Friday, March 2, 2012

Really Good Doctors Do Exist in Amritsar!

I can honestly say I've never been so excited as when I walked out of the scan center last Tuesday night. I was referred to this scan center (I'd been to 3 others previously and was not impressed in a good way at all). As usual, I was hesitant entering because it was almost secluded from the road, there was a roadside fast food stand inside the gate and it looked like a small, run of the mill Amritsar scan center. I needed the scan though and I knew the other places I'd been weren't that good so I went inside.

My first shock was that the lady behind the reception counter was very friendly and the man accompanying her didn't stare at me like he's never seen a gori before. That might not seem like much but trust me, if they aren't staring at you in this city, it is amazing lol. They even informed us we would have to wait about an hour before they could take me back because they were currently assisting other patients. Again, this would seem normal but most places I've been to here don't have an organized staff who take patients in turn and maintain order in the waiting room. Nor do they inform you of an accurate wait time. It's almost only "5 minutes" or "a few minutes" which in Punjabi time means they have no clue when you're going back there so just suck it up and sit down. Lol.

Instead of waiting in the room for so long hubby told the lady we would be back and we went and got some food nearby. We went to a local restaurant which passed a recent round of inspections from the Indian government that has led to the shut down of tons of restaurants and other establishments this past week. Then after eating we went back. The lady was again nice and said the last patient still wasn't done yet but it shouldn't be too much longer. We sat down and waited.

When my turn came to go back I was a little nervous and I have to admit I was having bad thoughts about what this exam room would look like. I had no choice though so I took off my shoes (seems to be mandatory at most of the exam rooms I've visited) and stepped inside. I was shocked. The exam bed was secluded from view of the door by a free standing wall (the decorative type that you can move around as needed. The exam room was clean - including the nasty finger/handprint trails anywhere.

I got a bigger surprise to see this was the same ultrasound technician that had assisted with my procedure a couple of weeks ago. I don't think I mentioned him but he was nice then too and when I complained of pain at one point he translated for the doctor on my behalf. So that st me a little more at ease. Then I noticed he had a sparkly new ultrasound machine, one of the exact same types I'm used to seeing in American hospitals (because not too many doctors offices have them and they send you out for scans).

The nurse accompanied us back, told me how to lay on the exam bed and the doctor immediately started talking to me - just as a doctor would in the US. He asked what was going on, when was my procedure, etc. Lots of questions to make sure he knew of anything he might need to look for that wasn't obvious. He began the scanning, measuring all my organs. The whole time he kept talking to me like two friends would talk. He relaxed my mind so much I didn't even feel like I was back there more than a minute when it was really more like 20 minutes.

We talked about Indian men, my education (he was impressed with my medical knowledge and thought I had a medical degree lol), we talked about my coming here and cricket...yep, he's Indian remember. I asked him some questions about some things I was curious about and he answered every one, even some that I wasn't even being seen for. He printed some pictures for me, wrote up my report and put it in an envelope to take with me. Wow.

I would have to say this experience was better than any I've ever had, even in the US. Mostly because the doctors bedside manner was fantastic and I got my pictures and report right away whereas in the US they send it to your doctor whenever they get around to it and you rarely walk out with any information. Naturally the first thing I did was open and read the report and that's when I noticed everything was normal. So now I'm still wondering where the pain is coming from but I know there's nothing serious wrong.

I will be putting up a review for this scan center on my review blog as soon as I can get a picture. It was too dark and I didn't think to take one before the appointment as I had no idea it would go so well! If any of you are ever in the area and need a scan, ask me and I'll provide you all the details.


  1. Yay for normal results, and yes that's one thing I like about any type of medical exams, the patient gets the results immediately and in their hand before the Dr who asked for them does.
    Back in Switzerland I never got any copy of any blood test results ever, and most of the time I never even knew what the results were as the Dr would only call if there was an issue and that was very rarely.

  2. We only go those hospitals that have MD's and all the test equipments in one single building. This way, we can visit the MD and complete all his requested tests within 2-3 hours instead of driving all around the city looking for the "recommended" test clinic. You sure that you don't have these all-under-one-roof hospitals in amritsar?

  3. I think it's somewhat similar in the US though I do remember doctors calling me no matter what the results were.

  4. We have some but none that offered this service. This doctor is an MD, educated in Denmark and he does have a similar ultrasound machine but he sent us elsewhere. I was pissed at the time because he created this mess but after finding the new clinic was so much better I'm glad he did. Here they like to run you around a lot. Even Fortis Escorts (one of the major hospitals with everything) runs you all over the building and you spend an entire day there for one appointment by the time they send you to the other side for the lab, the back side for scans and then you have to wait in the impossibly long lines for your turn. I've been there a few times. They just aren't a full service hospital. None of the hospitals here seem to be, not even Amandeep which won some award for being the best in India recently.