Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Month Long Drama May Finally Be Over


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Today the second tablet that BIL purchased finally made it into the home but to complete the story I must back up a little.

Last weekend BIL sent the new tablet via a roommate who was coming to a town close by. BIL specifically said he wanted hubby to go get the tablet quickly because there were a lot of kids in the house and he didn't want it to get messed up. So hubby called the guy and the guy all but refused to meet us. Hubby was pushed to go anyway so he went on Sunday and the guy still refused to meet him. Hubby tried to get him to meet him for several hours and then gave up and came home.

About 30 minutes before hubby got home MIL and Kitty (that's the girl child) came to my room. I had a headache and had been in bed about 2 days already but figured I had to entertain them somewhat because now they're in my room. Now remember, this is the same girl child who hadn't spoken to me in about 3+ weeks because they didn't get enough gadgets and goodies last time. The gift sent specifically for her wasn't enough. She's a child, I don't blame her because I see what goes on here and when things like this have happened before she's snuck around and talked to me when no one else would. (The childish habit of ignoring people seems to be a commonly used weapon by Uncle jerk and Chachi.)

So they are sitting in my room asking when hubby is coming home and I told them soon and such. So they watched TV with me and we didn't talk much. The tablet sent to me was on the bed and MIL asked me not to use it so I respected her and put it to the side. I even left the room at one point because I thought it would get them to leave. I wasn't feeling well and the uncomfortable situation wasn't making things much better. I didn't get lucky though and they stayed there. I didn't tell them I knew hubby wasn't bringing the tablet to them because it wasn't my place to.

While I was out of the room I noticed that Uncle jerk was hanging out of the window watching the roads (it was pitch black darkness outside so I'm certain he wasn't watching the local traffic). Ashu, that's the boy child, was running around the house like he was hyper. You would think this stuff was normal except for the last 3+ weeks they had been shutting themselves in their room and closing the door. In this house a closed door means visitors aren't welcome. I still didn't say anything.

So hubby got home a little later empty handed. I finally got my room cleared and they went back and shut their door. But, not before Kitty heard hubby explain how the guy refused to meet him and that MIL needed to let BIL know. She did and this morning hubby again went to meet this guy. This time the guy actually met him and he got the tablet and came home. He put it on the charger in his mothers' room but they knew it was there.

An hour or so later I went downstairs to cook lunch and noticed Kitty was playing around with it. I went on about my business and she asked me how to do something (because theirs is exactly like mine) and I showed her a couple of things. Next thing I know she's in the kitchen with me talking and chatting away. We had a good conversation but it reminded me how long it had been since her and I chatted like that. The last time was when we were making Christmas decorations in early December.

Chachi still refuses to look at me and they again closed their door this evening and all stayed in their room. They aren't speaking to hubby either. What's sad is BIL felt obliged to put the receipt for the tablet in the bag so they could see how expensive it was (and I'm assuming STFU). At least if they aren't talking to us they can't ask for wifi...because I will say no hands down.


  1. HAH!
    After a similar situation in my hubby's family, I now leave the price tags on & securely tape the receipt to the 'gifted' item. (With the total circled in RED & converted from US dollars to Indian rupees if appropriate)

  2. Oh lord, as usual...I spoke too soon. Getting ready to post about that now but this is gone way past ridiculous. I'm not sure how I haven't blown a fuse yet having to live with this man...I guess that's proof God exists and India is magical in some ways.