Monday, February 6, 2012

He Was Missing His Family So He Raped a 10 Month Old Girl

This blog will have harsh language.  If you're sensitive to foul language (and I'm trying not to get to extreme with it right now) or you can't bear to hear of babies suffering then you should turn back now and close this window.

I'm rarely an activist because it's just not my calling. I'm not the type to be yelling and screaming or carrying picket signs, etc. However, this caught my eye and I can't even begin to tell you the rage that is building inside of me over this one. There is a petition that has been started to protest the courts decision in this case and I urge all of you to sign it on behalf of this child who had to endure EXTREME rape conditions at the hand of a man who the judge took pity on because he missed his family.

This sicko has female children. I can't imagine that anyone who misses their children would think they could comfort themselves by raping a baby. I'm quite sure that it's utter bullshit to even suggest that such a thing could happen. It's been studied and proven time and time again that people rape as a means of control. There is no sympathetic emotions attached to it. Please sign the petition and help teach judges in India that it is never okay to rape anyone, much less a child who I'm 10000% certain had no idea what was happening to her before this monster destroyed her life.

The story (which I'm ashamed to even write about because it's so awful) is that this man took this 10 month old girl to a place he knew he wouldn't be seen (which indicates he knew it was wrong or he wouldn't have went to so much trouble) and brutally sodomized and this baby. The mother heard the baby screaming and came to find her and this sicko ran away leaving the baby there, bleeding. The suspect was acquitted of rape charges (meaning they didn't feel like he raped this child at all) but he was sentenced on sodomy charges.

A judge recently took pity on this man because he was living away from his wife and children. (And as a criminal justice professional I say this is good because the sicko does not need to have daily access to girls since rape is proven to be a crime in which the suspect needs opportunity and a victim...this asshole does not need to live with victims on a daily basis.) They took 3 years off of his original 10 year sentence and then also said that his time already served could count. That means this man will be free to rape and torture other babies next year unless someone can do something about it. Not that 10 years was ever enough to begin with.

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  1. unbelievable! What a pathetic excuse and what a pathetic human being!!! Whats more pathetic is the justice system that has let that little girl down! This man should not be allowed to have access to his own daughters ever again!!

    Great post Kristy, thank you for bringing this post to light and not brushing it under the carpet!!

    Nicky Singh

  2. Indian criminal justice system sucks and there are two players in this

    1. courts - they take a lot of time
    2. police - they do shoddy investigation

    1. Now we should understand that investigation is not the duty of courts -- that would be conflict of interest. Ideally, courts can only be mechanical entities, just listen to arguments of the both sides, evaluate the arguments and then go by the penal code, which may also include leniency in the penal code in some circumstances. This is the ideal world. In the the real world, there are slack judges and sometimes corrupt too. So the judgments can be sub-optimal.

    Now, to be fair, I must add that this system is far far better than the jury trial which is practiced by US. After a grave miscarriage of justice sometime in 1950s, India abolished jury trials completely. Read the Prem Ahuja case.

    2. However the bigger culprit by far is the police and prosecution. They are singularly inept in most cases and sometimes compromised by the accused.

    In the case above discussed, I think the fault is not much with both of them. Police must have done a reasonable job to get 10 years RI in the first place. This is probably as far as the Indian penal code goes. OK they were not able to prove rape, but convicting of sodomy was not too inappropriate. And courts too must have been quick in their work -- quick by Indian standards at least.

    The problem comes with hyperactive, hypersensitive peacenik types ... who believe in human rights too much ... but only of the offenders, not of the victims. So we have placard toting dolts crying out for absolving death penalties of terrorists/murders/psycopaths/etc. And God save the world, if such idiots enter as jury in a jury trial.

    This case seems to be affected by precisely such a disease. And the combination of a activist defender + activist judge has done a grave miscarriage of justice. If you ask me, I would award death sentences to all such peaceniks before killing any criminals.

    But all hope is not lost ... many time the Supreme Court take suo moto cognizance of such cases and matters come up again in the courts. Let us see what happens.

  3. sickened at this story, 10 years is not enough, i wonder what would the case have been if he had done it to a baby boy??  i have noticed something different in indian culture though in styles of parenting, they are veryyyyy laid back as to where their kids are, and who their kids are with, they are alll sort of very trusting and have lack of understanding of any sort of possible consequences, for indians the fact that their children may engage in any shameful activities (ie smoking drinking pre marital sex by choice!!) is more of a concern than raising children in an environment to have restrictions in place for seperating types of relationships and forming basis of trust between adult child relations, ive seen it in the uk with my own babies, if someone is indian and i dont even know them they assume its okay to just come take my baby out my arms, and they assume that (especially in religious places) that i will allow my children to wander around unattended amongst loads of people.  Indians seem to believe that "respecting elders" is more important regardless of character where the western approach is almost to bring up children to make their own judgement on who to trust and who not to trust by teaching children from a young age limitations and restrictions in relationships.
    I hope that makes sense, thanks for sharing such a story, im sure indians like to believe things like this do not happen in their perfect shameless culture

  4. 'Rape culture' is a term used to describe a culture where rape & sexual violence are common and in which prevalent practices, attitudes, norms & media normalize, excuse, tolerate, or even condone sexual violence.
    That certainly seems to be what's going on here.
    How can he be 'acquitted' of rape?
    Is there ANY way a 10 month old child could consent to sodomy?
    Isn't there any law regarding 'lewd' or 'indecent' contact with a child in India?

  5. 1) Away from family
    2) Lost control

    These are meant for PR consumption. It's primarily aimed at civvies. The above man is probably politically connected.

  6. This i real pathetic an digusting. A rson livingaway rom famiy woud empathze with a baby.
    He is not  human being. What kind of Judicary do we have in this country. This fills me with rage

  7. You're absolutely right. This doesn't need to go unnoticed. Bringing attention to it could help bring about more child protection laws. India needs that.

  8. I'll look up the case, thanks for the tip. You're right, the courts aren't entirely to blame BUT, they dismissed the rape charge because there was no semen found on the child. It's still appalling. They convicted him of "unnatural intercourse" meaning they agree he had sex with this child but didn't think it was rape???? It's absurd! Justice was not done for that child at all. They did get to this fairly quick from what I understand about the courts here. He was first convicted 2 years after he was locked up for the crime. I'm absolutely pro death penalty for this man. Some people do not deserve to live.

  9. They acquitted him because they didn't find semen on the child (according to the news reports) which is absurd!! They only convicted him of "unnatural intercourse" which means they agree he had intercourse with the child but they said they couldn't prove rape without semen. It's appalling. I don't understand the reasoning at all but then they went back and took pity on him and reduced his sentence and that just made it even more insane.

    India has virtually no child protection laws of any kind. They are just starting to add things to the legal code here to help keep children from being beaten by teachers and such but when it comes to crimes that are predominantly committed against women, there really are no provisions for children. I have a post that I discussed the rape laws in India on my other blog. If you want to know the exact wording you can check it out here:

  10. You're probably right. He had to find some way to get out of the punishment he deserves. It's just sick and men like him don't deserve to walk the face of this earth.

  11. You're right. It angered me too and I just felt I had to support this petition. People like this don't deserve pity and this man should never be allowed to go home to his children. I don't feel like they would be safe living with him.

  12. 10 years isn't even close to enough!

    I have also noticed the kids go out alone at young ages to play in the streets amidst traffic and stray animals. Rohit told me that it's the custom to show my happiness for those with new babies by touching the babies hand or some similar gesture. In the US that would not be acceptable at all. And you're right, they seem more concerned here about how their older children dress than where they go and they teach respect based only on age and family status. It's very scary because that allows adults like this sicko to gain control over children who don't know any better. It may not be the best system but I'm glad we're taught in the US not to blindly trust someone because they are our elder. Your comments made perfect sense. Thanks for adding them to my blog!

  13. Actually the problem is that US is just another extreme. Where every adult talking to a child is a suspect until proven otherwise. In India people are not that paranoid about strangers talking to their child because mostly in india people adore children. In India its perfectly ok if your toddler is banging away on a table in a restaurant of another guests. They will most likely say how cute she/he is and will probably offer her/him something to eat. In states, angry stares and probably shouting on such behaviour is common.

    In India the parents believe in letting children develop an instinct on their own, rather than filling them with fear of unknown. They always keep an eye on the child but will not be shocked if the kid is hanging around with another guy from the neighbourhood.

    These incidents are to be condemned for sure. 

    But as far as raising the kids is concerned you need to understand theres a whole lot of cultural difference in picture and all the cultures are formed with the experiences of their societies. There cannot be any right or wrong in it.

  14. Yes blindly trusting people with my baby is out of the question and I wore him in a moby wrap the entire time everywhere we went when we visited India. I would only allow a few select people other than direct family members hold him and that was still only with my supervision. It was so creepy to me when total strangers wanted to hold or touch him all the time. When I said no they would look at me like I was crazy but I didn't care it was simply out of the question for me. As for this man 10 years isn't only not even close to enough he should be the poster child for capital punishment.

  15. I'm not sure what part of India you are referring to but here in Amritsar children are barely watched when they have an adult around most of the time and there are countless other times I've noticed they are not watched at all.

    And I sincerely hope your only concern isn't whether or not children are free to bang silverware on tables or the differences in parenting styles in the US as opposed to India. The whole point in this post is to bring awareness to the lack of child protection laws in India so that children in the future can be better protected from sick and sadistic individuals like Harijan. Regardless of parenting style (because it's quite possible these parents allowed him to take the child because he was a close friend and neighbor), this injustice against is horrific.

    Yes, in the US we are more strict on our children's behavior and we are also much more protective than most Indian parents that I have personally witnessed. I do know though from other Indians whose blogs I read and from the strictness of the house I live in that not all Indian parents are so lenient. More parents need to be that protective of their children worldwide because you and I both know this is not just an Indian issue.

  16. My post was in reply to shanti, nothing related to your post.
    Keeping an eye, doesn't mean you always watch your kid. Knowing where he is ATM and with whom is enough.

    There's a thin line between being protective and being paranoid. Not everybody playing with your child wants to molest him/her. Parents normally have an instinct which can identify the intent of the person playing with their kid.

    I really haven't seen an Indian parent scolding their kid for talking to an older guy/lady. Its not in our culture. 

    I think you also didn't get the point of adoring the kids. Its not about banging on cutlery or misbehaving. Its about being tolerant of kids and let them be just who they are... KIDS. Irrespective of whose child it is, people always tend to care for kids.

    And yes its a different parenting style, but it has nothing to do with the problem reported in the article above. The problem are the laws and lawmakers which aren't strict enough to be a deterrent.

  17. This was indeed unbelievable! The fact that they found an excuse to reduce his sentence is a joke! In the name of 'family', the court has entirely ignored the possibility that he is just as dangerous to children in his own family. Why, why, why would they let him loose when he is already accepted as an offender? Makes me wonder about the laws!

  18. You're absolutely right! I'm hoping this petition gets enough response that someone is able to take it to the law makers here and bring about some form of change for a better future for the children. Criminals don't ever deserve our sympathy or respect and monsters like this man only deserve the harshest punishment available. Which unfortunately there is no capital punishment in India - for this case they need it!