Saturday, April 7, 2012

14 Reasons I Shouldn't Be Allowed to Shop Alone Here

That title is pure sarcasm by the way. 

So I went out shopping yesterday and I should have busted myself when I grabbed 3000 INR to take to the local merchandiser. I should know better and this really isn't helping my savings much lol. I do need gifts for family though and my mom has foster kids that I want to do something nice for because one of them I like as if she was a real sister and the other lost both her parents and I really feel bad for her. I need gifts for real family as well. I'm just so excited to see them.

I took Kitty with me to make sure I didn't get ripped off and of course even though I'm happy with my purchase and the prices hubby thinks I got scammed. The prices were on the boxes and the owner charged me less than what was written there which I didn't expect but wasn't going to argue. I figure maybe he realizes we're long time customers and instead of buying one or two things I come in and buy a bag of stuff each time and I don't think he cheated me. Even if he was trying to, the things I bought would cost a small fortune more in the US.

I wound up with 4 sets of bangles (one for me!!), a new costume jewelry set, 9 sets of the glittery fake henna stuff and plastic cases to store everything in. It took a lot of energy not to stop at the suit shop. Even though the tailors in our neighborhood suck I still love the sparkly suits. I need one...or two....maybe three.

All that for the low, low price of 1450 INR (about $15 US and Aus)! All the bangles are either glass or metal. The girls and I are going to have a blast putting on the glitter fake henna stickers. We're going to be all decked out. I'm tempted to go buy more because those were so freaking cheap. They ranged from 10-20 INR (25-50 cent). In the US I'm quite sure those would sell for $5-10. Maybe I should start a business.

I wasn't totally awful going out shopping though. After coming back I cranked out some extra work to make up for it. This is gonna be a very lucrative pay month lol.


  1. Uhh! Love all the stuff you got! I miss putting on henna and having girly time with my cousins :(

  2. I bet you do! It's just starting to catch on in the US so maybe the mehendi trend will spread. I'm going to have a massive girl party with all the kids in the family and my mom. I miss nights like that. Movies, way too much junk food and this time we'll also have awesome Indian stuff to have fun with.

  3. Hehe I say you've been a reasonable shopper, 1400 isn't that much on gifts and costume jewellry.
    Have fun with your family getting all girly with it :)

  4. Yeah it's not that much. I spent another 560 today on 2 more sets of bangles and 2 more sets of the henna tattoos. I love bazaar shopping.

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