Friday, February 3, 2012

Adventures with My MIL

After reading this post ya'll should see how easy it is to love her.

Picture it, MIL has just come into our room to sit and chat like she does most every night. Hubby is in some kind of weird goofy mood and they start talking. A minute or two later his voice gets very loud and he's fussing about something. She's got this look on her face like he better recognize who she is.

Next thing I know he's grabbing me (because I had my eyes elsewhere at that moment) saying "Save Me" and I look over and his mother has his shoe about to hit him. Hahahahahahahahaha. She's got this huge smile looking right at me and he's trying to hide so I push him back towards her and she and I are both laughing at him and he says something in a mumbling kind of way and she hits him in the head with the shoe. (Now of course, we're all just goofing off and playing but by this point I'm laughing so hard I can hardly see anymore.)

Then I hear him asking something again and this time it's about food and she says "nahi" and he starts carrying on again, being silly. She again gets the shoe and starts threatening him with it. He tries to hide behind me and again I look at his mom and we both laugh and he's giving me this look like "why aren't you saving me?" I understood about half of what was being said and he was trying to get her to go downstairs, mess up her freshly cleaned kitchen where everything was put away for the night and make him something when he had already had a good dinner.

The plot continues. Then he starts asking her to make him some tea. It's about 10 PM and she's saying no so he starts begging and trying to bribe her and she still says no. So he turns to me and calls my name and MIL chimes in (while looking right at me) "nahi" and she just laughs and shakes her finger at me. We are both giggling pretty hard by this point and hubby starts begging me for the tea. I told him I can't go against his mother and be so disrespectful and I think she had an idea what I said because she just laughed and then left the room. Needless to say I didn't make his tea because his mother told me no.

We are so bad! hahahahahaha....hope you guys got a good laugh out of this like I did.