Saturday, December 31, 2011

Finishing Off A Bad Year With One (Hopefully) Last Bad Experience

I'm optimistic that 2012 will not be as rotten as 2011 has been. We shall see. I've posted about 3 different trips to the Ms. McLoving doctors office and today they really pissed me off. Let me give you the timeline so you see how this has gone so far so you can see how ridiculous this is becoming. I don't understand why Punjabis continue to allow this kind of crap to go on. I'm not the only one experiencing this but I'm probably the only one who is posting about it online. The people here really need to stand up for themselves and demand better, otherwise Amristar will never catch up with the rest of the country.

Last week of October - we visited the clinic twice. The first time was to get an idea of whether or not it was a decent place for treatment. This time I noticed that the office was cleaner than many of the doctors I've been to here but hubby chimed in that this was not a good clinic. After some checking around we unfortunately found it was the only clinic offering the service I needed in this area. The next closest was over an hour away by bus. The office was closed the day we went but the doctor was in the office talking to patients but not doing procedures. That is kind of unusual and you don't see that in the US.

So we went back the beginning of November and decided to start treatment. This is when I met Ms. McLoving in case you haven't read about that yet. They told us how the process worked, what to expect, the costs and such...all the things you expect on your first visit to the doctor. They also took bloodwork, etc. and we had to wait for it all to come back.

We went back 2 days later and got my results and some things were off so we had to wait before we could start the treatment. The doctor told us some very specific circumstances that we had to wait for before we could begin the treatment and that it would take time for my thyroid levels to get back to normal. So we did what he told us to do to make things better for me, watched for the specific symptoms and then we went back...exactly like the doctor said.

We called first to make sure the doctor was in. That was on Tuesday and he was there. So we rushed over for the test he said he needed to run as soon as we met the specific circumstances. He had no idea who we were, what we were there for (despite us handing him our record which told him everything on the front page...yes, he looked at it before asking the nurse to verify we were his patients). We told him we met the specific circumstances (we named them) and that he had told us to come back for the test I needed. He refused to do the test and told us to come back in 3-4 days. I didn't understand and was somewhat irritated because I had researched this test and knew it had to be done that day. Still, the doctor was unwavering in that we had to wait and hubby thought we should listen.

Today we went 4 after seeing the doctor. We got reprimanded for not coming on Tuesday to which I mouthed right back that we were there on Tuesday and we got sent away. Then the woman got pissy because we didn't have my medication list (the ones they prescribed) and I showed it to her. It had been under her nose. Then another woman got pissy about test results and said they needed them. I had presented the results on Tuesday and again showed them to her today. She shut up and sat down. Then the first pissy woman told me all this crap I was supposed to have done before coming today and that I should have been fasting. I told her I had been fasting and had not eaten or drank anything all day but she was still pissy about the medications I had not taken. Medications they never gave me (because they have to  come from the clinic and not an outside pharmacy) and she gave me this shitty look and told me how to take them and told me come back on Monday.

Then she tagged another woman and told her to explain all the same things all over again to me. The woman was nervous about speaking English so she talked to hubby instead in Punjabi. She described to him some EXTREMELY personal details that I was supposed to do right in front of a waiting room full of people. (One thing I notice about this clinic is that it's always a family that comes for support of whoever is actually seeing the doctor. Most of them are not patients.) Now I bolded and underlined and colored "Extremely" for a reason. This went way beyond the need for samples or clean catches, etc. So basically about 20 people now know exactly what I will be doing late Sunday night and Monday morning and these are things that no one outside of my husband should ever know.

We were then shuffled back and forth between the front desk, medicine counter and the lab room each at least twice. This place is extremely unorganized, the workers all seem to have no clue what anyone is doing and the 2 doctors apparently work independent of the workers and there must not be any standard. It's appalling that we are paying a significant amount of money to be treated like this. We are getting talked down to, bitched at and more because these no count losers don't know their ass from a whole in the ground. We had everything they needed, we had done everything they asked and they chose to publicly chastise us for their own front of a room full of people.

Now, I think it only fitting to mention that I found this doctor through reputable American medical associations and it is a place known for it's "international" treatment standards. This isn't some low level clinic run by a man with no license or degree. Although to be honest, after my experiences with most doctors here I think the non-degree wielding doctor that comes to our home is by far better than any of the educated men I have had the misfortune of seeing here. His nature is much better, his medicine works better and he's not a pompous ass. If only he could take care of this issue for me I would sack the moron I'm currently seeing.

I will go back on Monday. I will do what they asked but so help me God if any one of those useless employees in this office act like this when I do I will demand my money back and take my business elsewhere. The bus ride will be worth it I'm sure. (Yes, they have a money back policy if for any reason you decide that the clinic is not doing their job. I'm thinking now that this should have been a red flag.) In the mean time I've decided to write an article about this place. I'm going to make it well known to the doctor as well when I go back on Monday. Unfortunately I feel like this is the only way to get the respectable treatment that any patient would deserve.

Here's hoping that 2012 starts off much better.


  1. I would change clinic if I could really, this place seems very unreliable. Now 8 years in India I noticed that hospitals with shiny marbles, or those boasting first world prime facilities are those with the CRAPIEST srvice, Dr that don't care, nurses that don't want to be bothered, receptionists that just see any patients as a pesky intrusion in their day of higher paid daily gossip sessions...While older maybe shabbier looking places by western standards have the most efficient staff. I saw it happen a countless time. 
    Is there any other hospital in town that would have a Dr able to deal with your condition?
    Also a lot of Indian tend to travel ofen miles to go to a more reputable clinic, if you get the proper treatment this could mean maybe a bit more travelling the first few month but then once stabilised only going for check ups once in a while and be healthy at home once and for all.

  2. It would be nice if I could change clinics. The next closest one is an hour and a half away and Rohit can't get the time off work it would take to get started with the treatments. It involves several days each week for 3 weeks so he basically would have to be out of work completely for half the workweek each week and his company isn't going to tolerate that right now. They have him running 3 different offices. They are critically understaffed and refuse to hire new people. It's one of the crappiest run companies I've ever seen. The worst part is that half the time he's in the office there is literally no work or no way to do the work (because they refuse to purchase equipment as well) and they still b*tch if he tries to take a few hours off to take me in for appointments. I'm waiting till Monday but if things don't go well Monday I just won't get the treatment. I can't deal with this BS any longer. It can't be helpful to be this stressed out and tormented.