Thursday, February 23, 2012

Post Surgery Recap Part Four

I'm noticing this was a lot to write about considering I'm supposed to be on bed rest. Hmm.....I wonder what the doctor was thinking running me around so much. You can't stay home in bed and be running back and forth to the doctors office.

Thursday morning finally concluded all the drama for a while. I do have to go back for one more follow up to make sure everything is settled but that's not until after all this bed rest is over. I can't wait for it to be done. This has been a long road to say the least.

I was a little shocked, though I'm not sure why considering how bad medical care is in this city, to go in Thursday and again see patients being herded like cattle. I was taken into an exam room where another woman was lying with nothing on from the belly button down and placed on an exam table right next to her. When she was done, another woman was brought in and put on the other exam table. There were the same 3 doctors in the room as were there on Monday. I wasn't in there long but all total there were 7 or 8 women there and they were all taken in like that.

The doctor was exceptionally rough during the check up and I felt worse after that than I did after Monday's surgery. It took me 3 days to recover and even then it was difficult to sit in certain positions or recline on the bed. I spent 2 days on strict bed rest (yes, there is a difference which I didn't know before) and then the remainder of the 2 weeks will be normal bed rest. The difference is that on normal bed rest you're allowed to sit up in a chair and do a minimal amount of walking.

I had to get up more than I should have and lock my bedroom door. My MIL couldn't respect that we had asked her not to come into the room and the only way to keep her out was to lock it. We told her not to send the maid in, etc and still she tried. The minute she would find the door unlocked she was barging in. Even with the door locked there was one point they sent Kitty to knock repeatedly trying to get me to answer...which I didn't. I texted hubby and he called to find out what the issue was. This isn't something she normally does and so that only makes it worse. I'm not supposed to be stressed but being blinded by the sun here and barged in on are both shocking things and I can't afford to jump, etc right now.

Overall though I though recovery was going pretty well. Other than being sore and bruised up from the roughness of the doctors and nurses I was able to get up and moving around a little on Saturday night. That's when I found out I had an infection from the surgery and now I'm on antibiotics. I'm back to my usual angry self being stuck in the bed and I'm pretty sure once I get off restrictions and can stop taking shots the anger will subside again. I hope. I'll keep you all updated if anything changes.


  1. Hi Kristy, being stuck in bed and feeling sore all at the same time truly sucks! And there is now way around it, just think it will all by worth it in the end! Please take care.

  2. I keep trying to remind myself of that lol.