Sunday, February 19, 2012

Reflections - My First Trip to India

As part of my looking back goals for the year one of the important things I never wrote enough about was my first trip to Amritsar. Today marks the 3 year anniversary since my first trip here and I wanted to share with you all some of the sights, smells and experiences of that fateful first trip.

I wrote a little about my big Bollywood style airport welcome here a couple of months ago. That article didn't allow enough words (I was limited to 500 lol) to talk about how challenging it is to run with so many suitcases or how distracting it can be to try to hold onto those suitcases while you're hugging the love of your life. Nor did I get to really discuss the look of panic on hubby's face when he realized pretty much everyone was staring. I was new here I had no idea people could stare so much and in general in the US we don't care or notice these least I don't lol.

I also didn't get to add in all the emotion to that post. I was so terrified to get off of the plane. I had spent the entire flight worried that hubby wouldn't even be at the airport (because we all hear those horror stories) or when I got here he would not be all he had said he was and instead be some criminal waiting to kidnap me and my family never would see me again. I never told anyone but I had written personal notes to all the important members of my family and I had a "just in case (I don't return)" file I had left behind. My nerves were a mess between worry about flight mishaps, lost luggage and the prospect of being lost or turning up missing in a foreign country.

I actually waited for everyone to get off the plane before I even tried to get up because I was scared and nervous. I was thinking about my clothes and what his family would think of me and just about every fear a girl could have meeting the parents for the first time in addition to all that other fear. After that warm and well deserved hug I got to meet hubby's parents. I wrote here about the hug his mother gave me but there was so much more to it. It went more like this:

Before I could let go of my bag handle and give it to hubby she grabbed me and hugged me long and tight. It was intensely emotional. She hugged me like a mother who had not seen her child in years. She couldn't wrap her arms around me because I still had one of my bags strapped to my back but she tried. Then when she let go we smiled (really big) at each other and  I took the bag off and before it could hit the ground she grabbed me again for another long, intense hug. FIL had run off to fetch the car after saying hello. He was just as nervous as I was I think. He came back and MIL and I were still smiling at each other.

We all walked to the car and they were surprised at how little luggage I had. I, on the other hand, was struggling to bring all that stuff with me lol. We got loaded and hubby sat in the middle of the back seat and his mom was on one side and I was on the other. I held his arm fairly tight, still not sure if he was going to try to get away and I was still a little ....errrr a lot nervous. The driver took us to the hotel and I gave hubby my passport to check me in while I unpacked in the room. OMG. He left me alone with his parents less than an hour after meeting them for the first time!!

I wasn't aware they spoke any English at that point but his dad chimed up in perfect English "So do you like my son?" Looking back after all I learned I now realize that was more of an arranged marriage type plot than it was an innocent question. At the time I had no idea the implications of those 5 little words. I answered yes with a big smile and the room was pretty much silent until hubby came back. When I told him about it later he was shocked his dad had spoke lol. It made for a great conversation and the incident will forever stand out in my mind.

This was one of our first pictures taken together....stay tuned for more photos as I recount all the important memories in our history.


  1. very interesting. But i can't really say I understood this -

    >{Looking back after all I learned I now realize that was more of an
    arranged marriage type plot than it was an innocent question. At the
    time I had no idea the implications of those 5 little words.}

  2. and this link is outdated -

  3. Hi Kristy, must have been a very scary time for you at first. I'm glad it all turned out for the best. I love to hear about your journey.

  4. Maybe I've watched a few too many Bollywood movies but when they are meeting prospective spouses after the family has selected a good match they always seem to ask a similar question as a way of confirming if the match is set or they should keep looking. At the time I found the question a little strange and out of timing but looking back and now knowing his parents were certain we would be getting married on that trip (we didn't tell them that, they assumed) I think this question was meant to be sure of whether or not a final match had been made. Lol.

  5. Thank you! It was scary but not in a bad way. I think most of us feel similar when meeting the parents for the first time, most of us just don't have to fly half the way around the world to do it.

  6. Wow! That sure sounds like what we see in movies..and glad it's over now and you are at home.

    glad to have found you at Indibloggers. your newest follower and a regular visitor now.

  7. Thank you! Glad you like my blog and have decided to follow!