Saturday, February 11, 2012

I Gotta Learn to Keep My Mouth Shut

First a brief apology. I tend to use more foul language when I'm angry and so this post is not family friendly like most of my posts. If you're against reading foul language then you may want to turn back now because the more I typed, the angrier I got and the language becomes more foul .

It would seem I spoke too soon on the Uncle Jerk drama. The obviously feel some kind of sick, pathetic need to drag things out. (Yep, my words towards these assholes are getting stronger because I ABSOLUTELY CAN'T STAND shitty parents or people who treat their kids like a commodity rather than growing people. And as much as it pains me to rant on this one, I can't help but think this is the kind of rotten ass bullshit that happens when parents/in-laws try to force the expedient birthing of children on newlyweds who have no clue and aren't ready....this may warrant another blog post in itself.) So here's the next chapter. Oh, and one more note, each time I typed "jerk" I'm thinking in my mind "jackass" instead because jerk no longer does this man justice.

The tablet came into the house and was put on the charger. The children were excited and happy. Children are wonderful by the way because they don't start shit all the time. They are thankful for what you give them (mostly) and don't always highlight and point out what you didn't do for them. Kitty and I went over some things she could do with the tablet and how to work some of the features. Ashu is very technically inclined and took right to it and figured out most of the features himself. No complaints were heard from the children of any kind and in any way.

Apparently that wasn't good enough for Uncle Jerk. He wasn't satisfied with the price tag of the tablet nor that BIL went through so much trouble (even paying for the plane ticket for the guy who brought it here) to get it here as fast as possible. He sent Ashu over to tell FIL that he needed a cover for it like the one I had on mine. So FIL, being fed up with Uncle Jerks' stupidity told Ashu that he wasn't taking the tablet out to purchase a cover and that his father (Uncle Jerk) would have to do it. FIL explained his reasoning to MIL and hubby that he wasn't going to get one because Uncle Jerk always refuses to accept them and sends them back to be exchanged (I mentioned him doing that in the last posts about him already) and that even he feels this whole scenario has gotten ridicoulous.

Well, Uncle Jerk refused and sent Ashu back (notice how he's using the kid to do his bidding because he's a pathetic loser who knows he's being a cheap ass bastard) to FIL to say that FIL should take the table with him to a shop and find one and that Uncle Jerk feels it's okay and trusts him not to damage it when he takes it out. WTMFF (the MF stand for a very strong 2 word abusive cursing which I'm choosing not to spell out on my blog - so Google doesn't start sending porn surfers my way -but for those of you who know Punjabi it's the English equivalent of matachod.)

This stupid ass matachod (I like that term now so I'm putting it to good use) needs to grow the f*ck up and realize simply paying a few bills for electricity and food is not being a parent. It's also not being a parent just because you wash their clothes and pick their schools if you're their mother. Both of them are just as much at fault. When your kids prefer to spend time with someone else because they get no love and support from you other than a hot meal you should realize you don't deserve to have them. If you can't spend 60 INR for a meal for your children while traveling but you can go out and spend 2 lakh ($4000) on a new gold necklace then you don't deserve to have them. I feel so sorry for these kids. They didn't do a damn thing to deserve such shitty ass parents. OMFG I need to get the hell out of this house before I go off on King dumbass (Uncle Jerk).

Oh, and they are back to closing their door early in the day to send the signal they don't want anyone to come over and they are still not talking to anyone in our family. And for those of you who think I never have anything good to say about this place, here's one for you. I know now India is indeed magical. I can guarantee you I would not have been able to bite my tongue this long in the US and I would have went off and told this fool wtf is wrong with him. It's only out of respect for MIL and FIL and their desire to try and keep peace in the home that I have not lost my temper with them in person yet.


  1. I'm trying to send good and happy vibes your way so that you don't fly off te deep end. I really hope karma bites that man in the face somehow and that you will be able to witness it. I will keep you, your family and those children in my prayers too.

  2. chill some people are just like that. but he really seems to have gone too far ):btw love the purples on the blog, its so pretty :)

  3. LMAO
    Oh the great Indian familial psychodrama!
    My husband is the youngest of 7 children. Oh the stories I could tell of my 4 matachod brother in laws. Not to mention my sister in laws. The 'silent treatment' towards those they feel have slighted their perceived 'hierarchy' seems commonplace in Indian families.

  4. They sound like terrible people. Kudos for not losing your temper in person.

  5. Ugh! I advise more passive aggressiveness to get back at him, and you are right, his kids do not deserve such an ass as a father....grrrr

  6. I'm over it now. I've just distanced myself from them as much as possible. Glad you like the purple. I made it!

  7. So now you need a blog so I can read it all. ;)

  8. They are terrible. And I'm learning more and more that chachi only fuels it more and is no better than he is.

  9. Oh yes, I'm cooking up schemes as you mention it. If they don't want to act like family, they won't be included in any announcements I make, parties we have, etc. I'm giving them a taste of their own medicine.