Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Jealous Much??...And How to Know You've Corrupted Your Indian Family

OMG!! I really wanted to break this up into 2 posts but I'm just not that disciplined because it's too much that's too funny to me to hold it back long enough to type them both separately. Let me start with the "jealous much" part and then I'll end with the funniest story I've had to tell in a while.

Being bored and not having enough to do here, I've mentioned that I notice quite a bit about life inside and outside of the house. Primarily what is going on in Uncle ji and Chachi's end of the house. I think I'm starting to understand why all the pranking me has been going on. Chachi is jealous. Hahahahaha!! It started out with her buying new kitchen stuff. I didn't even think much of this until she started buying appliances no one in the house used like a new immersion blender and such. She never needed those things before to cook Indian food so I felt like it was a little odd but didn't think too much on it. On many occasions she's come to watch me cooking in our kitchen and I never thought too much about that either.

Then she started purchasing vegetables they had never eaten (I've been told Uncle ji is extremely picky about food so this really struck me as odd). I had been buying these veggies since I got here and making new (to this family) types of foods. So I definitely noticed when Chachi started this. Then one day hubby picked on her for buying baby corn just like I had purchased for the first time here a few days before that. She gave him this laugh and said that I wasn't the only one who knew how to cook special foods. That was when I realized she must be jealous.

Lol!! Now she's got Uncle ji printing recipes out for her from his computer at work. Maybe I'm wrong, but I really feel like this is all jealousy because for the 15 years before I came here she cooked the same old foods day in and day out using the same old methods and no changes were made because Uncle ji was too picky. Then with the comment using my name it just makes me certain it's jealousy. I think this is a win on my part lol. It's nothing bad in reality but it sure boosts my ego and I think I need that these days lol. With the possibility of exchanging Christmas gifts now on the table I may just buy her a real cookbook. >:D

Now for the good story!!!!!!
I've told you all how my MIL rocks and how well we get along. Well, me and her have even went so far as to team up and pick on poor hubby hahaha. We've even smacked him together (playfully of course) and we have tons of fun messing with him on a regular basis. Now one of the things I do from time to time (during the summer anyway) was to put my frozen bottle of water on his leg or side when he was picking on me. My MIL would just crack up and we both would laugh too hard at the look on his face while he jumped. It was so mean but so much fun we just couldn't resist.

Then today hubby decided to be lazy and go to work late. Work is slow today so they just told him they would call him to come in when they needed him (which is what is so good about being in a high position in a company here). So he got up this morning and went downstairs. Now...I think he's crazy but, this man had on full thermal underwear (shirt and pants) and still went to his mothers room and got under the big blanket. It's not that cold and he's the only one in the house acting like it is lol. So keep that picture in your mind, here's grown man in his mothers bed under the covers with his back turned to everyone in the room while he watches TV.

The morning was progressing as normal and we had already eaten breakfast and his mom was down in the shower as usual. Then she came back up and she gave me this grin. She always smiles at me so I didn't think much of it and she showed me her hand. I wasn't sure what she meant until I saw her reach over and put it on hubby's back where there was a gap between his thermals and the cover wasn't covering him completely. He jumped so high and screamed and we both just about died laughing. I was laughing so hard it hurt and all I could do was clap for her because I couldn't voice any actual words through the laughter. Her eyes looked like they were watering from her laughing. Hubby was looking at us with this irritable look on his face which only made us laugh harder. (And as I sit her laughing about it now he's giving me the same look because I'm blogging about it hahahahahaha!)

It was just priceless. I really must say with all the hardship I've had living here, moments like this make it all worthwhile. I have effectively corrupted my MIL for sure now. I'm thinking this feels like I got my Christmas present early this year!!


  1. Great post, your MIL is awesome!

    So I'm trying to figure this out.....
    You live with Rohit and his parents (MIL and FIL) and uncle Ji and his wife and kids- Uncle ji is FIL's brother? which would make his wife closer in age to MIL than you. Is Rohit the eldest child or an only child? If he is not an only child where are his siblings?

    I am very fascinated by the living situation in Indian families, if what I've been reading from Indian culture is correct its the eldest son that stays with the parents and his wife moves in with them. The daughters in families move in with their husband's families. How does this work if the son is not the eldest son in the family - which brings the confusion of how FIL and Uncle ji are living together?

  2. I do live with Rohit and his family. FIL was the oldest child though and Uncle ji the youngest. Chachi is actually my age (within a year or two). Rohit is the youngest child and his brother is in Australia. If/when he comes back we will actually have to add on to the house or he has no room to sleep in.

    In this family the men stay in the home no matter what their birth order unless work moves them elsewhere, etc. So there is one brother who lives in another area of Punjab because his government job moved him there. Rohit's brother wanted to leave and work in another country for a few years and he intends to come back at some point possibly. Mostly the women do move in with their husbands family like you thought. It's very common and usually the youngest wives take over all the duties of the home.

    Honestly I think Uncle ji stays here more so because he's lazy and figures someday this house will be his for free if he squats long enough. I just don't see how the two of them (FIL and Uncle ji) were raised by the same set of parents at all. I won't get started because there aren't a lot of nice things I would have to say.