Monday, February 20, 2012

Post Surgery Recap Part Two

Two days into this thing and I'm already hating life here more than you can imagine. But don't get excited, I have a reason to.

Picture it, I'm in the freaking bed all day long, hiding under the covers and trying not to let the blinding light that comes in every time MIL opens the door blind me. I'm not feeling well, my head has a lot of pressure in it and I'm not even sitting up but she can't stop running in and out. She's not checking on me and she doesn't even speak to me. Then after several trips she quits and leaves my door open with all the light flooding in. So I had to get up and close it or be blinded all day.

No sooner than I get it closed and get back in bed and comfortable and start a movie the maid comes in and again the doors are wide open. I dealt with that and the maid closes the doors when she's done. Then, since it's Valentines Day I'm thinking that I will at least get a decent dinner, even if it's veg only because it was Tuesday. No such luck, but's worse than just not getting a good dinner.

Hubby had to work late because he works for the crappiest company in India and some big boss is in from Hyderabad who thinks they should only leave the office to sleep and then come right back (literally). So he gets home close to 7 PM. He told me he was going to cook me something special and he had been planning all day. I asked what and he seemed to have no idea, or was just playing clueless because of insecurities (he does that sometimes) and asked me what I wanted. I knew what I wanted...I wanted the freaking garlic chicken this new place here makes that I seem to have gotten addicted to. He told me no because it's Tuesday and we should behave from meat. Fine, whatever...I tried.

So then he decides that I can make this mock Chinese stuff I made the other day. I informed him it had chicken broth in it and he changed his mind. Then he decides that he's going to see if there was any jeera aloo left that his mom had made in the morning and he called her into the room. They got into a little spat and she told him that I had to cook for him because she wasn't. Next thing I know I'm being baited downstairs - you can translate that as lied to. I get down there and I'm brought into the kitchen to "help." Next thing I know I'm cooking just for myself because he's going to have his moms jeera aloo anyway despite their little spat. I got pissed. I refused to cook and an argument ensued.

It didn't help. I got conned again and he started cutting up everything and putting it in the pan asking me questions like he was going to cook. Then, when things are about half done MIL comes in wanting to eat the food I'm cooking. Now by this point I'm extremely pissed off because I'm not well, I just had surgery and here I am cooking food for myself to eat alone on Valentines Day and now she wants my food. I walked out of the kitchen leaving everything on the stove, the gas on, etc. Hubby had the nerve to ask me why I was in a bad mood. (I know he loves me but he really can be clueless all men.)

I started getting sick to my stomach and my head was spinning from a combination of the smell of the mattar paneer MIL had cooked before we went in there and the gas fumes. I just went and sat out of sight because I was not capable of walking up the stairs. I finally did make it up the stairs though and I laid in the bed and Hubby just kept bugging the crap out of me to sit up and eat. The food was pretty close to burnt, tasted awful and was just overall nasty. He loved it though. I ate a few bites and then got a bag of chips out for myself and didn't bother to offer to share.

Day 3 I got up when hubby left for work and locked my door. MIL has once again started just barging into the room anytime she pleases and I had no mood to interact with any member of this family. Through this whole ordeal I've had more of the BS that goes on in this house than I can stand. I can see the drama with uncle jerk and his family has affected MIL's attitude towards me in several ways. The relationship is being destroyed and I've lost my ability to care.

Day 3 is also the day I had to go back to the doctor for more medicine so I didn't die. I think I've said it a few times, if I don't get the hell out of this country it's going to kill me and it's turning out to be more true than I imagined. Even the doctor was calling to make sure we showed up at the right time to get this medicine and injections and such. I know there are some of you out there who think I should just be thankful my kidneys and liver didn't just shut down and not be so negative but that's very unrealistic. I've had heart palpitations for the last few days to go along with this so there is no part of any of this unnecessary overdose that I am thankful for.

To Be Continued:


  1. Why does your MIL need to barge through your room so frequently?
    Unnecessary overdose- yet another reason why I'll never have surgery in India, or go to the dentist or the emergency dept again for that matter. You'll most likely end up worse.

  2. Hi Kristy, privacy is really important, especially when your not feeling well. Do take care of yourself and get plenty of rest!

  3. You hit the nail on the head. I am really sick now, battling 2 different infections. One in my stomach and one from the surgery. I don't know how this country continues to function so poorly and yet increase in population.

  4. Yeah it is....there's just not much of it here. Thank God for door locks which will be getting used as much as possible once I'm fully mobile again. I wouldn't have them open now if I didn't need food and supplies during the day....or have the fear something could happen to me and no one can get in to save me.

  5. You should really go back to America. You seem to be living in a very strange household, with your husband at the head of the list of being weird and really quite uncaring. A quick perusal of your other posts shows you to be entitled, angry and perhaps even a little racist.

  6. Again, another clueless post from someone who thrives on denying there could ever be anything wrong with India. Obviously you aren't here to see the decay in this city. I'm sure the view is much better in your area considering you are in the US and so close to the capitol. Funny how you don't choose to live here but think you can call me racist for saying it's a filthy city. Get over yourself.