Friday, March 16, 2012

I Paid a Bribe

I love to find new websites that are operating for the sole purpose of making this world or some tiny part of it a better place. I stumbled across one recently when catching up with my professional reading.

This website was stared by an Indian person who wanted to shed light on just how bad government corruption has gotten. This is completely genius! The concept is that anyone who has ever encountered a request for a bribe or had to pay a bribe can register their bribe anonymously on the website. The totals are collected and displayed for everyone to see. You can add a personal note about the bribe and everything. If you haven't already seen this or heard about it on the news, I encourage you to check it out and add your stories.

There can be no end to corruption until it is exposed and those who are corrupt are forced by the people to answer for their corrupt practices. Fight for your rights as citizens by supporting the cause and bringing shame on those who rob people and destroy public trust, entire countries, etc. Act now, help stop the insanity.

At the very least, go and read the stories so you'll know just how bad it is. 


  1. Absolutely the perfect way to expose corruption at the lowest and highest levels. Love it! I'll be passing this on.

  2. It is very fascinating indeed. I love websites like that.

  3. A different perspective and approach.

  4. we all do it every now and then ,with a li'll choice we have...if something as you suggest can be worked out nothing like it .