Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Results Are In!

I finally got through reviewing the survey results and I have posted the first post related to the information you guys shared with me. I am very grateful for your help with this research as it proved to be even more fascinating than I originally imagined. It not only strengthened my faith in the goodness of human nature but it also taught me some things I hadn't seen before.

After this study, my drive to expose the flaws in the US immigration system has gotten stronger. I'm fighting for the law abiding citizens who don't deserve to be disrespected or mistreated by immigration officials and other entities. I'm hopeful that this study will spawn others to research further and in areas I do not have the resources to manage so we can all work together towards a better future and less over-policed environment.

Here is the post. Please keep in mind that while this contains the facts I learned, it is designed/written to be used as an example of my skills in putting together a research paper. So in some aspects it is bland and limited. Much more will be posted here in the future as many of the things I want to write about in relation to this study are not appropriate for that blog.

Once again THANK YOU! to all who participated. The survey is still open if you would like to add your responses and have not previously done so.


  1. Thank you for taking the time to write all of that. I do want to address one thing. Rohit is not perfect but, I don't write much about him here because he is not the focus of my blog. The things you mention about girls saying how much they love their husband, etc. is the infatuation phase. We are long past that having been together 4 years. The newness has worn off. However I can honestly say I never flaunted his culture as being exciting. In the early days, I didn't know or care about the differences. Having grown up around Indians I didn't see them as being so much different than anyone else. That was naive, I know that now but I'm learning. He is 90% a good guy and open to working together but his personal upbringing makes some things difficult. I do have a lot more to write about him/us in the coming months as I'm going back and picking up more of our story.

    Each intercultural situation is unique as each Indian from various states/areas is different and it's the same with western cultures. I am hoping for your friends sake that they are not just infatuated and the relationships are more in depth than just the fascination with culture. It is a long and often difficult road but can be well worth it.

    Yes, I have been naive and stupid in some ways after coming here and believing/listening to what I was told. It was part of the learning process I believe and now I see it for what it is - unrealistic. Which is why I've fought to change it and I'm making great strides. Some things I'm not ready for due to my past history so it does take me longer than most other women but I am getting to where I need to be. My children won't be raised here and as such will not be subjected to the overpowering denial/lies that drive this culture (here in this city/area). I am working my way out of this city because you're 100% right. Amritsar is so far behind the rest of India and it seems most don't want it to change. I would never say Amritsar is glorious and I'm not sure how you got that from my blog as most others think I'm a hater of the city lol.

    I am on ODesk as well as Elance and other writing communities as well. I'm glad you are finding success there. Thank you for the tip.

    I hope you have passed my blog along to your friends that are in the intercultural relationships. It could help them to read of the struggles a non-Indian goes through coming and living here. That may help them put their own situation into perspective as well. They of all people need the information because this is an adventure that is rarely understood - even after entering into it.

    While I appreciate your time, I can't respond to you via email. I do not engage in private or email conversations with men. That is my own personal choice and it has been that way for over 20 years. Thank you again for the time it took to read my blog and respond to me. I truly appreciate your comments, your insight and your thoughts on my situation. Since you mentioned not wanting this published, I can remove the comment if you choose. However the platform I use for comments auto publishes anything not flagged by my filters. Just let me know if you want it taken down.

  2. Thank you! I do intend to discuss that topic in the very near future. While I think there is more to the story than just the couple feeding the children with their hands, I find a lot of issues that need to be addressed for couples/parents who do go abroad with their children and some of the issues they will face with the new countries customs and laws.

  3. While I appreciate your time, I can't respond to you via email. I do not engage in private or email conversations with men. That is my own personal choice and it has been that way for over 20 years. 
    Dont tell us you used telepathy to contact Rohit !
    Just kidding XD

  4. Lol, actually it took quite a while of only talking to him with others in the room before I would even consider a private conversation with him. God or the internet intervened though and we wound up in an empty room one day and the rest is history. And are you really saying you don't believe in telepathy? Come on are all those psychics and people like Chris Angel still in business. hahahahaha