Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fun Phrases for Pardesi's

Everyone likes to have a little fun and in the US we're well known for making up phrase, sayings and slogans. I've run across a few lately that now have new meaning to me since I'm with a desi.

Phat girls love brownies - A play off the old term "phat" meaning pretty, hot, and tempting.

Brownie points - meant to mean you did something good and now the other person likes you better. For a pardesi, you get brownie points for making your desi bf/gf/hubby/wife happy.

Brownie moment - LOL. This is the moment when your desi does something that is strictly desi - as in no other culture you know does it. Like when he instinctively reaches for rice with his hands while at the dinner table in a nice restaurant.

Brownie chaser - this is what us gori's call a woman who only dates desi men because she perceives all the benefits she'll get. She doesn't see how much work marriage is, she only sees the gold she can get, the benefits of ruling a house, etc. This woman is the equivalent of a gold digger with an affection for desi's.

Indian summer - Any of us who've been to India know that the weather here during the summer months is different than the US. Hotter temperatures are a given but the heat feels different. Due to the humidity and blaring sun there's sweat rolling off of you like you wouldn't believe.

Indian giver - This applies a lot to communal living. For example your MIL gifts you a set of jewelry only to borrow it all the time. Another good example is when you like that suit she gave you but somehow the tailor managed to make it to her dimensions and not yours. So when you wear it you look sloppy and decide to get rid of it....and she keeps it for herself. 

Want to describe yourself or your brownie without using mundane fairness terms? Try these:
Vanilla Brownie - Gori who loves a brownie and has adopted some of desi culture
Milk Chocolate Brownie - Very fair skin

Dulce De Leche (or Caramel) Brownie - Light brown skin
Peanut Butter Brownie -  Not quite light but not quite medium (maybe wheatish)
Chocolate Brownie - Medium brown skin tone
Double Chocolate Brownie - Dark skinned
Death by Chocolate - Very Dark skin

And since brownies are awesome and there's so many flavors you can also consider calling your Indian a:
Rocky Road Brownie - For those who can't always control their temper
Turtle Brownie - For those who are stuck in Indian Standard Time mode
Marshmallow Brownie - For NRI's or ABCD's - a little American tossed in but still a desi
Cake Brownie - For those who are a little soft and fluffy.

What phrases involving "brownie," or "Indian" did I miss? And why don't we have phrases for Gori's yet? I think we should create some other than just Vanilla Brownie.


  1. Is it wrong that I crave chocolate stuff now? :)
    And I miss the Indian Summer in Switzerland now, that was my favourite time of the year.
    Now when I say it's Summer in India now people don't get it because it is Spring in their neck of the wood. And I soak about 3-4 t-shirts a day...not fun.

  2. Craving chocolate is never wrong!