Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Evil Eye is Upon Me

I actually believe in the evil eye and so do most of you. You just might not think about it as being the evil eye. Let me give you some examples.

You spill something on your shirt at lunch and there's no time to go home and change clothes. You notice people are looking at you weird or even laughing and giggling after seeing your shirt. You begin to feel bad, embarrassed, etc. That's the evil eye effect.

Maybe you're out with your spouse and they do or say something completely shocking and there are complete strangers nearby that you are certain heard/saw it. You freak out, even if just a little, and can't wait to get away from the place so you no longer have to suffer the embarrassment. That too is the evil eye effect.

It's taken me a while to really understand this but recently I got the true idea of what all of this is about. I'm pretty sure I've written about my MIL placing a black dot behind my ear before I go out and such and now we've had some new humor to add to my tales of the evil eye.

On Sunday we had visitors - hubby's cousin (female), her son and her MIL. Now, against doctors orders they wanted to get me out of the house because for some reason the family doesn't understand the concept of bed rest and they think I'm depressed or sick or that something is wrong. Since the doctor had said I could walk a little I agreed to go with them and it was really good to get out of the house.

Of course on Monday it was back to bed rest because I'm not going to push it too far. MIL got upset. She told hubby that she had seen his cousins MIL looking at me in a weird way while we were out and so I must have gotten the evil eye upon me. I couldn't help but giggle when he told me that but still, MIL had a cure. So hubby circled my head 5 times with a red chili pepper, touching my 3rd eye chakra each time around then took the chili back to his mother who burned it.

On Tuesday I'm still in bed, on bed rest obviously, and she again gets very worried. I had to go out for an ultrasound to make sure I was okay and when I got back I was happy. (BIG blog coming on the first doctor I've found here who is AMAZING!) MIL was thinking that because I had been in bed all day again I must have had the evil eye real bad and this time she sent up 3 red chilis! Hubby was supposed to have his head circled as well but for some reason declined.

I think I'm recovering okay. I had pitched a fit yesterday to get the scan because I didn't believe the infection was gone. I'm still having some discomfort and swelling and it shouldn't have lasted nearly this long. But, after having the scan I feel a great sense of relief because all of my organs were indeed normal. What makes it even better is the liver problems I developed last year are now completely healed as well.

I intended for this post to sound funny but somehow I think it sounds a little serious lol. Hopefully you get at least a little laugh out of the chili pepper story. I think it's really cute MIL and FIL are so concerned. I do feel a little bad about that poor woman who is now being blamed for giving me the evil eye though hahaha. Oops...bad timing on her part.


  1. Hi Kristy, that's funny about the red chillies being circled around your head five times and touching your 3rd eye. My Greek grandmother believed in the evil eye, she used to do similar things for various situations. I just let her do them as it made her happy and bought her peace of mind.

    I too believe in the evil eye! I guess some of here beliefs rubbed off on me!

  2. Yeah lol, our parents and grandparents are funny. It's amazing how many customs are the same in different nations as well.

  3. That's cute of your MIL. I am glad to read you are recovering and healing well. I'm happy you found a good doctor too.

  4. As you said I think we all believe in the evil eye to some extent, but I found out that Indians are totally obcessed with it, black dots on babies, no going out after sunset if you are pregnant or have a new born or a baby that didn't have it's head shaving yet, if the dot wasn't enough on babies need to add black bangles.
    And the fact that even in educated families some people will apparently attribute a sudden viral fever to the nazar and burn chilies.

    I think the only superstition I follow is to toss spilled salt over my left shoulder and I avoid passing under a ladder, that's about it :)

  5. I don't think I give much credit to any superstitions. I refuse to be sequestered in my home because of child bearing either. I think the evil eye is mostly a easy place to place the blame here in India though. They blame it for everything even if they don't know who gave you an evil look.

  6. Im sorry but evil eye believers in india are generally the uneducated masses. Please stop your generalizing. Just because your experience is such doesnt mean all indians are like that. Just by reading your experiences speaks volumes about the family you are married into. Upper classes, and upper middle classes do not live the way you do currently. It sounds mean, but its true. Even Amongst the castes there are great variations which is becoming obvious as i read through what you write.