Friday, March 9, 2012

More Things That Drive Me Crazy About This City

So I ordered some blood work from one of only two full service labs a few days ago. Now, even though it's a full service lab (which means they are one that actually offers all types of testing) they still have to send off some of the tests to Gurgaon. So that means I have to wait 3-4 days on a test that should only take an hour to complete. That's annoying enough in itself but what can you do.

So the 3-4 days go by and we are supposed to receive a text message telling us the test results are ready and we can log in online and see the results. We haven't gotten that yet so I decided we should call the lab. There are two phone numbers on the receipt they printed for us. One is not in service and the other does not exist (according to the nice automated lady on the phone). WTH!

So I navigate to the website provided to us on the receipt. Not only does half the links on the website not work and keep directing you back to the homepage but we can't login because the receipt they gave us only has the User ID and no password.

This kind of crap is NORMAL and VERY COMMON here in Amritsar. It doesn't matter who you're trying to call, half the time the phone number they broadcast is not a working phone number. It was the same with the awful clinic I visited. Their number works sometimes and others it doesn't. They also broadcast 2 numbers but only one works. Pharmacies, same thing. Restaurants, same thing.

So I called the main national number from the website, they gave me a 3rd number for this clinic. I called, it doesn't exist. I called back to the main number, they told me how to get my password. I tried, it gave me an error saying call the main number. I called back and had to explain to the same woman 5 or 6 times it wasn't working. The best she could come up with was to give me a sister labs number and call them in hopes they could help me. I called them, they referred me to the original lab. I again explained twice those numbers didn't work. So then the guy on the phone told me give him 15 minutes he would call me back he was going to try and reach them himself.  Supposedly he got in touch with them and I can go pick up my results. I'm not sure I believe it though.

So what's that mean? Now I have to go drive all the way across town to this place to find out if they even have my test results and in in 99% of cases similar to this they always say 'come back tomorrow madam, we have _____ for you then' which is always a lie meant to keep you from yelling at them for their incompetence. I should put together a list of all the crazy crap like this Amritsari's have to put up with. Only thing is the blog post may get so long my typing fingers won't want to type any more.

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