Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Sliver of Good News

So it would seem I wasn't totally forgotten about by my family at Christmas. I kept my mouth shut before hand so as not to make a fool out of myself thinking they would forget me and then they all magically show up at once. Of course that is a daydream that didn't come true. However, I did just today receive a package from my mother full of healthy snacks. Yay! She also called me on Christmas day to talk for a few minutes. 13 minutes to be more precise. Then she had to go open presents with her foster kids (yeah..the ones that seem to have replaced me in her life several years ago).

I haven't heard from my dad since a week before Christmas. I got 2 comments from family (total including offline friends as well) on my FaceBook page and that was it.

It currently cost 98 cents for a stamp on a card from the US to India. A phone call is free because I pay for a phone number they can call me on that doesn't cost them a penny to call. It doesn't even cost them cell phone minutes on holidays (or nights and weekends)....those are free as well.

I spent about 10 minutes on Christmas day talking to other family members that I called who didn't have time to talk and never got around to calling me back.

Yet they all say they want me to come home. To what????

My only consolation to all of this is that even though I'm lonely in both countries, at least in the US I was lonely with all English speaking TV channels and my trusty Baked Ruffles Potato Crisps - Original - 9 Oz.

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