Sunday, March 11, 2012

So That's How You Want to Play?

In case you're wondering, apparently Uncle ji and Chachi are still being crappy towards hubby over the tablet issue from over 2 months ago. His cousin has completely taken up for him and went off on them twice when he caught the kids playing games on it instead of doing school work. It would seem they have now realized you can't get much done on a tablet after all. This cousin caused them to feel ashamed and they put the tablet away and didn't take it out the rest of the week he was here. He's been back twice and they hide it every time. They know they are wrong, yet they are still acting stupid.

Well, before they hid it this cousin also realized they had working internet on the tablet. He alerted hubby (it's nice to have spies on your side). Now, I've posted enough about how I'm not sharing my wifi with them because of their behavior - which obviously hasn't stopped - and I meant what I said. So we thought about it for a minute and we figure that Ashu the hacker (yes, he does hack stuff and knows way too much) got the wifi password from off of FIL's netbook because we share the wifi willingly with FIL. It wouldn't be that hard to check the computer for settings.

Now FIL rarely uses the netbook so we were sure we could end the wifi use once and for all without upsetting FIL. FIL is not happy with them either right now and thus isn't spending time with the kids like he was before this tablet issue. (Don't let anyone fool you, Indian families can hold a grudge!) So we were going into the router settings to change the password and hide the signal, only I couldn't get in. So little hacker not only is stealing my wifi, he's now changed the password to try and make sure I don't stop him. Hmph. I wasn't born yesterday.

I reset the router, reinstalled it on my computer, hid the signal so now you can't get in without a name and a password. And I don't play around with usernames and passwords, they are among some of the hardest you've ever seen. Interestingly enough that evening someone started saying something about how wifi wasn't working anymore. Pity. Because it won't be any time soon.

Ashu's hacking skills are so far limited to what he can glean and change from the existing information he finds. He has yet to figure out how to crack passwords and login so I doubt he'll be getting my laptop password anytime soon. And it's unlikely he'll get it at all because the one thing that has been respected since I got here is that no one touches my laptop. MIL won't let him near it and if she catches him in here messing with it he won't be spared and we will be told. And ya'll also know from previous blog posts she's always freaking in here when we're not home. I win.


  1. OMG! I can't believe how crass they are! Hacking your wifi??? And changing the setting of YOUR router so you can't do anychange to their stealing your bandwidth? UGH!

    Good for figuring it out and resetting things!

  2. Yeah, there seems to be no limit on the lengths they'll go through to save a rupee. It's just sad. I use my wifi to work and all they do is download games, movies and music. It sucks the life out of my connection and that's why I'm not sharing. We tried sharing and they couldn't even respect waiting 1 whole hour after they got home from school before starting the downloads so I would have time to finish up my work day. They don't seem to understand the concept of sharing means that all parties get to use stuff. Here, sharing seems to mean take all you want and don't save any for the person paying the bill.

  3. How on earth does ashu know so much about hacking? That's crazy! Be careful about what goes on the next few weeks this kids might come up with something to hack your wifi once again. Btw hope your recovering well from your recent sickness ;)

  4.  yeah dowloading games and stuff sucks the fast download allowance in an internet lan real fast, and then you are stuck with crappy speed until the end of the month, if that's what they do with internet, they can get their own!

  5. Also I would remind them that hacking is a crime and you could file a complaint...just to scare them.

  6. Oh yes indeed! Right now they aren't figuring things out so it's going well but if it happens again I will definitely use that line.