Thursday, December 8, 2011

Pictures of Daily Life Around Amritsar

This is a common site - a veggie or fruit wala. They have wheeled carts that they pull via bicycle to wherever they are going to set up and sell their products. Obviously, watermelons are big business during the season. This particular photo was taken a couple months ago outside of Alpha One mall in Amritsar. Several samples are cut open so you can see that his watermelons are fully ripe and ready for consumption. I do love my watermelons!

This is one of our veggie walas. I took this from our terrace but you can see the vegetables he comes with. I was surprised he had mushrooms because those are not typically available here and FIL picks them up nearby his office instead. The selection on these carts is not the same every day though tomatoes, potatoes and onions are always available.

A typical view of pedestrians at Company park. The blue frog on the right is a trash can and all the trees are painted with the white at the bottom and the orange stripe. This was a less crowded area off towards the back of the park. Cars, motorcycles and scooters drive around the road just as people are walking there.

Though this drive by shot is a little blurry you can see quite well that the Sony store is decorated (for Diwali) and under that it's littered with signs. This is a common sight here (as if one Whirlpool sign wasn't enough) that you don't typically see in the US. There is also a Panasonic store to one side of the Sony shop and a clothing store on the other, that explains the other signs as well. If you notice, on top of the building there are two large signs advertising the Sony "Bravia" line as well.

Taken from the roof of a popular tourist hotel in the city this picture gives you a view of typical daily life around part of Amritsar. In the distant background you can see .... park and in the center you get an idea of daily business life. There is a repair shop with signs up for a phone carrier (Vodafone). There are cars, motorcycles, rickshaws and auto rickshaws alongside women walking to their destinations. It's common to see women carrying bags like those in the picture, even if they have not been shopping. The bags are used to carry items from one place to another such as taking a suit to the tailor or paperwork to the office.

I have no idea how I took a picture of such a crowded area and there's no people but I guess, even as crowded as Amritsar is, there are some quiet moments here as well. This is a strip mall on Lawrence Road, one of the main shopping areas of the city. There are signs for every store and then signs on top of those signs to advertise. As you can see, like Americans, Punjabis decorate their cars only with less bumper stickers and more window art. Parking isn't always this organized as typically both sides of the center are littered with motorcycles and scooters with cars mingled in and auto rickshaw drivers navigating the middle to get through.


  1. Thanks for sharing these pics!  My fiance is from New Delhi, and I'm not sure exactly how far Amritsar is from where he grew up, but it's still nice to see some recent pics of India. :)

  2. Amristar reminds me of that movie Bride and Prejudice - never been to India though but these pics make me want to live there too!!

  3. Delhi is in a different state and is about 250 miles from here. The two cities are like night and day. Maybe I can do a post about Delhi next week because I have lots of pictures. I also have a post scheduled about visiting Delhi that will be posted on the 10th.

  4. That was such a cute movie! Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi was also shot in Amritsar and is a very good movie if you haven't seen it yet. It's very emotional and sweet.

  5. It's a beautiful city. Love the last shot.