Thursday, January 26, 2012

Because I Love You - Yes...All of You

It was brought to my attention last week that there is a significant aspect of crossing cultures and moving abroad that I had never even thought of. Before telling you all what I need to say I want to first thank the two individuals who prompted me to seek out this new enlightenment.

This entire post is related to the recent article in the UK discussing an Indian family whose children were taken away from them. Though I think most people are aware that they need to be on their best behavior in a new country simply because they don't fit in, this article brings much more to mind than that. I sure wouldn't want myself or any of you to become victims to a law you didn't even know about. Now, since this is more of a criminal justice post, I placed it on my other blog so here is the link.

And another post you guys really need to read to make yourselves more aware if you ever intend to visit/live in the US.

Both of these bring to light some serious topics you need to think about and consider when engaging in international travel. US citizens who have been to other countries should especially be aware of this as it was just last week a man had his laptop confiscated because at one time he had exchanged emails with another man who is currently on trial. Yes - it was that small of a link between the two.

Stay safe!

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