Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Continuing My Mean Streak

Yes these things are small by western standards but not here. The gasps I hear and the strange looks from family and neighbors is just unmatched. To say this city is conservative is an understatement. Hubby even commented about an African American tourist here the other day wearing a spaghetti strap tank top and walking downtown. He didn't say anything negative. His mouth dropped and he said "wow, look at that." Lol.

So I took my first taxi out alone just the other day. I really had to put up a fight to do it but MIL finally told Hubby not to argue with me when she saw my suitcases out on the terrace in full view of the neighborhood. What? I'm not going anywhere yet and had no intention of it then. They needed to air out for my trip and this just happened to be the best time I could think of to pull them out. *insert evil grin* Can you imagine, the taxi driver drove straight to the mall, talked on his cell the whole time and didn't even acknowledge my existence until it was time to get paid. It was so dangerous. *eye roll*

I went into almost every store in the mall. One store broke my heart with their false advertising. There were these awesome flare leg jeans in the window that I wanted (even though it's way too hot for denim here) and when I got inside they were nowhere to be found. I circled that store at least 3 or 4 times looking at everything they had trying to find them. That's the first time I've seen flare legged pants like that here. I've asked for them in so many stores and no one ever carries them. I should have known it was too good to be true.

I invited a friend to meet me there and we split a pizza from a new pizza place and had a blast chatting. I think I was out about 6 hours total and by the time I got home my legs hurt. That's just proof to me that I don't get out enough because shopping never wears me out like that. I gotta find a better way to exercise. Running around the house, terrace or neighborhoods just not working. I can't be going all flabby and losing my extended-shopping quality leg muscles. What else is there good in a shopaholics life when you can't even kill an entire day at the mall?

Crap, almost forgot I'm supposed to be writing about being mean so let me get back to that. While I was shopping (because I'm still in a very rebellious mode) I bought a very comfy pair of short shorts. The only ones I could find that weren't knee length or denim. They only come down about 2 inches past the essentials they must cover. When I got home I put them on while hubby was out doing some running around. He came back and walked in our room and just stopped dead in his tracks and exclaimed "oh my God!"

I wasn't thinking about the shorts and asked him what was wrong. LOL! He thought I was half naked and he's just opened the door with his mother on the terrace. Of course he then asked me not to leave the room like that and I told him if this is my house and I'm to be expected to live here then I have every right to be comfortable. He wasn't happy but knew he couldn't say anything and so he just gave me a disgruntled look. Then he went back out for something and his mother came in the room. I was still sitting in the same position in the same chair. Funny, she didn't seem shocked or put off by my appearance. About 10 minutes later I walked downstairs dressed like that and somehow, the house didn't fall apart. No one died, I don't even recall any serious medical issues or dramatic scenes occurring. Hubby didn't say a word.

Ashu has been trying to hack my wifi again. I'm not stupid even though every teenage kid thinks they're the only ones that know things. I share the wifi with FIL and we already have 2 computers, 2 phones and 1 tablet connected to it. The internet is not that good. But, I caught him trying to log on which was actually perfect. Of course he went in FILs computer and got the wifi SSID and password. He had to because I'm no longer broadcasting a wifi signal and if you don't know the name of the network you're not getting on it.

So I watched and waited. Then when he logged onto my internet I got his MAC address and banned him permanently. So I have effectively dissolved all his hard work stealing passwords. And I don't feel bad one bit. It was fun and still is. They have their own internet connection now so he has no business connecting to mine. Now he's only doing it because his dad limits his time online and takes the internet away. So he's trying to use mine to go against his parents and he doesn't have my permission.

Today I forced hubby to take me with him to the store to get a Sprite. He doesn't like to take me and comes up with every excuse in the world or zips out of the house while I'm too busy to go normally. (Not that this is an everyday thing.) Yes honey, it is a pain in the ass to take your gori wife with you to a store where people aren't taught it's impolite to stare. I love him, that's why I do these things. Someday he'll learn not to live in fear and oppression as if he'll die from some moron's staring. I swear it's for his own good. *more evil grinning*

Well, he had to do something so he decided to drive to the store. I'm thinking what a waste because it's less than a block away but whatever, I was pushing already and I like the motorcycle so I got on and we went. Not to our store lol. He drove to the next neighborhood over where they've rarely seen me at all. We stopped in front of the store and a man and his wife were running it. Hubby ordered 2 Sprites and the man went to get them. His wife came over to collect the money. Both the husband and the wife were so fixated on staring at me that they undercharged us for the drinks. I couldn't help but crack up laughing at this one too. Not only did it backfire for hubby to take me to some other store (because we were stared at a lot more whereas in our street they're fairly used to me) but he couldn't get out of taking me in the first place.

Little things are what make life worth living since the big things don't carry you through for that long.

And just a small disclaimer. Hubby's not mean spirited with the whole not taking me out thing. He's lived his whole life in fear of what society would say and what would get back to his parents. It's something I see in most of the Punjabi  people I see here (young adults, married or not). Most older men don't take their wives out for things like running to the store and scandals are created over tiny things like this. He takes me just about anywhere else I want to go when I ask but he really does fear taking me to the store down the street. "These things are just not done here." -famous last words of hubby!


  1. Yeah for "breaking" the rules :)
    DH was also a bit worried at first about what people would think, we were dating back then, but the fact we lived far from his family made it easier for him to get past it, plus we lived only in metros where things are significantly different than in smaller cities.

  2. I'm confident Rohit will get over it too. Today I went out in full length black yoga pants, a tank top and a sleeveless cover up and he kept swearing I looked naked. OMG. I went out like that anyway.