Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Top 10 Uses for a Dupatta (Scarf)

In India the dupatta comes with a salwar kameez (well, most of them) and is dyed to perfectly match the outfit. For ready made clothing, they can be purchased. Dupattas come in just about every size, fabric type and decorated in just about every way imaginable. It's a staple garment in the Indian community. In western countries they are known as scarfs, are much less available and are rarely used outside of the winter months. In short, westerners who are unfamiliar with the item just don't understand how versatile it can be. Here are the things I see a dupatta used for here on a regular basis.

  1. Protection from the sun and wind. 
  2. Covering your nose and mouth while driving a scooter or a motorcycle. (Yep, it gets wrapped around your head.)
  3. Tying up the clothes you're sending out to get ironed (known as being pressed.)
  4. Covering up when the air conditioner is blowing too much cold air or the heater isn't blowing enough cold air while on public transportation.
  5. Adding style and dimension to any outfit. 
  6. Covering areas of your body where the outfit draws too much attention or hiding figure flaws. :D 
  7. Wrapping up the baby while traveling (if the blanket isn't enough or the rowdy little booger refuses a blankie lol....most kids won't turn down mom's clothes!)
  8. Protecting you're new hairdo from the elements until you arrive at your destination, just as beautiful as when you left home.
  9. Covering your entire face so that no one can't see where you're staring....errr...I mean so that eve-teasers and onlookers can't ogle your face which now belongs to your beloved husband.
  10. Covering the keyhole in the door at the hotel you're staying at. This is necessary so the staff doesn't peek in while you're doing things you could never do in a joint family home. :D


  1. Got to u blog thru kay. Lovely summary.
    Will return for more

  2. hehe I used to use mine to cover yuck sitting public space :) But I don't wear dupattas as much now, wering mostly western or indo western wear. I still wear one when going out at my in-laws place, but I kept very few outfits coming with one, I have one or two nicer dupattas I use as cotton shawls when the climate gets cooler but not cool enough for my wool shawls :)

  3. Lol, I thought about using mine to cover yucky sitting places but then I think about having to take it home and I don't want the yuck touching me. Yes, I can be that snotty hahahaha. I usually wind up standing instead. I don't wear them every day or every time I go out now but they do seem to be quite handy when I do use them.

  4. there are equally 10 uses of the hanging part of the saree ( " achol " ) we weear -- keyhanger etc -- like dupatta
    your Belgian friend from Bengal

  5. I rarely get to see a saree in use for anything other than clothing. It would be exciting to see some of them though!

  6. hmmm dupatta ! i love its feel and texture ... but then, i love the feel
    of all the clothes women wear. what u say is also true of "palloo" or
    "anchal" of the saree ... but there is one use you forgot to mention.
    see here a typical bollywood use -

    (which incidentally has hardly any dupatta in it)

  7. neline is not saying that saree is used as a keyhanger independent of "clothing". she is saying is that a corner of the wearer's saree's anchal is used to tie the keybunch to the saree so that keys are never lost. 

    it is very very common for ladies to do so.

  8. Hmm..maybe my last comment wasn't worded well. I meant I haven't seen women using sarees in their daily lives other than wearing them. I have seen online that they can be turned into blankets and curtains or used to decorate homes but I've never seen it in real life.

  9. Most girls clothes are so much better than men. I feel sorry for men having to dress so boring...hahaha...jk! I don't know crap about men's clothes but when I do have to purchase them I always go for the ones that feel the best...probably for similar reasons you like the feel of women's cloths.

  10. women always have better taste then us :( their clothes are more varied too ... 

    OTOH i would not want my clothes to be too varied ... it will be tough to decide what to wear ... plus i would look like a joker.