Friday, December 2, 2011

Ode to My Ruffles - A 12 Step Program

I have it really bad....withdrawal that is.I'm like a drug addict with no money for y stash. Only, in my case money is not the problem....distance is. I had such a love affair with Lays Baked! Ruffles in the US. They were my ultimate comfort food. When my thyroid hormones were off and my body desperately needed iodine they were the ultimate salt fix. In addition to that they weren't fried in oil and the taste and the texture was just divine. Had a bad day? Baked! Ruffles to the rescue. PMSing....Baked! Ruffles to the rescue. Too lazy to cook or drive to get food...Baked! Ruffles to the rescue. I need a 12 step program!

Hi, my name is American Punjaban and it's now been just over 11 months since I had any of the delightful goodness of Baked! Ruffles. I've been having dreams of flying to the US with empty suitcases to fill and bring back with me. (I guess the good thing is the dream leads me back here lol.)

Step 1 - I admit I have no power over my addiction....because they don't sell them in India. Please somebody import my chips for me!

Step 2 - Yes, a power greater than me could restore me to sanity. It's called the Lays corporation and they are here in India....but why oh why won't they bring in the healthy options for me....Reminder: Must write a letter to Lays India.

Step 3 - I've already tried to turn my desire over to God but he's not importing them fast enough. :(  I really think this is one of those times when God expects me to do something for myself as my Baked! Ruffles cannot be high on his priority list when there are people who are actually suffering out there.

Step 4 - I have searched high and low and in multiple cities. None are to be found. I requested them from home but as of yet no one can justify spending the $65 postage fee for a $3 bag of chips.

Step 5 - I know ......ARRRGGGHHHH!!!! This 12 step thing is not helping me get my chips! I quit!

LOL.....yeah I knew that was coming. I guess the next logical step is to figure out a recipe for my own version of Baked! Lays. At least until I get my plane ticket for my visit home. I really will be taking an empty suitcase on that trip so I can bring back as many bags as possible. The airport is gonna think I'm nuts but I don't care.


  1. When i used to study in US, i used to take like 50 packets of hide and seek biscuits and Mad angle mango chips, cause they were my comfort food.... I know exactly how you feel...:)

  2. Thank you! I am sure the customs officials are going to get a good laugh out of me when I come back through with a suitcase full of food but I don't care lol. It will be worth it.

  3. Ive never saw lays in the uk, so i always bring back loads i love em. also my grans sarson ka saag (a couple of tubs) peenis, and other goodies

  4. Great minds think alike! I can't wait to go home and pack a huge bag full of goodies to bring back. I'm just not sure how to bring back a ton of my goodies and still have room for gifts for the in-laws lol. I gotta work that one out. ;)