Friday, December 23, 2011

Prepping for Christmas

Well, now that I've made my last trip to HyperCity before Christmas officially arrives I can safely say that I have some of my plans set in stone. After all the craziness of Thanksgiving and life around here in general I've decided to:
  • skip gift giving entirely
  • not cook a big meal or lots of cakes/pies/desserts
It's not going to be a big day. I'm surprisingly peaceful about the fact that Christmas just won't be the same here and that not making a big deal out of it is not so bad.

I have no desire to warp my new family with the thought that Christmas is all about gifts. That hasn't really worked out so well in America anyway - it only created a monster in the retail industry. Gifts have never excited me as much as time with family anyway and I've learned that most of the things I pick out are not really well received by my Indian family. Our tastes are just too different so I'm saving myself the disappointment of seeing that on a holiday where I'm probably already going to be homesick more than normal.

As for the food, it's just tiring spending 2 days cooking. At Thanksgiving no one understood what was going on and had no idea what day we were eating and so while I was cooking the final stuff they were also cooking dinner. What a headache lol. It wasn't a major disaster just more chaotic than I want to deal with right now. I know in my heart I would want a peaceful and yet festive holiday like I'm used to and I can't create that here. This household thrives on chaos in just about every way imaginable and it's what they are used to. I didn't come here to change them and so I shall just prepare something small for hubby and I and we shall enjoy the day together. It won't me much different than any other Sunday except we will most certainly stay home this time.

I want to relax and watch movies. After all, it's our first Christmas together and so we can form our own traditions. I'm going to nourish that and just enjoy that I didn't spend a fortune on Christmas presents and waste 2 days of my life preparing one meal nor will there be any stress involved for me on this Christmas. I think that is gift enough for everyone. Especially since MIL won't have to do all those dishes lol. I'll probably still roast some chickens (2 wasn't enough at Thanksgiving so this time will probably be 3) so that we can all enjoy some healthy foods though. I gotta eat lol. I just won't fix all the side dishes and such to go with it.

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