Monday, December 5, 2011

Updates on Everything

First I want to say thank you to all of you who have participated so far. I've gotten some fascinating results that I can't wait to share. I have received some very valuable insight and information into how individuals respond while experiencing the culture shock of moving to a different country.

If you have not had the chance to participate, please click the link to take the survey.

I plan on keeping the survey open through the end of December. I've already started compiling the results to write up an article about them. Stay tuned.

Uncle ji has been trying to be overly nice since the last major incident with the geyser that I wrote about. He's brought me cookies and taken me out shopping a couple of times. I think (or I'm hopeful) maybe he realized that what he did was dangerous and unnecessary. Either way I'm happy things are going so much better.

I'm not feeling well right now but hubby and I had some more serious discussions while we were in Delhi last week and now he's agreed to start taking me out to our bazaar (local stores) to help me get acclimated to the neighborhood so I can go out on my own in the future. I feel like I need this to be ready and keep from getting ripped off too bad when I do go out alone. I'm looking forward to it, I just have to get over this latest stomach virus. I will write all about it once I start going out because I'm sure this will be an interesting experience and I want to share what it's like with all of you.

And, if you need your crime fix, I wrote up a short article about a local kidnapping case.
Dumb Crooks - Teen Gang Kidnapping in Amritsar


  1. Hello White Bhabi, how long have you been living in Amritsar ? I think it's good that you can go out more. It would drive me crazy not to be able to.

  2. Glad that things are on the up, especially with uncle. and im SO happy about you strting to go out, i think thats going to be so good for yr general wellbeing and happiness x

  3. good that you feel things to become better. however from what i understand about uncleji, he is not of the improving types. you have to be on the guard always. try refusing some of his "niceties" to keep him guessing.

    BTW, since how long have you been in India ? it is good that you will go out on your own ...

    >{I'm looking forward to it, I just have to get over this latest stomach virus.}

    in case you want to try some street food,  I would advise you against eating milk based sweets from most mithai-shops ... there is a HUGE milk-adulteration scam raging all over India and the milk based sweets are prime targets of this ... i have very recent personal experience of this  in two very far apart cities ... and even some very reputed shops are neck deep in this scam. my guess is that the scale of this scam is comparable to a similar scam unearthed in China a few years back, which was also on a massive scale.

    i would say freshly prepared street food like chaat will be OK ... dont know how much you can tolerate though.

  4. I've lived here almost 11 months now. I do get out quite often (3-4 times a week on average) but we always wind up rushed due to the time Rohit gets off work and when it gets too dark to be out or we go to the same places over and over. I'm not learning anything new and I don't feel like I could take care of myself very well because I'm always escorted. Maybe that wouldn't so difficult if I hadn't always been an independent loner type. I lived on my own for 18 years before moving here and now I can't get a single second on my own to do anything it seems. It's a wonder I haven't pulled all my hair out!

  5. It will be. I've had to fight to get this far. I'm sure since you're from here you're aware of some of the customs and how some people believe. I know though, as far as in-laws go, this isn't so bad. I could have gotten a horrible set of in-laws to live with lol. I'm glad they turned out to be mostly great, just a little too over protective and superstitious. (I really need to write about that - they still put a black mark behind my ear before going out...sometimes it's cute and sometimes it seems a little crazy to me.)

  6. I do okay with some street food now, but we are selective of where we get it. Rohit only buys from trusted sources (his friends - which I can respect because I know how relationships are guarded here). I've been here almost 11 months. I ate the street food when I visited in 2009 and didn't get sick then either thankfully. I think I've adjusted to the food and now I'm just getting sick from weather changes and the viruses that are going around - which everyone keeps catching. I track all this stuff so I can be sure I didn't eat something I shouldn't have.

    Thanks for the tip with Uncle ji and the milk. I think I had let my guard down a little. I tend to do that until he strikes again lol. I am somewhat hard-headed and a slow learner when it comes to stuff like that. As for the milk, I'm just glad I really don't like sweets much otherwise I may have already fallen victim to that one. I avoid milk and milk based products here after all the stomach trouble I had early on. I'm no fan to the pain in causes so it's easier to get my vitamins and nutrition from somewhere else (which is currently Nestle boxed milk products boiled with some cocoa powder to make hot chocolate :D)