Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Recap

Let me start back on Christmas Eve first so you guys get all the info. I spent Christmas Eve in bed with my door locked (except to let the maid in) and just watched movies and cried. My emotions were really getting the better of me and I wound up with a mildly upset stomach. Late in the evening my in-laws took me out (the whole family went except for FIL) and we saw some local Christmas lights. A nearby park was lit up. Here's a picture for you guys so you can see what community decorations look like in Punjab.

That was it. There were a few other lights on the street but most of those were for the jagrata going on just outside of the park. The whole walk to the park, around the park and back home took about 15 minutes lol. It did make me feel a little better though to get out of the house and see them. My mood had improved after I got all the emotions out during the day. However, after the walk I started having stomach cramps and I thought it was just something I ate and dismissed it and went on to bed.

I woke up Christmas morning feeling kind of sad but otherwise okay. Until I got my first Christmas gift from mother! But what can you do. So I got ready to go out for food and shopping early in the day and by the time I finished eating the same stomach cramps I was having last night had come back and gotten much worse. I took a zerodol (Advil) but it wasn't doing anything for me. I had to cut my shopping trip short. It would seem the odds were stacked against me today. The pain had spread all the way down to my knees and up to my lower back and I felt like I had gotten hit by a bus. I did manage to survive the motorcycle ride home but it was painful.

Once we got home I found out what was going on. I've gotten another stomach infection. Oh the joys of having give in to hunger and began eating Indian food again. I should have learned my lesson a long time ago but I'm tired of always feeling hungry and barely having any food around. I'm really tired of dealing with the food stress. Anyway, so there I lay in bed on Christmas in extreme pain and trying to research if Advil and codeine can be mixed. Thankfully they have no known interactions and I forced myself to have a Merry Christmas compliments of some overly strong Indian medications. :D

Just a heads up for those of you not aware of all the differences in Indian meds and US meds - Codeine in the US starts with a 30 mg dose (on average). At least that's what the CDC recommends on their website as the starting dosage for a full grown adult. In India the standard dosage is 50 mg. So, um...yeah....I knew without a doubt I would have a much better Christmas after taking it. It took about an hour and it kicked in fully and then I was able to sit up in bed again. (*disclaimer* I am not a druggie...I don't take this stuff until it's absolutely necessary and I usually deal with a significant amount of pain before even thinking about it because it is sooo strong.)

Luckily right after I was able to sit up I got a message from a potential Indian client and I completed an interview. Keep your fingers crossed for me to get the job! Then I went on with my day. MIL and FIL bought me a new pair of earrings. These I can leave in night and day without getting stabbed in my sleep by an earring post. They are cute, small and comfortable. Chachi and Uncle ji gave me a really pretty shawl. Then I roasted two chickens. Well...let me be 100% honest here...I taught hubby how to roast chickens so he prepared one and I prepared the other. We started with the same base (onions, garlic and olive oil) and then he added his spices and I added mine and we prepared the chickens and I put them in the oven. I really enjoy those kind of moments because there's no serious competition and we can cut up and act silly.

The chickens came out so freaking good. Oh man, I don't think I've ever had roasted chicken taste that good - not even purchased from somewhere else! I also made myself some mashed potatoes with gravy and green beans with garlic because I'm the main one eating those. Now...this is where hubby gets on my nerves. He decides since I'm making mashed potatoes that he needs jeera aloo...I was making mashed  potatoes for everyone just so you know. So he gets his mom to come cook jeera aloo and rotis. So imagine now...3 people, 6 dishes being prepared in one kitchen with standing room of about 4 foot by 2 foot on a 2 burner stove!! OMG... somehow we managed to get it all done (his mom and picking on him all the way) and dinner turned out good.

Now I'm sitting here watching Abduction - yeah...the newest Taylor Lautner movie, and resting while I pray this nasty stomach infection doesn't get as bad as they have in the past and wondering if I can again overcome my fear of Indian food and try to keep eating. I have to do something because Hypercity was out of several of the foods I've been surviving off of and I'm beyond the point of being sick of pasta lol. I love ya'll...but the movie is starting to get good so I gotta go. I will keep you updated.


  1. Merry Christmas. I hope your tummy ache doesn't return and you have a wonderful holiday season (whatever is left of it)!

  2. the new look is really good. Merry Christmas to you too !

    (i will never call it Happy holidays ... Sundays are holidays too, if you think about it)

  3. it seems your town has a amoebaisis problem. it is not uncommon for small town north india (for some strange reasons, south india is relatively free of it, though it has problems of its own) amoebaisis is a very painful tummy infection. you are unlikely to treat it completely without real medical intervention. please see your family doctor.

    either that or adulterated food. I hope you are avoiding milk based food (and that includes paneer/cheese/ghee/ghee-fried-things/etc)

  4. Thanks Gayatri! I hope it doesn't come back as well.

    Magguu - Thanks, I'm glad you like it. I made it (all the graphics) needs a little tweaking but overall I'm happy with it. I have been to a doctor many times for the tummy infections. I am like a walking pharmacy these days from all the meds they gave me. It's just so annoying because I only get these problems when I eat Indian food (cooked at home or at a restaurant). It doesn't make sense and I can't keep avoiding the majority of the food here forever. I do avoid milk based foods that I don't make myself (because I purchase special milk) and I rarely eat anything fried. I had tandoori chicken and butter naan twice this past week and one shahi korma (that I had a massive allergic reaction to). I've really grown quite scared of most of the food here and that's really not good either lol. I mostly eat all imported foods and fresh veggies (which I also closely scrutinize) but there isn't much here and it gets very tiring eating the same 3 or 4 foods for 2 meals a day for weeks at a time. I want food...and I'm starting to feel like I'm starving because I never seem to get anything good (it's unrealistic I know because I am eating but it's just not body feels like it's starving and I'm constantly hungry these days).

  5. White Bhabi-
    If anyone had told me 10 yrs ago I'd be sharing a tiny 3 bedroom cottage with a husband, 2 brother-in-laws, 2 sons (6 & 10 yrs), a maid & a nanny- I'd have told them they were NUTS!!!
    I mean as a single professional woman in the US I had a 3,000 sq ft house to myself, on an acre with a swimming pool.
    So I know what you mean about 3 people in a 4'x2' space!!!
    I'm always falling over people in our house. ;)

  6. Lol, yeah you must. I was like you, good job and I had a 3 story 17th century home with 4 bedrooms and a big chunk of land in the best area of the city. And I traded it for this???? Granted this house is also 3 stories and has 5 bedrooms but it is nowhere near the same in any way shape or form. I must learn not to rate houses by the number of beds/baths when outside of the US obviously!