Sunday, February 5, 2012

Going to the Salon

Every girl loves to go get her hair done and though I always put it off as long as I can stand I'm really no different. I have no idea why I put it off. I love my hair and take good care of it but I rarely feel the need to go get it cut. I've also pretty much kept the same hairstyle for longer than I can remember. I used to want to grow my bangs out so that all my hair was the same length but when they get down to my chin I start hating them and chop them off.

So moving to Amritsar I got my hair cut right before I left home. I also got the last mani/pedi then as well. (Yes ladies, it's been too long!) I did all of that because I knew the wedding would be close and I didn't know how to explain to an Indian how to cut my hair and had no idea what things would be like and didn't want to chance it.

So a couple months after coming here I decided I needed to get my hair cut and started looking for a salon. I decided on Lakme salon because it looked clean and was far enough from home no aunties or MIL could complain about the price tag. I know the local beauty parlor is perfectly capable of cutting a straight line across the back of someone's head to cut hair but I needed more than that and at the time. I was really stressed out over trying to adjust to India and I knew I couldn't deal with a bad haircut, even if it was super cheap and saved money. So off hubby drove to take me to Lakme.

I didn't mind Lakme at all. I was kind of surprised by a few things. First being that all the hair cutters were men. This is the exact opposite of where I'm from in the US. There were a few females working at the salon, one behind the desk, one maid and two helping customers. Not long after I was seated another woman came in and was seated next to me. They started on her hair and a mani/pedi and a facial all at the same time and all while she was sitting in that chair. This again was very different from what I've seen in the US and not what I expected from a reputable salon. I just kept looking around, observing all that was happening.

My haircut took forever but with hubby's help I was able to get a "funky cut" as they called it. LOL. I got layers in the back of my hair so that the curly ends stand out more and I have more volume. Because I don't take the time to style my hair daily, I'm a wash and wear kind of girl. The experience was okay but nothing fun or comfortable like I was used to in the US so afterwards we asked around and a model friend (as in she is a model) suggested another salon and said she always got better service there.

So for my next haircut I went to this salon and though it's always crowded, isn't as clean as Lakme and still has all male hairdressers and only one woman who works the front desk it's now the only place I go. It's half the price of Lakme, they have individual rooms in the back with beds for non-hair cutting services. There is a nail room and they have a couple of English speaking hairdressers. So the first time I went I got a good cut and the guy was friendly. This last time I went the guy spoke excellent English, really knew his hair care and did an excellent job. I can honestly say this is the first time in my life I've been to a hair salon and had the hairdresser suggest things to do with my hair that I actually liked.

So those of you who are in or come to Amritsar, I highly recommend you check out Habibs. It's always the little places off towards the back that have the best stuff around here.

upscale salon India Punjab

I have not used their services for a mani/pedi. Hubby is way too impatient for that and he hates crowds. He gets bothered sitting in the waiting room waiting for them to wash, cut and style my hair. People stare and he hasn't gotten used to that yet. It usually takes about an hour to go and get my hair cut at Habibs and that's if they agree to rush me in because he's impatient. >:D

They cut men, women, and children's hair and the waiting room is sure to be full of all 3 just about any time you visit. Yep, even Punjabi men are taking to getting their hair styled more fashionably these days.


  1. I have been looking for the similar posting like this. My day seems to be completed now. Only one thing is going on in my mind at this moment and that is giving my comment as a way of appreciating.And yes i have bookmarked your site 

  2. Habib's is like the 'Vidal Sassoon' of India.
     I had so many BAD salon experiences when we lived in Delhi. UGH! For some reason my pashmina fine blonde bobbed hair just freaks Indian hairdressers out. Unfortunately I've also had my breasts groped by a male hairdresser & my crotch grabbed (complete with wiggling index finger) during a pedicure at a very swanky salon in Delhi. yet another place I can't go without my Hubby in India!

  3. I'm pleased to hear that you found somewhere to have your hair cut, it's hard enough to find a good hairdresser in your own country, it's even harder here in India. I look forward to seeing your new haircut soon.

    Nicky Singh.

  4. Hmmm....I'm not sure we had Vidal Sassoon salons in the south (I'll have to Google to see what they were like) and if we did it's not something I remember. But, I'm from a small town and had my hair cut by my uncle most of my life who owned a hair cutting business. Habib's here, even if it's not the same caliber as the more well known chain salons, gave me the best customer service of any of the salons I went to and that's why I like it. Good customer service is extremely hard to find in this city so I'll take what I can get lol. That's probably my last haircut in India anyway. I think I can hold out now until I get home and then I'm going to the most awesome salon ever and getting my nails and all done. My favorite Vietnamese girl at that salon can paint tiny flower designs on my toenails with 6 different colors and it looks like famous artwork. That girl has mad skills and I miss her!

  5. Absolutely, not to mention finding someone that speaks really Good English and has customer service skills here. I actually got it cut the morning that you and I met. It's just that he styled it different than I'm used to and it kept getting in my face. I got it all reigned in now though and my curly waves are back and it looks so much better.

  6. Yeah like you I used to stick to Lakme in the begining, they never did do everything at once on me though, the lady might have requested that because she was in a hurry. In Bangalore it was all femal staff in most Lakme's outlet, I once had a male pedicurist there who was replacing the regular one because she was sick, he was far more skilled than she was though, he explained to me he was normally working in the Leela hotel and was saving up to open his own place one day, he was clearly passionate about his job. I then upped my game going to a more upscale salon to get my hair cut, because Lakme never quite cut it right, the price tag was also quite higher on the service, but they were doing an amazing job, I had both men and women stylist there over the years.
    I haven't cut my hair in one year and a half now, maybe I should, but I kind of like the length I have now, and my hair started suddenly growing a bit curly since I got pregnant, so long hair looks much better with these :)
    I'm a pedicure lover, I didn't go for over 2 years after my daughter was born, and now that she is in school I'm indulging at least once a month, the place I go now is a small privately owned salon, it's clean and while they don't have a pedicure station like in many fancier place, they have a a small corner in their tiny shop they set the foot bath/massager for it, if I go in the morning it's quiet, DH goes there in the evening when he needs a hair cut and he said there is a bit more of a crowd though.

  7. I'm looking forward to a pedicure when I get to the states. I've waited this long and I have yet to see a salon in Amritsar can cater to the level I'm used to. $23 (about 1000 INR) and I get the best pedicure with a detailed paint job, full body massage and sugar scrub from the knees down. It's like heaven and I already know the best place to go. I can't wait!