Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Anti-Gori Club

I just had to share this because it's really funny to me and hopefully you all will get at least a little chuckle out of it.

I have a friend here (gori/desi couple)  whose husband cracks me up. He has an awesome personality and a way of putting people at ease during conversation that is hard to find. I ran into him the other night while out with another gori/desi couple (always exciting to meet up with blog followers, especially the couples in similar situations) at his restaurant. Now, I know you're thinking that since it was his restaurant it's not odd to run into him and you're close to being right. He owns several though and doesn't just hang out at this one place all the time.

Anyway, he came over to say hello to us. I should also mention that my friend (the gori aka his wife) has told me on several occasions that our husbands couldn't meet or otherwise they may conspire with each other and figure out new ways to handle us. Then all our hard work and effort at being a pain in the ass may not pay off anymore. So I had that in mind when he came over to us but it seemed rude not to introduce him to everyone so I did. I think it took less than 2 minutes for him to tell hubby he was forming a new "We hate gori's" club and that hubby was going to be his first member and invited the other girl that was with me's significant other to join as well.

He wasn't being serious, this is how he joke and I was cracking up. See, he always says me and his wife are the "I hate India" club so I instantly caught the reference. He had hubby on board with their new club instantly and of course then he kept rolling with the jokes. Unfortunately his gori half wasn't able to be there or her and I would have countered all his joking. We always have a great time poking fun at each other that way.

I think there are many Indian men who would quickly join that club to discuss all their frustrations from putting up with a gori. I know we're trouble lol. And expensive. All that imported food, going out and to top it off we shop for fun and not just necessity. I think retail therapy (that's what we call shopping to disguise it from being thought of as a purely wasteful activity) is probably their biggest complaint. Who wants to hang around with a woman while she goes in 20-30 different stores trying on clothes she decides she doesn't like and then walking out without purchasing a single item. LOL.

So yeah, I think being married to a gori is just as overwhelming as it is being married to a desi. It's also amazing though. Of course, next time we're planning for it to be a 2 couple meet up (If we can match all of our schedules) and I think it's going to be tons of fun when it's 3 gori's against 3 Amritsari's. *super evil grin*

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  1. Thank you for the comments and the link Gill. I realize that a few of the guys that comment on my blog are just trying to start trouble and that's why I don't back down to them. I can tell from 5w_haul's (formerly delightful_lad) comments he doesn't know much of his own India or at least doesn't read the news. I'm quite certain he's not a medical professional as he says or he would have a better idea of infant mortality rates and such. Either way, I'm not too bothered and see their comments as a way to stand up for my blog. I know some of the things I write about are rare but many of them are not.

    The story of the white woman you grew up with is fascinating. Makes me hopeful some of the neighbors that stare at me may be thinking the same things. Good or bad, it's their right to have their own feelings but I hope that by seeing my behavior around the home they realize not all westerners are the same as what they see on TV. Especially since Desperate Housewives seems to be so popular here. (OMG...really not a good depiction of American life lol.)

    Hope you're having a good day and thanks again for your insight!