Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I Bet You Didn't Know.....

I was recently presented an award from a fellow blogger. Thank You, Haritha, for the Versatile Blogger award!

With that reward comes certain responsibilities, one of which is to tell you 7 random things about myself. But first, I want to tell you the 15 bloggers I feel deserve this award as well. I chose these blogs based on who I felt was the most versatile - blogging about the most diversity of topics and who are committed to their blog. There are so many blogs I love and read on a regular basis so given the purpose of this award, I thought it would be fitting to choose them with those criteria and these are not in any particular order. So here is my list of bloggers I present this award to:
And now 7 things about the old me (pre-India...you know, before I became angry and culturally shocked lol) you didn't already know.
  1. I've had premonitions throughout my life through dreams.
  2. For my kindergarten graduation I dressed up like Strawberry Shortcake.
  3. I broke off a 20 year long addiction to Dr. Pepper when I moved to India...though like any addict I'm quite sure it's the first thing I'm going to purchase when I get back to the states. Well, that and some Chick-fil-a Chicken Minis. Oh, and Baked! Ruffles. (I'm noticing a trend here.)
  4. I really don't like the color orange. 
  5. I ran my own business at the age of 13. Selling bubblegum at school. Don't laugh lol, it was quite profitable, especially since it was breaking the rules and I made about $20 a day which is good wages for a teenager with no responsibility. 
  6. The US version of maggie noodles (called Ramen in the US) were my favorite food as a kid. 
  7. I lost my first tooth while eating a hamburger at my grandma's house and I'm quite sure I swallowed it because we never found it.


  1. Hi Kristy, thank you for voting by blog as being versatile. I try and keep a mixture of topics going. I have to say some of your 7 things are hilarious! I never knew you were addicted to Dr. Pepper "LOL"

    Selling bubblegum at school is also funny cause both of my elder boys did the same type of thing until they got busted by teachers, such a shame cause they really did make good money for a while selling crap from home. "LOL"

    Your premonitions sound very interesting, I would like to hear more about that!
    Anyway, great post, I always enjoy reading your blog!

  2. Oh yes, addicted to Dr. Pepper for way too long and never willing to quit. I knew I needed to but it was a comfort food to me and it kept me going when my thyroid disorder wore me down. Oh how I miss my first true love - Dr. Pepper! hahaha

    Glad you like my blog. Maybe when I'm finally out of this bed we can hang out and I can tell you some of the dreams I've had that have come through. I can remember these dreams back to as young as age 5 because of how vivid they were!

  3. You're too sweet! Thanks for that.  I haven't been the best blogger as of late, except for the posting of recipes....but I try to post about different topics!  Thanks again :)  You're love of Dr. Pepper is similar to mine of Diet Coke :)

  4. Wow - thank you!!  I am terrible about responding to these things in kind.

    #7 on your list made me laugh out loud!

  5. You're welcome! Soda is the devil! (reread that in the tone of Mrs. Bouchea from the Water Boy ;)

  6. Lol, yeah imagine my horror at knowing I possibly ate it and wasn't getting any tooth fairy money. I always looked at my hamburgers funny after that too.

  7. Thanks for awarding "iBlog4aCause" :) :)

    Here is iBlog4aCause's way of saying "Thank You"