Friday, March 30, 2012

Innocent Rebellion

So I've continued my completely harmless rebellious streak this week and it's giving me great pleasure. None of these things would even get noticed in the US (or probably not most of the rest of the world) but here they're seemingly scandalous. I'm loving it. So what have I been up to?

Well, I started out singing loudly while riding on the back of the motorcycle. I had a somewhat sore throat from the current weather and have no idea what I sounded like and I don't care. Normally I sing really good but since I'm sick that may not be the case. I didn't care. Hubby didn't seem to mind either because he was swaying with the music for a while. I'm sure I managed to shock a few people because I was singing in Punjabi, Hindi and English. I like fusion songs.

On another trip out I again made poor hubby suffer. I can't help it, he's my driver but you should know he's awesome enough not to complain. I don't ride side-saddle. So I wrapped my arms around him tightly while he was driving and sat as close as I could to him. This is a huge taboo here. It's rare to see married women touching their husbands any more than they have to in public so turning myself into a gori backpack was quite rebellious. If you thought people stare at gori's on a regular basis here, you should have seen what happened at the stoplight lol. One poor girl almost wrecked her scooter. We gave a few uncles an eyeful too and the look of shock on their face was priceless. Oh, and I don't want to forget to mention that aunty who's mouth dropped open lol.

That's not all I've done this week. I ran around the ground floor in just a towel, ate chicken three times so far (it's Navratra) and I also wore capri's with a sleeveless top and wandered aimlessly on the terrace that way. April Fool's day is coming up fast and in addition to finding ways to rebel I'm planning some jokes that are probably only really funny to me.

My biggest rebellious achievement thus far - I went downstairs on Thursday night (not only a veg only day in this house but also still during Navratra) and boiled eggs. No one noticed! Lol. MIL and FIL were in their room right next door and I was cooking in her kitchen and they boiled for 10 minutes. I cooked some maggi to go with them. But don't get too excited, that meal wasn't for me hahaha. My rebellious husband was the one that wanted it but there was no way he was asking his mother to cook the eggs. Lucky for him I'm going through a phase. 

Last year I hid from hubby and listened to him running around the house in a panic thinking I might have actually left the house alone. That one is going to be hard to top this year. Everyone was laughing but him. Of course, I've reused that joke a few times since and he doesn't get as panicky now. So I need a new one. This is going to be an interesting week.


  1. yay! I'm shy when it comes to singing so I don't do it in front of an audience, but I think I only rode side saddle, because I was wearing a skirt, and I rode with some friends as well as DH, did the gori backpack  all the time with DH, in the first few years we used to get stares even in Bangalore, but I guess people got used to see young couple riding that way. They also stared because it's uncommon to see a pillion rider wearing an helmet, even had other bikers at the red light laughing making comment about the helmet...idiots!
    We don't have the bike anymore, not practical as a family especially since we have a car, but imagine some of the aunties in my street staring when I was hoping on when about 16 weeks pregnant and starting to show, and yup wearing clothes that would actually show I was showing. The car arrrived just in time because at 16 weeks I was telling DH that I might not be able to raise my leg in the air to sit on the bike much longer :)

  2. I must really be a rebel or clueless... I rode on the back of a bike from Haridware
    to Delhi legs flung over the bike hanging on for dear life 37 years ago . No big deal that I can remember ! And I am as gori as the next one !

  3. Cathy, its not a big deal at all. I ride that way in smaller cities than amritsar, in punjab, and its never a big deal. I wear capris, most of my indian suits are all sleeveless, and noone has raised eyebrows.

  4. I prefer the bike over our car. It's so much easier to navigate. The police are still fighting to get the drivers to wear helmets regularly here as it is so I'm sure if someone had a helmet on the back of a bike they would stare for sure.

  5. Well since feminism was just taking off in the US 37 years ago and I know India's behind in that department I'm going to assume you're a real rebel lol. I can imagine the stares you didn't notice. Or maybe I'm wrong and things were different then. I'm told all the time Amritsar has gone backwards so it's possible things were less restrictive when you did it as well. I know now days in Amritsar its almost scandalous. It's really rare to see a woman touching a male in public with more than a shoulder.

  6. It might be an Amritsar thing.. when I was in Delhi most of the girls would ride the way you (and I!) did... it was usually the older ladies and/or girls in sarees who rode side saddle. I don't remember getting any shocked stares or anything like that. It's pretty normal for girls to ride like anyone else if they're wearing jeans/trousers/churidars. Of course, THAT might be a Delhi thing -- in Delhi there are quite a few girls who ride their OWN bikes too :)