Thursday, February 2, 2012

So Who's the Dummy Now??

The title comes from a line in one of my favorite movies, Major Payne . I love the accent that Damon Wayans says it in and the scene is just awesome. That line came to mind when I saw this sign on a website today and I had to share.

Native English speakers will notice the word "Excetions" in the sign - it is spelled wrong! In the US a lot of people will argue that immigrants coming to the country need to learn English and they shouldn't be accommodated so that they can survive there. In some ways this is reasonable because as a melting pot there is literally every country in the world represented in the US and it would be insane to expect all citizens to learn every language. But, on the other hand no one learns a language instantly and it's often quite difficult and we should welcome new immigrants because that's what the country was built off of.

In this case, I think the citizens are the ones who need to learn English. Especially if they want to advocate that immigrants need to learn it.


  1. Uncredible! This is otragius! Now we are supposed to make acceptions to imigrunts? How dare they not lern English!

    Anyway - and this is a true story, I swear - I saw the following on Church billboard right outside of a local church in PA:


    Someone had stolen the leading 'S' on that ad. Cracked me up.

  2. Every time I think of Daman Wayans I think of his character on 'In Living Color' - 'Sha-nay-nay' saying 'I'm gonna rock your world!'
    Anyhow, I recall reading the US 2010 census in which it was revealed that about 40% of adult Americans are 'functionally' illiterate. I believe it, I'm embarassed by it also.

  3. It is sad. You know the GED education level only covers up to 8th grade. And when writing we are told to write on an 8th grade level to make sure no one has trouble understanding. We are discouraged from using big words or uncommon words for just that reason when writing. Check out papers like the NY Times and you only see big words in the financial section and other business man tailored sections. It's just weird.