Monday, January 23, 2012

I Should Have Stayed In Bed

Much like my wedding, I celebrated my anniversary sick with a horrifying stomach infection. Thankfully this is the first stomach infection I've had this winter season. So that means I had been stomach infection free since about the beginning of November. I've had minor sinus issues and a headache here and there but nothing major. I've been extra vigilant this season trying to avoid getting an infection. It was working fairly well until now.

This started Saturday and has all but crippled me. It's a good thing I had a few posts scheduled so I didn't feel the need to be online and try to keep up. I have a lot of things going on between these two blogs and the job market and it's a lot to keep up with.

I did not have a good anniversary. I'm really very angry at how things worked out on my anniversary and I'm talking this all over with a friend right now to avoid posting here while I'm angry. Even after a year here I still have some things that make me so angry I just can't manage the anger very well and being sick only makes it worse.

This morning I was feeling a little better and decided to check up on some things online but now the pain is coming back. I haven't done hardly anything. I sat in a chair for about 2 hours and the rest of the time I've been sitting in the bed. It's now about 3 PM here and all that sitting up was more than my body could take I guess. Hence the title, I should have stayed in bed. This is so rotten. It's like the odds are always against me here.

To make things worse it's election season. I have friends that are sequestered by their job for safety reasons, others are being keep under wraps by their families. The streets are not safe right now apparently and the threat level in Punjab has been raised by the government. I'm not quite sure what all of that means but I'm sure there will be some posts coming about things that I see going on here. Right now I hear people walking through the streets with loud speakers saying things hubby tells me are political. I also hear large groups of people and children out randomly through each day screaming in the streets. This is not the normal occurrence for around here and as soon as I'm well enough I'm going to record some of this on video for you all.

So despite being sick I'm having an I hate India day - probably because I'm sick and these stomach infections are so intensely painful - and all I want is to go somewhere other than this house and just try to relax but I can't. I'm not so sure I could walk very far if I did leave and if something was to happen I can't defend myself at all right now. I'm just too weak. Now I have politics as well to make things even more challenging. Even if they are safe, the streets are extremely crowded here with political rallies going on frequently and lots of drama over who the party candidates are and such. It's a mess.

As if I didn't have enough to been upset over, MIL searched my room again this morning and found some medicines I didn't want her to find. Not only did she find them but she opened them and left them open. It's just sad how much digging she does through our stuff and I can only imagine she's looking for some kind of evidence of baby making or prevention. It just makes me more angry that my privacy isn't being respected. And in case you wonder, the medicine was in a place where I store my purses so there is no reason for her to be in there nor any excuse she can offer to explain it. She was searching disrespectfully and that's all there is to it.

Here's hoping tomorrow will be better and I can get out of the house for a little while. If not, Wednesday I have a doctors appointment so I'm getting out of here for sure then. For now, I'm crawling back under the covers and trying to imagine I'm anywhere else but here.


  1. You are in a cross-road here because if you say something to you MIL she get upset but if you don't then it's you who is upset.

    This thing seems to be a common thing with MIL specially, they don't understand that we have a different sense of bounderies and personal space.Can you lock the door with a key?(as rude as it may look).

    You should come to visit me in Bangalore!.

  2. hahaha..its India ....going thru ur blogs...seems interesting ...let me dig more before commenting :)

  3. You're right, I'm stuck on this one. I have raised quite a fuss about this several times but she just got more sneaky with her efforts to keep Rohit from going off on her. So I know it won't end. I do lock up almost everything but being sick it slipped my mind after I got my shower stuff out to lock it back and hide the keys. I'm way past caring if something looks rude though. They don't care if they do something I think is rude so I figure they will get over it if I do something they think is rude.

  4. Read this blog of fellow blogger Nicky Singh ( who is in the same city as you are in , and get a positive outlook towards life in general.......... See how well she is coping despite the odds....

  5. Thank you for the tip. From the looks of it she lives on the edge of the city. I do notice she says a lot of the same things I say about this city but she words it differently. Maybe you didn't notice words like "mortified" and phrases such as "they never keep the word" but I paid a lot of attention to her posts and I read over many of them. Just like her, I have some good and some bad experiences in this city and I write about both of them. Neither of us seems to cover up or deny this city has its ups and downs. Even if this wasn't the case, it stands to reason that since her and are from different backgrounds and living different experiences now that our views could easily be different. I didn't see any mention, for example, of her having been sick for the entire year she's been here like I have or having to go to incompetent doctors. So it stands to reason she will have less bad things to say. She hasn't had 20+ illnesses in the last year like I have. I'm coping much better than you think. Just because some of you don't agree with a few blog posts about things I personally don't like in this city, doesn't mean I'm entirely a negative person. This blog barely covers 1/10th of my life. Try reading some of my good posts. I see the stats, I know how few people actually pay attention when I have something good to say.

  6. What sort of 'stomach infections' are you having? Like 'food poisoning'?
    The Indian idea of privacy is something I'll never get used to. Apparently we are thought of as being 'selfish' for not wishing our underwear drawer to be searched & rearranged daily. I carry a full on 'first aid' kit to rival any ambulance & a range of meds to rival any pharmacy wherever I go in Nepal OR India. Better 'safe' than 'sorry', & believe me I've been 'sorry' as far as quality of healthcare goes in India wayyyyyyyy to many times. (this is the person formerly known as Bibi)

  7. I've yet to have a single doctor put a name on any of the infections. It's not acting like food poison though, I've had that before. They did rule out parasites and hepatitis several times though and I was thankful for that. I make them run a lot of tests to be sure. I usually wind up with several medicines and antibiotics to fight them. Even western educated doctors here are horrible though. I've had my mom send me medicines from the states as mine ran out.

  8. Well, not to scare you but the Punjab is India's 'other Bhopal'. I've seen several cases of lead, arsenic, copper, mercury, tin, nickel, cobalt, (and various combinations thereof) poisoning in adults & children living in the Punjab (especially Ludhiana). Not to mention outlandish concentrations of pesticides (dioxins, PCBs, endosulfans) in human tissue.

  9. I appreciate the tip. That gives me something else to look at because I had no idea! I do know I'm allergic to nickel so that may very well explain why I can't seem to stop getting these things. I know they are are way more painful than food poisoning and they last longer as well. So now maybe I should go get those levels tested just to check. It would make my life so much better if I knew what the problem was and could avoid it rather than just treating it.

  10. I wasn't thinking this was specifically nickel. Nickel burns my skin if it touches it and causes itching and large whelps. I was thinking that maybe if I had unknowingly ingested something I'm allergic to (because I have discovered an allergy to one of the types of oil here and some spices) that it could cause swelling internally and thus the pain. I haven't had a chance to look it up yet but I'm about to do so today. Thank you for the links!