting.

  15. Cyn, those statistics on india around the internet gives a picture that india is dysfunctional. That a percentage of the indian population must be dieing unnaturally many times too often.

    According to the above report, more than half of the indian population thinks it is okay to beat a women. Look around you. Do you really think that represents the indian population? I'm saying because I have prepared survey questionnaires in management school for two years and I learned where to put the necessary IF's to get the answer I want. And you know what was more easy; to build a case on an already pre-concieved notion than to gather data and reach an independent conclusion. That's why I asked you, if this dysfunctionality is so wide like it claims then how does india actually function? Yes, there's disorder but it still functions. The national men women ratio is still 1:0.94 which is almost 50-50(51.5% men v/s 48.5% women) so where does this notion comes from there every other indian women might be having an abortion? I know indian women abort females but does the "noise" match the "scale"? Do you know that qatar has 2.46 males for every 1 female between the 15-64 age group?

    Go to the below page and look at the section 15–64(age). Don't consider the "total" section because it will influence your conclusion

    Your narrative is a PR narrative. It is story for the civilians. The actual narrative is different. I will give you examples.

    Do you know why the north east hasn't received infra development? The PR narrative is that the militancy in that region has prevented development for happening. That's actually complete BS. The real reason comes from a strategic policy that was drafted after nineteen sixty two (ind-chini war) which prevented any sort of roads or railways from being constructed. Why? Because the chini tanks, armour and supply vehicles need a concrete road for a capable invasion. But much of the NE terrain is left untouched. That prevents chinis from invading aroonachal.

    Similarly, indian populations prosperity depends on its economic policies which has a military and strategic angle. India does not allow FDI in sensitive sectors as simple as "retail". Those nations who bankroll the economy of other nations(south east asia) acquires a leverage that can dictate and control the polity and military of the target country. Technically, it looses its sovereignty.

  16. This example makes no sense. I get what you're trying to say but you don't make mention of what they're supposedly doing better at, what the percents are of, etc. It's just a random attempt at trying to discredit one national and one universal study done by organizations that don't hold bias and reported the facts as given to them by the respective countries. That's right. India supplied the statistics mentioned about India and the US supplied their statistics. You can try to argue with it all you want, but India recognizes this as an issue.

  17. So you don't believe what everyone else can see with their own eyes? I have direct knowledge of the fornication, everyone here can see the maimed on the streets, and all the other violence is real. Ignoring it and thinking it's some random statistic will not make it go away. The only reason these things have continued is because so many Indians deny or dismiss them. Someone has to stand up and fight for these issues to be ended.

    Yes, there are statistics available for everything. However, unlike India, in the west organizations have to be extremely careful to only report facts or they can be sued, discredited and destroyed. Just as your name and appearance mean everything in your neighborhood and one wrong decision could destroy your life, those organizations are held to a global accountability. These studies can be trusted because these organizations don't want an entire country coming after them to take them down.

  18. So you don't believe what everyone else can see with their own eyes? I have direct knowledge of the fornication, everyone here can see the maimed on the streets, and all the other violence is real. Ignoring it and thinking it's some random statistic will not make it go away. The only reason these things have continued is because so many Indians deny or dismiss them. Someone has to stand up and fight for these issues to be ended.

    Yes, there are statistics available for everything. However, unlike India, in the west organizations have to be extremely careful to only report facts or they can be sued, discredited and destroyed. Just as your name and appearance mean everything in your neighborhood and one wrong decision could destroy your life, those organizations are held to a global accountability. These studies can be trusted because these organizations don't want an entire country coming after them to take them down.

  19. Gorirajkumari, West ain't all that bad? You have no idea what I know about the west.

    How many people died in the 9/11 attacks? Some 3000?

    Do you know how many indians died because of USA? More than 7000 indians!!!
    How you ask? I'll show you how:

    Indo-pak war 1965 - 3,000 indians killed
    Indo-pak war 1971 - 3,843 indians killed
    Indo-pak war 1999 - 527 indians killed
    2008 mumbai attacks - 164 indians killed

    Do you know who funded and bankrolled pakistan to fight wars with india? America!!

    Pakistan doesn't have an economy. I doesn't have the money to buy guns and ammunition. It doesn't have the money to pay its soldiers. Do you know where that money comes from? Open the below image. The data was officially released by the united states last year for the first time in history after bin laden was gunned down in abbottabad which deteriorated US-pak relations. The US released the below data to warn the pakistani politicians and military generals that the US would cut funding if it didn't co-operate.

    Do you know why india didn't punish pakistan after the mumbai attacks? Because the US warned india not to. Pakistan is US ally.

  20. I agree. The best time to teach anyone is when they're younger and this has been proven many times.

  21.  Don't hold bias? Do you know what happened when india refused a major trade delegation from the UK a share in the indian economic pie? The country's news company BBC broadcasted a 2 part mini series documentary about indians access to toilets, gutters and sanitation.

    Do you know what happened when a UN religion watchdog which had close ties with sensitive evangelical ministries was refused entry into india? They released a report on india and accused it for crimes against religious minorities and pressed other countries to criticize india.

    Do you know why india cannot get information about the account holders who have an account in the swiss banks? It's because the UN and the swiss have an arrangement with each other which refuses to divulge any information unless india ratifies a bill it singed in the UN in 2005.

    The list could go on and on... there's a lot of bad blood between india and the UN(west). I wouldn't take anything that comes out of the UN wrt india at face value.

  22.  If it's all real then how does india manage to function? Cause the magnitude described in the articles is huge.

    And don't tell me about accountability. Those companies are immune because of geopolitics.

  23. Since you're only interested in money it must be pointed out that every time you (or anyone) purchase American branded goods, you're funding all these things yourself. Money flows in circles, not a straight line.

  24. Yeah this whole idea that western girls are easy is something made up by eastern countries. If they only knew the reality, they wouldn't say it and that's the point of my post. If people want to continue to bash us, I will stand up for myself and my fellow pardesi's with solid proof. Something that hasn't been supplied by these so called "chest thumping" Indians.

  25. The news is always biased but that has nothing to do with Unicef or the Centers for Disease Control. The information from the Unicef report came from India. Not some random UN study.

  26. Indian retail is still largely domestic. About two months ago, the indian govt tried to pass a bill which would allow americans companies(walmart etc) to operate in india but the bill failed.

    Pakistan is not funded by a few indians who outsource american branded goods. It is funded by the US ministry of defense and through congress's approval.

  27. Those companies are not immune. They are subjected to much higher standards than lesser organizations.

    I don't know how India functions. A society doesn't have to be perfect to function. So your arguments about how can it be this bad are unfounded. It is this bad, it's always been this bad but many Indians refuse to see it. These things are dismissed, just as you have been doing, as either being cultural or not happening that often. But even your own government recognizes them as huge issues.

  28.  hey the last National census did put the gender ration in light not pretty, but since you want to be a sick chauvinistic moron. I lived 8.5 years in india, have a daughter who hey by the way is an Indian citizen, and what I've seen over the years is a shit load of moron like you who just refuse to even acknowledge there is a problem, live in denial and are thrilled to death about it.
    And guess what that's not the India I want my daughter to be proud of, I want her to be proud of an India that move forward, learns from their mistake and stop spewing nonsence and excuses for everything.

    A certain Gandhi said "Be the change you want to see in this world" well I want people to step up and be responsible and accountable, and stop hiding behind traditions to justify whatever crap happens, or just go claim outward that India is so perfect nothing happens.

    So you can't tolerate when someone says there is a flaw, you can't tolerate when people tell you this country has potential but need to get rid of corruption, and all  surveys are fake...go back to your rainbow land filled with glitter and unicorn.

  29. Kristy, you don't know india-west history. In the 70's india assembled an organization of nations that was to be a counter to the UN. It was called Non Allied Movement. The P5(US, Russia, China, France and UK) didn't like it at all. India will assemble another org in the future and the P5 knows about it.

    The unicef serves under the authority of the P5 and not under the authority of god. The P5 influences unicefs strategic operations.

  30.  I have a different opinion. I think all these statistics are going to turn genuine issues into a level absurdity and silliness.

    A situation requires appropriate assessment rather than a hyperbole statement or an even wilder news headline. You, along with many ordinary indians are being played into media sensationalism to avail your participation in their TRP ratings. So that you can talk(mass broadcast) about these reports on blogs and twitter.

  31.  You don't even know me. I simply challenged your beliefs. How does calling me names prove anything that you say?

    I do acknowledge that there is a problem. But to blow it out of proportion... that's just silly. AND counterproductive.

    Men women ratio is 51.5% men v/s 48.5% women. How the hell is this an apocalypse?

    Who is taking about tradition?

    Why are you so angry? Why do you insist to paint india's issues with the darkest shade of red when it is not even the actual case?

  32.  Cyn, you are like many indians who appear on the prime time idiot box shows who shout and growl and cry about every thing that matters into absolute sillyness.


    nuf said

  34. yes broadway will just say anything. read his comments clearly. he always says there was a law, there was a person, back in those days, some organization etc. This guys facts are clearly mislead and vague.

    HE is just here to thump his chest for India without any real knowledge about India.

    I urge kristy to write more such posts (besides her usual Indian desi personal experiences) to take the fight to these ignorant indians. I really wish to let them fume with news about real India :)


  35. Cyn, don't give me articles with sensational headlines be it from ToI, CNN or the UN. Yes, the skewed sex ratio does concern me but I prefer to look at a clear study.

    If you're really interested in studying the reason for the skewed ratio then go through the below PDF. It has 39 pages but good information

    A summery:

    1) Highlights include that only 11% of the "missing" women were victims of sex-selective abortion.

    2) More (14%) deaths are attributable to injuries (i.e. violence against women).

    3) A total of 65%(ie, 42% for chronic diseases and 23% for communicable diseases) of the "missing" women are due to higher female:male ratios of fatality rates for diseases that effect both men and women in India as compared to the West.

    4) A further 8% women go "missing" due to maternal mortality

    5) Another 2% due to poor nutrition.

    This is exactly what I don't like news companies because they paint a very wrong picture(much of it pure propaganda). They have been putting all the blame on abortion when 65% of the deaths are caused by infections.

    Cyn, now tell me, who do you blame and what would you change first?

  36. Request to my folk indians please remove all ur comments from this blog....this lady is jst jumping for comments...for a face value....& Gill(frm pakistan) i think bro u should look at your own country first..a total u dare to question our country.....?.....& yes kristy when ur country got independent..?....may be 18__ something you guys took 150yrs. reach your productive standard life....aftr independence...thats a long time in case of India we took only yes only 65yrs. the worlds second largest economy after china....worlds third largest the world many many big volume to population(unorganised though) we are bigger than you...still we took only 65yrs. So How you dare to question our pros/cons...?..if u wnt to compare us with u then we should be given more 100yrs regard to u..then only u can start comparing......jst remember b4 posting such issues that u guys are 100yrs ahead of still we took only 65yrs. To reach where we are.....India is developing...young generations are coming forward to lead this country...u r yet to watch us for more 100yrs(u took) or may be less(we may take)......then only u can question us....m i ryt..?...

  37. uno, world bank, imf all run by a few counties
    there is no democracy in these organizations  

  38. o really
    do know every englishman?or you discussed everyone about the topicenter in any pub of newham and ask any lad about the reputation of american girls,you'll get your answers

  39. Cyn all that survey says is that Indian youth is confused about sexuality. What's wrong in that??

  40. Could you please cite the exact study or survey that says"
    63% of Indian men between the ages of 15-19 have high risk sex
    and only 31% of them use a condom!"

  41. The study is already cited in the article. All you have to do is click on the link that says the percentage that agree with wife beating. Almost all the statistics in this post came from that article.

  42. If you got my first reply in email please disregard it. I pointed you to the wrong link. It's the Unicef link at the bottom of the post you're looking for.

  43. India West history isn't relevant at all to this post. I wrote about current events. The year 2012. I don't need to know India-west history for that. And you should really learn to understand that the world isn't divided into 2 sections, India and the west. There's a lot more to it than that.

  44. You're certainly entitled to your opinion. The media does sensationalize things but in order to fix a problem someone has to pun emphasis on it. Otherwise it only keeps getting worse.

    So I take your continued disregard for this survey to mean that you don't trust your own countries assessment of the situation since the information came from India.

  45. I will definitely be writing more posts. The whole point in this blog is to let foreigners know if issues they may face in India and that means bringing light to truths and realities that many may not like or want to agree with. That's their choice. But just because they don't want to hear it doesn't mean it's not true.

  46. You don't know every Englisman either. Step foot in the US and see how easy they are for yourself. I bet you find out the hard way how wrong you (and they) are. I also hope you understand that men often lie about sexual encounters, especially in public, with their friends while drinking. That's common worldwide. Just think about all the Indians that take pictures of random strangers they don't know so they can say she's their girlfriend.

  47. I thought in the blog-post you've cited Times of India as to have conducted the survey if I am not wrong. Could you please clarify?

  48. "they come from a study done by Unicef"

    This is stated just below the first link.

  49.  I have been through the UNICEF report, I still do not find that statistic. Can you please help me find it?

  50. pg. 48 in the statistical tables.

    The percentage pertains only to boys and girls are not listed so I did not add nor allow for them. But adding them would make the percentage even higher.

  51. 8% of girls and 3% of boys had sex before they turned 15

    I see in the report that the corresponding figures to the above stat are absent for the western/developed world. Only under-developed and developing countries have been mentioned.

    There is a stat: %of adolescents to have had high risk sex in the past 12 months - Indian males aged 15-19 it is 56%, now this 56% is of total adolescent population or of the adolescent population who have had sex? We do not know!!

    It isn't mentioned for the western countries and importantly from amongst the countries mentioned only Nepal and Vietnam are below India rest are all above India by quite a margin, most being over or above 90%.

    It certainly seems like you have not presented facts to your readers in the right light.This certainly seems like either creating a hype out of nothing or finding a reason to bash Indians on sexuality.

  52. Yes, the west was not included in the story which is why I took the time to find a reputable source for the US which is also listed in the post.

    If you read the UNICEF report instead of asking me to pinpoint one tiny factor you would know that number is in reference to the entire adolescent population and it says 63% not 56%. There's also a section of the document that corresponds to those statistics. I referred you to the table because it was easier to point out. In those sections more specifics are given including some on women that are not narrowed down but do include India.

  53. I think it isn't the best of practices to take data from different studies and to have your post title based on such a comparison is certainly misleading. It is not fair to the readers, even in the report India is among the lowest three countries!!

    Your readers would certainly have been impacted differently if they themselves went through that report.Anyways, I would like to add that it is wrong for Indians or in-fact anyone else to label people as easy/lose.But Gandhi said, an eye for an eye would make the world go blind. I don't think he intended a pun there.I see it on a lot of expat blogs that such topics are written about which is a little sad, isn't there something more meaningful and better to write about India than to be complaining about what  views some ignorant Indians have?

  54. My readers were supplied with the references and I explained the US wasn't included in the study. They are free to form their own opinions and go through the studies.

    You're right, it's wrong to label anyone as easy. I don't think Indians are easy regardless of the studies. The whole point in this post is to dispell the BS I constantly have to listen to about how easy Americans are which I hear both on this blog and from local Indians (also stated in the post).

    No, there isn't anything better to write about on my blog than the real issues pardesi's will face if they move here. Unfortunately we are often slammed with just such stereotypes repeatedly. My blog does not focus on all the touristy happiness of a visitor because there's already enough books on the subject. These are real life issues a pardesi must find ways to deal with if they are going to live here.

    That being said I write a lot about all kinds of issues, not just these. In fact, I believe this is one (or one of very few in 3 years) posts that I've written like this (statistics).

  55.  First thing to change, Indian mentality of burrying head in the sand, true some girls, die of infection, but then why not boys, genetically boys are more vulnerable than girls, and until the age of 5 the mortality rate among boys should be higher because a chromosome XY (male) has one part of the whole genetic mark up of their parents missing, there are more congenital diseases that affect boys than girls, girls are silent carrier unless she got unfortunate to have two parents as silent carrier that each gave her the deffective gene for the aliement that is normally recessive, but recessive+recessive means the gene will be active, but it is rarer.
    More girl die from infection and poor nutrition because they are considered less important than boys, in a family with less income, the boy get's the lion share, get's to study because traditionnaly that's the boy who carry the family name, and care for elder and light the funeral pyre. Girls only cost money, in dowry, then by going to another long as you don't change that, you will have spoiled brat families with money that will throw money to have a gender determination scan and abort a female foetus, the others will not feed their offspring well, or give them medical care as needed.

    These numbers have not been spinned by the media, it comes from the 2011 census. But hey you proved time and time again that you live in denial and prefer wearing pink tinted please do, I'll join the rank of these activists who care, for the sake of their daughters. I vowed myself that one day my daughter will say "I am proud to be Indian" and mean it in the sens proud of her modern India, not the one who got her independance, but the one that managed to tackle corruption, crimes comitted under the umbrella of traditions and one that will see past the stereotype "West is all bad and we are best because we are Indian"
    Which by the way was the intent of Kristy's blog post, to show that while the West isn't perfect, neither is India.

  56.  I'm European, now first thing first, don't take anything that comes from a pub as truth, the beer spoje, not the truth.
    Stereotypes about American do exist in Europe, but they are just STEREOTYPES, not real. Don't go insult Americans and British when you don't know a thing about it.

  57.  Nothing wrong, I never said there was anything wrong with it, I just shared a link of an Indian survey conducted recently because I could not find the one I read a couple of years back in Outlook. I didn't make the title, I didn't write that article, so if you have a problem with it, please feel free to contact Hindustan Times and the Journalist that wrote it. The reason I posted the link is because it was another survey on sexual matters in India that could complete the one Kristy found.

  58. Guys stop commenting '...THIS LADY IS SICK...'..wish some1 starts writting about shitload america...

  59. Who the hell are you father fucked whore?...saali randy ki aulad....america mey chudai khatam nahi hua toh India mey agaye....?...bloody slut listen your country is not made of gold..that it dont have any bad sides..keep your thoughts balanced or we will just fuck your ass hole tight.....

  60. Hahahahaha….that’s funny.  Really, are there many indigenous English men in the pubs in Newham mixing with your highly reliable source?  And Americans too?  Really? Yeah, it’s on the average English man’s and every American girl’s list of preferred places to go for a night out -  Newham – 2nd most deprived area in the whole of England with the highest ethnic minority population in England.  But I guess there must be if your ‘friend’ has met so many Americans and got the opinions of so many English men over a pint to be able to come up with this statement.  If you’d ever set foot in the UK, let alone Newham (just the fact that you and your mates came up with this area of London makes it even funnier), you’d see how laughable your statement is.    Good one.  I suppose this topic needed some comedic relief. 
    Now, I think it’s been established that there are plenty of stereotypes about different nationalities in Europe but ones about the sexual behaviour of different nationalities don’t tend to exist.  They might amongst the Indian community, I can't speak for them but that’s not what you were trying to say was it? Give up on this thread and at least try to enlighten us with your opinions about the blog title and its meaning.  As people keep pointing out, there’s good and bad everywhere in the world, what do you think?

  61. Most likely the same amount of men here in India who claim the same amount of BS while still being virgins. Pffft. 

    And while we're at it....what kind of loose/no moral having guys do you hang around with? 

  62. Broadway....Here's another bunny/pancake for you. 

    Hello? McFly! Anybody home? What, pray tell, does that have to do with anything about this post? I'll grant you, the big bad west did a big bad booboo and trusted the wrong guy. Point out to me that no other country had done such a thing and I'll call you a liar. You talk about people thumping and blowing things out of proportion to the extent of them becoming silly....but what have you just done by going the route you just did? 

    Seriously?I'm sorry...but weren't we talking about hypocrisy of the finger pointing going on in India regarding their own issues? Your whole post was one giant finger point..."Yeah! But America did THIS and America did THAT!" PUHLEASE. That's the tactic of a child trying to get out of trouble! try to attempt to understand the conversation at hand. India has issues. India needs to deal with these issues. People need to stop pointing away from these issues and saying "But they're doing it!" or "But they're worse!".I fear though...that this concept is beyond you. 

  63. Broadway...

    Are you at all familiar with the amount of American dollars flowing in to India via the IT outsourcing? 

    Silly rabbit...pancakes are for breakfast. 

    PS: You're still off topic. 

  64. Kristy...

    This was in our paper today. (

    I've seen SO many of these types of articles (or ones in a similar vein) in the 3 years I've been here that I just feel sick to my stomach. 

    Now, granted...this type of thing occurs the world over (unfortunately). The problem I have with it is that even though it happens here...people tend to do their best to ignore it. They pretend it's not happening, it's not out there, it's only due to people from certain area's of India, it's because of western influence or whatever other reason they want to come up with. 

    What I would absolutely LOVE is when people here start taking these things seriously and getting upset enough to DO something about them instead of just pretending it only happens elsewhere. ::sigh:: 

  65. Very timely.

    From what I remember about growing up, hitting a female was thought of as one of the most horrible sins ... enforced by my parents via a few (few could mean a lot for someone as intractable as me) tight whacks whenever I fought with my sisters :(

    And that has really stuck. At least with me.

    And this is what I believe is what "classical indian values" are also supposed to inculcate ... though as with all things indian, there is always a lot of hypocrisy to muddy the clear and sacred waters of the Ganga.

    So i am not the least bit surprised that wife beating is so much acceptable ... if at all the numbers seem a bit underestimated to me.

    and given the low information that Indian adolescents thrive on (again a result of hypocrisy) it is not at all surprising that sex is such a problem. you only have to look around the mushrooming abortion clinics in the cities which abound with colleges (i mean which receive a lot of migrant students from interior and smaller cities) ... these cities are Pune, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Nagpur and some more "Tier 2" cities. Since many of these cities are primarily "educational" cities, the rise in abortion clinics (which go by the euphemism "maternity clinics") in these cities must be fueled by young migrants.

  66.  Now now I think I finally got it, she is the absolute reference on everything, an insufferable self proclaimed know it all, condescending, all the other statistics are lie but the one she talks about, she ramble about things on topics nobody asked her to ramble about or aren't even related to the first topic...I guess our little friend here is actually Sheldon Cooper :)


  67. Er, Cyn

    He won't step out, I have already bowed in front of this donkey.  :) yeah, that's what you can call someone who constantly bangs into a wall hoping to move it someday.

    :)  There is a minimum mental level that must be there for persuasion or negotiation. As a fellow Indian, I can only say he can't stand our country's faults. In my terms, India is good but has its own faults. we are slowly steeping out of obsolete cultural values. But many are still in denial.

    Most importantly, one must have traveled India extensively to put forth a suitable defense in front of someone who has traveled different countries. 

    This guy can't take the criticism in a positive light. 

    No matter, what you say, he will always contradict it all the time. 

  68. Cyn, lets not speculate and stick to the facts instead.

    Not just some girls. Around 65% of the "missing women" have died from infections. That's 6x times the deaths as compared to abortions(more significant). Now, whether this maybe due to better medical treatment given to men than to women? Or whether illness to girls are being neglected? Who knows? But speculation may suggest just that.

    The over all sex ratio has actually improved from 933 in 2001 to 940 in 2011.

    1951 - 946
    1961 - 941 (-5)
    1971 - 930 (-11)
    1981 - 934 (+4)
    1991 - 927 (-7)
    2001 - 933 (+6)
    2011 - 940 (+7)

    Although the child sex ratio in the "0-6" age group has declined and has been falling ever since.

    1951 - 983
    1961 - 976 (-7)
    1971 - 964 (-12)
    1981 - 962 (-2)
    1991 - 945 (-17)
    2001 - 927 (-18)
    2011 - 914 (-13)

    The weird thing is that the two data contradicts each other. If the females are being consistently aborted since decades then how it is not effecting the overall sex ratio? Even if we consider that women live longer than men? There is definitely some error in the data collection of 0-6 age group.

  69. i said it's popular saying not anything about it's reality
    and i m not insulting anybody either especially british 

  70. yes, great help indeed.

    Throughout history, India has been numerous times been reviewed through a foreigner's lens. The phenomena of being reviewed by foreigners in not new at all. I guess this has happened to other countries as well since that's what traveler's do. I would like to add more to your list:

    Xuanzang - A Chinese Budhist Monk
    Al-biruni - Uzbek Polymath
    William Hawkins - 17th Century
    Katherine Boo
    Patrick French

    All these people reveal India in all its glory as well as its faults. What I can't understand is why my fellow indians only take it as criticism of their country. Why can't we understand both parts of the story and proceed to iron out the flaws. Indians tend to get defensive instead of being enlightened about our problems. The world is fast changing. Here is a story besides India but similar to the mudslinging going on right now ::--

    It is humiliating not to know one's history; and that humiliation, when one meets a foreigner with a more intimate knowledge of your past than you possess yourself, can turn to wretchedness and anger. It is like the story an Islamic art dealer friend of mine used to tell of putting on one of the first exhibitions of Islamic art in Saudi Arabia. The Saudi prince, who had commissioned the exhibition, was at first full of questions for the English dealer about the Islamic past and culture. The dealer tried his best - perhaps too hard - to answer the prince's questions. What he didn't know was that the better he answered them, the more the prince resented him for it. At last, the prince, apoplectic with anger, yelled: "But how do you know these things?" How indeed!

    I offer this as one distortion of India by foreigners. But there have been many: old and new, they range from mangoes and slum dogs to apologising histories of the Mutiny; there are the correspondents with their povertarianism and exaggerated fears of Hindu fascist take-overs; and there are the orientalists, who would turn hard gritty India into a fantasy of sweetmeats and fakirs. All problematic, all irritating enough. But the foreigners are not to blame; what is to blame is India's historic and continuing dependence on foreigners for an idea of herself.

    The gaps are real, but we, in modern India, have done little to fill them. We have allowed the study of epigraphs - one of the chief sources of information about the classical past - to grind to a halt; we have stood by and done nothing as the centres of Sanskrit learning shifted away from India to Europe and America. We fooled ourselves into believing that we did not need the humanities; and, even as the imaginations of our young people were paralysed, including those in the sciences - for they no less than artists need the past to enlarge their idea of human possibility - we did not build institutes of classical studies to rival our IITs and our IIMs. We let foreigners do the hard work of studying our past and humanities.
    Let people like 5w haul and broadway live inside a bubble. I was laughing when I presented my facts and was labeled a khalistani by 5w-haul. Throughout my replies I never mentioned him as hindu, muslim or by another religion, caste or region. But this racist was quick to label me a hardcore punjabi who wants khalistan. How immature is that?


  71. i don't know what the population of area or anything
    but believe or not its true and popular that american girls are easy

  72. look who is getting personal now? 

    Any meaningful discussion seems barking to you :)  How mature is that?  

    I can't comment on GRK's age but she definitely seems mature enough to discuss topics with meaningful logic, unlike you. You getting furious shows how old you are? 

    Read my comment below cyn's calling you sheldon cooper to answer if I am wrong.  Check your intellect there. You don't seem a global citizen but instead someone who is much less informed. Get your facts about american-pakistan relationship right or I can get them for you.


  73.  bazinga! sheldon isn't a celebrity, it's a fictional character

  74. who started making personal remarks first like donkey and racist. it was you traitor.

    beta gill keep your tongue in control because its more harmful and sharper than the sword.

  75. Broadway...

    Didn't your mother teach you any manners? You should never ask a lady her age! For shame on you! 

    But...if it makes you feel any better...I'm older than you. I was around back when the "Internet" was still young, written in DOS and we communicated in message threads. Pre-HTML.  

    And by the way sweety...a bunny with a pancake on it's head is a very nice way of saying that you are making no sense whatsoever. It's prevalent in the IT world and used commonly as a cultural meme. Are you old enough to know what a meme is? :D 

    OH....and by the way....just in case you didn't started the name calling when you said that Cyn was did you put it? Oh yes! "Cyn, you are like many indians who appear on the prime time idiot box shows who shout and growl and cry about every thing that matters into absolute sillyness." 

    Also, I do believe I've made more on point and on topic comments then you have with all your thumping and blathering. 

    I agree with Cyn....BAZINGA. 

  76. 5w_haul,
    You know what I absolutely love? Hypocrites like you.One comment you're all "Don't bash India! We don't bash other country's!" and the next comment you're all "Western girls are easy!" or "You don't have the brains to run your country!" Sheesh! Make up your mind! You are either a very confused young person or just plain silly. Although...I think I'll go with both. Please DO TRY to understand this blog post. It's talking about how India can be BETTER for valid reason's not to change cultural ones that differ from other country's. Unless of course, your saying that incest, rape, wife beating/burning, unsafe sex, underage sex and improper sexual education are cultural ones in India and that they shouldn't be changed. Is that what you're saying? Hmmmm? ::rolls eyes:: 

  77. oh yeah
    how about a father locked his own daughter for 24 years and repeatedly raped her and fathered her seven children. 
     this is insane its worst than the worst ever nightmare.
    but doing this takes some serious guts.

  78.  that drunken man should get life imprisonment. 

  79. Yeah! What Gill said! ;) 

    That's about as "getting down to their level" as I can get for Broadway. 

    Also, I just love it when someone tries to whip out the ole' America funded Pakistan to be against India two step. 

    But you gotta be kids. ::shrugs::

    Enjoying your comments IMMENSELY Gill! 

  80. Exactly! First thing I've agreed with you on 100%! 

    Although I will say that I think all people who do this sort of thing should get life. I just don't believe this is an "unprogrammable" behavior and is like to continue happening even with counselling.  

  81.  ''genetically boys are more vulnerable than girls, and until the age of 5 the mortality rate among boys should be higher because a chromosome XY (male) has one part of the whole genetic mark up of their parents missing"
    hey cyn could you bother giving me reference of your information because i couldn't find it in any of my medical,paediatrics,genetics and biology books.
    and those inherent diseases you are talking about generally not fatal 
    and genetic diseases affect very very small population and in cause of indians its very tiny. but people of european ancestry have more common genetic disease 

  82. GRK, Cyn,

    ??? BAZINGA? Sheldon cooper?? I'm unfamiliar with these pop culture gestures. But do you know what eddie griffin says: I-Don't-Speak-That-Sh!t!!!

    Enjoy this rick james wisdom(watch?v=IYP_MgWF8hw) while I permanently discontinue from this thread. Bye

  83. shouldn't asking woman her age is a western thing

  84. I have to agree. Pub = drinking and drinking = lying. That's true no matter where you are.

  85. My god!! 5w uncle Ji

    You can classify everything, every comment; under the umbrella of your racist thinking. Everything we say, and you have a classification ready.

    Can't you think straight uncle ji.

    Beta Gill

  86. That's my point as well. So many Indians are quick to point out what is going on in the west and then systematically say that it's not happening in India. They are taught that these things are not true and they blindly believe they are not. But, they're wrong. The same things they swear only happen in the west are happening here.

  87. That is really good. I grew up the same way only it was my brother getting in trouble if he hit me. It should be noted that those numbers from the article were apparently better than the last study done so things are improving. I'm guessing the majority of those numbers come from small rural areas where things like child marriage are still enforced. But, that's my speculation only because I'm truly unfamiliar with those areas.

  88. oh yeah, how about girls being bred like chicken in rajasthan to be sold off in sex market: child marriages; again in rajasthan. The officers who went to stop them were threatened by illiterate villagers:

    the severity of the crime does not decrease just because it is happening in india.  

    5w uncle ji, leave this thread as broadway just did. Your phony tactics are not convincing anyone on this blog. Or should i say, these are not phony tactics but real mental level you possess.

  89. Now you're contradicting yourself. You just told Cyn you didn't say it was reality but now you're saying it's true. Either way you've missed the point. The only people who say that are Indians who have never been to the US. It's an uneducated statement.

  90. Your marriage fact pertains to gay marriages. What is Indias stance? Oh that's right, everyone here denies gays exist.

    Hemp - aka Bhang to you - is a hallucinogenic drug. A mind altering substance. We don't let people run around in that state like it's fun and we don't feed it to our children in the name of God.

    You don't seem to know much about American politics besides what you've seen in the news. It's probably a subject best left alone since you don't have the personal knowledge to make your case. Your information is also very outdated. Maybe you should start watching the English news channels again and see what you're missing. Oh wait, the news is biased. Try backing up some of what you say with facts rather than what you hear on TV.

    Do you even realize that the internet is an American invention and that India pays to use it? Every time you log on, you're supporting America. And cell phones, American invention. As a matter of fact, most of the technology you thrive on was an invention of the US and it's how we won the Cold War.

    You should also do some research on WWII. America wasn't rich, it was struggling more than any Indian village of today.

    You shouldn't play with statistics. You have nothing to back up your claims and every pardesi on this blog has supplied proof of theirs. At least half of yours are also dead wrong. That's why you say you have no intention to prove. it. You know you can't.

    I can and will compare and say whatever I want about India. I live here. You don't live in the US but I've not told you to stop saying things about it. Everyone is entitled to their own voice and you shouldn't think for one second you're going to stop by my blog and tell me my rights. This is another point of my post. Indians trying to force the rest of the world to believe as they believe and do as they do. I refuse to live in denial as you obviously do. And I won't bow down to some stranger on my blog who doesn't want the rest of the world to see India's faults. You have no right to ask me to do so as you've already proved you can't back up a single claim you make. I can. Get over yourself.

  91. So you think that's worse than the recent case of a man raping someone elses 10 month old baby because he missed his own family? How about the mentally ill chained to walls and left to sit in their (and everyone elses) filth that is so routine in India? Check your fellow Indians comments and see what you've been missing.

    Yes, that father was a sick individual. The whole point is sick things happen like that in every country. But the difference is that in India, someone makes an excuse of why it is okay and in the US we punish them with every possible resource we have. Up until the point they get killed in prison by another American that won't stand for the insane torture they inflicted on someone else. We simply don't tolerate these crimes and India does everything it can to reward them.

  92. In the US, there's a high probability this man would be murdered in prison. While I don't advocate murder, I wouldn't cry if he was killed that way either. Sick bastard.

  93. I have a post coming on child marriages as well. Thanks for the link.

  94. im not contradicting myself i said its true and popular -the saying that is

  95. o yeah i forget you still hold capital punishment
    barbaric developed country lol

  96. very correct its classical indian value man don't use hand on woman
    real man never use hand on  women because its sign of unmanly and cowardliness.
    i think its come from those barbaric Arabian,Turkish and Mongolian attackers  

  97. i am not saying anything of that above you mentioned those are may be characteristics of your country
    and i'm not bashing anybody i am just replying on their allegations because you people are not washed in milk either.
    i never said "Western girls are easy" i said american girls are easy because it's popular saying in england 
    ok got that
    you said american dollers are flowing in india how can that be true when other running your country
    "You don't have the brains to run your country" is absolutely correct statement given the stats.
    by the i din't have time to write so much so you and other foreigner including some indian fifth columnist can bash india uninterruptedly so keep doing it.
    you people forgot that how heinous crime against humanity you people did.

    i can proud of india because it give so much to this world 
    it has mighty civilization of thousands of years unlike barbarians 
    hail india 

  98. who care about you fifth columnist gill
    guys like other and you can't degrade india 
    you possess no power
    you come with trolling stories like "girls being bred like chicken in rajasthan to be sold off in sex market"
    any fool except you know what is function of oxytocin and oxytocin can't turns young children into adults.
    you select particular  articles based on illiterate villagers to convince value of your opinion.child marriage is bad . but obviously most of people don't know that marriage have two part one is child marriage and second gona done in adulthood
    i know are related to this blogger so its not your fault you are doing your duty.
    bye bye khalistani.

  99. Hmmm 5w, you do know that your 'absolutely correct statement given by the stats' regarding numbers of Indians employed in certain sectors was found to be completely made up as far back as 2009 don't you?  It was found that apparently someone made it up on the internet and it spread like wildfire with Indian internet users.  You're only a few years out of date.  But don't feel too bad, your esteemed government apparently also fell for it and cited it in Parliament much to their later embarrassment!  No study was ever carried out which arrived at these figures and actual figures are much, much lower.  I'm not saying many Indians haven't been employed in great jobs abroad and been very succesful but your 'absolutely correct statement' like most of the  things you've written - made up.

    And stop talking about popular sayings in England when you've never been there.  You've been told.  It's not a popular saying.  Have you 'got it'? Sayings about people who can't listen or have rational conversations on the other hand are plentiful but I don't suppose you're interested in them. 

  100. who care about you fifth columnist gillguys like other and you can't degrade india 
    you possess no power
    you come with trolling stories like "girls being bred like chicken in rajasthan to be sold off in sex market"
    any fool except you know what is function of oxytocin and oxytocin can't turns young children into adults.
    you select particular  articles based on illiterate villagers to convince value of your opinion.child marriage is bad . but obviously most of people don't know that marriage have two part one is child marriage and second gona done in adulthood
    i know are related to this blogger so its not your fault you are doing your duty.
    bye bye khalistani.

  101. who care about you fifth columnist gillguys like other and you can't degrade india 
    you possess no power
    you come with trolling stories like "girls being bred like chicken in rajasthan to be sold off in sex market"
    any fool except you know what is function of oxytocin and oxytocin can't turns young children into adults.
    you select particular  articles based on illiterate villagers to convince value of your opinion.child marriage is bad . but obviously most of people don't know that marriage have two part one is child marriage and second gona done in adulthood
    i know are related to this blogger so its not your fault you are doing your duty.
    bye bye khalistani.

  102. who care about you fifth columnist gillguys like other and you can't degrade india 
    you possess no power
    you come with trolling stories like "girls being bred like chicken in rajasthan to be sold off in sex market"
    any fool except you know what is function of oxytocin and oxytocin can't turns young children into adults.
    you select particular  articles based on illiterate villagers to convince value of your opinion.child marriage is bad . but obviously most of people don't know that marriage have two part one is child marriage and second gona done in adulthood
    i know are related to this blogger so its not your fault you are doing your duty.
    bye bye khalistani.

  103. who care about you fifth columnist gillguys like other and you can't degrade india 
    you possess no power
    you come with trolling stories like "girls being bred like chicken in rajasthan to be sold off in sex market"
    any fool except you know what is function of oxytocin and oxytocin can't turns young children into adults.
    you select particular  articles based on illiterate villagers to convince value of your opinion.child marriage is bad . but obviously most of people don't know that marriage have two part one is child marriage and second gona done in adulthood
    i know are related to this blogger so its not your fault you are doing your duty.
    bye bye khalistani.

  104. i don't have to know frm u wts the popular saying so keep your mouth shut. indians are best brain in the world and they are running the most organizations, they are much more than that but not less
    are you been here u know india no india is much more large and diverse than your tiny backyard country you watch 5-6 cities in india and start making comments about it without knowing anything in india water and language changes every mile and culture also you fool buu........
    after gulf country most america heater live in europe and england 
    so don't teach me idiot
    study wasn't carried out because fukin us government don't ask for ethinic background 

  105. who care about you fifth columnist gillguys like other and you can't degrade india 
    you possess no power
    you come with trolling stories like "girls being bred like chicken in rajasthan to be sold off in sex market"
    any fool except you know what is function of oxytocin and oxytocin can't turns young children into adults.
    you select particular  articles based on illiterate villagers to convince value of your opinion.child marriage is bad . but obviously most of people don't know that marriage have two part one is child marriage and second gona done in adulthood
    i know are related to this blogger so its not your fault you are doing your duty.
    bye bye khalistani.

  106. Yep...first to go are the child molesters. Either that or he'll have far more large men calling him "girlfriend". 

  107. Not everyone holds it barbaric. I'm all for it in some circumstances. Looks like India was until recently as well. Or do we need to rehash the recent movement to free the terrorist from his death sentence last month?

  108. Exactly. And I have no sympathy for them. Unfortunately prisoners are the only ones in a position to carry out true justice on these sick bastards. Too bad so many whiners won't let things like chemical castration and other fitting punishments stay legal.

  109. Yeah, you don't have to know from him, and you won't travel yourself, you won't believe the studies/statistics, you won't hear someone else's views. Sounds like you are 10 year old. GRK, you have to gift this guy a pancake or pie :) :)

    I agree cultures change in India each traversing mile, and I guess that has become the problem of your country. People like you don't respect the cultural diversity. Instead, when you meet new people you just call them khalistani without even knowing/understanding what they are trying to say. IF you are proud of so many cultures why you don;t listen what I or even other Indian people are saying.

    Now go run out the window and shout 'We are the best brains in the world.'  How can you publish a fake study and be proud of it. This study has embarassed our parliamnet as well and millions of chest thumping Indians like you.

    Just for your info, each geographic location has its own share of brainiacs. In the cold war era, Russians and american scientists were pioneers in everything from space filed to electronics. In those decades, our people were reeling under the rule of 'LICENSE RAJ'.  We progressed when in the 90's now prime minister Manmohan Singh used liberalization policies. Even then, we have to rely on developed countries for their outsourcing. Till date most of the IT industry is based on that model. But the industry is now slowly moving towards domestic consumption and production. 

    As for all the indians working in US or UK, I believe these individuals have taken their personal decisions. They serve their new motherland and not their home land. These people live, eat, work, pray and pay taxes in their new countries. How can they be indians? I have many relatives (more than you can count) who are based in these countries and yet I never heard them saying they would leave their new countries and benefit India. This is a very personal choice. Some people do come back but reverse brain drain is rare. They are not Indians and have embraced the new identities given to them by the countries who respected their brain's worth. Had India recognized these people's intelligence and rewarded them duly I am pretty certain they would have stayed back home. I mentioned this in the comment below, but you are too busy chest thumping and calling me Khalistani, that you don't read.

    Alleged Khalistani  :)

  110. Again, These are not others running their countries. These are their new citizens (Indians, Chinese Turkish etc.). They live, eat, and pay taxes in their new countries. How can they be classified as Indians. These is purely boastful attitude.

  111. Again proved you are ignorant fool. You typed above:

    ""study wasn't carried out because fukin us government don't ask for ethinic background ""Check the basis on which 2011 India Census is based. It was based on caste and races. Both. There was uproar in parliament and yet the government went ahead. And I think it was good since it would clearly establish who the minorities are and who are the people who really need assistance.

    And please wake up. We live in a global world. All the people bashing you are global citizens.

    I am pretty sure that all these people may have experienced good things in India as well. They might have enjoyed their stay sometime. 

    Respect someone's opinion when you hear bad about your country. There will be some problems always. Their own countries might also be having some domestic problems. Don't feel disrespected at your flaws and start fulminating. Things take time to improve.

  112. Hehe...

    Now you are really ignorant.  Established. 

    Oxytocin is used in the fields/farms as well. It is used to quickly develop any vegetable into a fully grown specimen ready to be sold. The effects happen almost overnight. The buyer would not even know it is laden with toxins. Should I get you a news channel video link if you want to know more about this realm as well. I kwno cause I have seen people inject vegetables with them. But you won't understand since you just own a small PC in some shabby locality and not a farm/ agricultural land.

    :) Again I am no Khalistani. But since you have nothing meaningful to say or write, you are just here to call names or abash other countrymen. Not say anything with the sole purpose of discussion. You are hypocrite as well. You say to other people in these comments that you are proud that India is a culturally diverse country and yet you call me (a fellow Indian and a punjabi) as a khalistani. Talk about double standards?

    Ignorant chest thumping Indian. Get you facts right. the articles I published is real world news and not some study/statistic that is biased. IT is happening out there. Just yesterday, a Deputy commissioner has been captured by naxals. I believe you knwo what it means in a democracy like ours. Oh wait a minute, you have to do your indian chest thumping again :) :)

    Ignorant. And I am telling you again, kindly get your comments reviewed by someone who knows english well. Most of your comments are damn difficult to read and decipher.


  113. You said below ‘I’m not insulting anybody either
    especially British’                


    I’m British and I’m insulted.  Someone of your immense intelligence and stature
    has called me a fool and an idiot.  Oh
    the pain…..


    I bow down to your superior knowledge and defer to your judgment
    about all things British and Indian.  And
    American…in fact every country in the world. 
    I’ve never been to Brazil but maybe you could tell me about it.  Any good local sayings?


    I’ve been living in India for over 3 years now and there’s
    plenty of good but from now on, I’ll keep my eyes and ears closed.  Does it lead to eternal happiness?

  114. again an ignorant comment by the fifth columnist gill
    have some mercy on your soul.
    do you even know what is function of Oxytocin on human body, perhaps you don't.
    oxytocin starts uterine contraction and cervical dilatation and promotes milk production after labour.
    no wonder you assume it does same to human as it did on vegetables.
    you ignorant fool believe in anything you hear and read.
    after all ignorance is bliss.
    keep doing your chakri..

  115. LOL!  Bunny with a pancake on it's head time! 

    I do believe you have NOT had enough Oxycontin released into your system. 

    Would you like to know some other interesting things about Oxycontin? Yes?

    Studies have shown oxytocin's role in various behaviors, including orgasm, social recognition, pair bonding, anxiety, and maternal behaviors. For this reason, it is sometimes referred to as the "love hormone". 

    The inability to secrete oxytocin and feel empathy is linked to sociopathy, psychopathy, narcissism and general manipulativeness.

    See? Without it a person becomes narcissistic. I believe we've proved this point by the jib of your comments. 

    Have a nice day! 

  116. PS: DO try and get your information from logical, trusted and reliable sources....Like this one: 

  117.  There is another thought that has come to me, that I'd like to share with others.

    Even if we go by the stats and say that Indian adolescents are more sexual, in the survey other countries that top India are from Africa where people aren't as educated or do not have as advanced means to life.

    The point is that the sex that is cited in the study is of under-privileged adolescents who do not have proper guidance from their parents or the education to know the dangers of sex at such an early age. This isn't the typical high school sex, these are people who are less privileged than us to know better, without sex-ed, without even proper schooling, without access to playgrounds and sports amenities etc.

    To cite them and to have a one up on others doesn't sound very fair of the people doing it. Anyone with a neutral perspective should be able to see how unjust our friends from the west are being in this post and the subsequent comments.

  118. I am sorry you felt offended. That was not my intention. The primary purpose of that post was to expose and debunk the common assumption that too many Indians think that all western girls are easy. Just the day before someone posted just such a comment on my blog and it wasn't the first time.

    I know you may not experience it but pardesis are routinely propositioned by random men thinking they can sleep with us for no other reason than that we are white. I've personally been followed and propositioned while trying to have dinner with my husband more than once. The comments were a result of frustration with this kind of mentality. I don't know where this thought comes from among Indian men but it is one very sore point for us. We're constantly degraded over this and we're sick of it. I had no intention of offended Indians with that post but I will admit it felt good to read that study and finally have something to prove that the west is not as bad as these random Indian men try to tell us it is. I'm quite sure that's why the post pr comments didn't sound objective. We tend to reflect what we live in our words and writing.

    You make a great point. Those who are less educated about sex are more likely to engage in it at a young age. I saw this very thing happening in the US. Parents that talked about sex with their kids never had to find out their kids were having sex so young. I appreciate you mentioning that. Hopefully this study will prompt the governments of those countries to try and curb the activities. I know India is now trying to raise the age of legal consent from 16 to 18. I hope it helps.

  119. I can understand how terrible it might feel to be flanked by those terrible men. It is just a shame and a pity. It might be hard but you could try and not let it bother you as much, much like the Indian girls might have done so to face eve-teasing. Hopefully, the coming generations would know how to behave themselves better.