Saturday, December 24, 2011

Another Slow Saturday

My day did not start off so well so I had to find something else to occupy my mind. I'm going through some pretty extreme homesickness right now and it's not helping that they are cutting the power every day to move everyone's power meters from their homes to the street corner. It's been going on all week and this morning they cut the power early and I hadn't finished cooking my breakfast in the toaster oven. Like I needed one more reason to want to go home right now. Every little thing is just too much today. Now there's no TV and a wasted breakfast. I've chosen to just sit in my room alone with the door locked. I'm not fit for human interaction today.

With the holidays going on things have slowed down drastically just about everywhere. Before coming to India I hadn't realized just how big of an impact the US has on a good portion of the world. (Probably because I didn't care lol.) Now here I am sitting in India and I get to see first hand just what kind of impact one country can cause on an emerging global society.

In the US businesses, schools and more are closing down for the holidays. Of those still open most are running what we call skeleton crews - that's where they only keep the minimum amount of employees possible in the office and most of the workers are on vacation and production is slowed down somewhat. Of course, customer service centers and retail stores are doing just the opposite because they are working those poor employees to death. (I know because when I worked I worked at a call center and a retail store at the same time and I pulled in 70+ work hours each week for 3 weeks in a row every Christmas - talk about tired!!)

So now the mail system is slow which means the presents I sent home are not all going to be under a Christmas tree before Christmas day. Companies are not posting jobs at nearly the rate they were a week ago (last week I was getting 600 job listings a day and now it's down to just over 100). If you call or email a business about something it is taking a lot longer for them to get back to you or you get an out of office reply.

I can only imagine how this affects big businesses who have import/export issues in a country where Christmas is not celebrated with as much enthusiasm. I'm not just talking about India either. There are many nations without a predominant Christian population and there are also nations where the culture doesn't allow for so much time off or call for family vacations this time of year. In the US a good majority of the people who work take the time off and travel because they don't live near family and almost everyone celebrates Christmas with family. I would even venture to say that family time is more a part of Christmas in the US than religious aspects for most people.

So that leaves me stray American who ventured off to India with not much to do. So I instead have been updating my online presence and catching up on some reading. I revamped my twitter profile and changed my username on there to reflect the updates I made to this blog a long time back. I've also made some changes to my other blog to reflect a more professional image. I made a new layout for the blog earlier this do you guys think it looks? Is it okay? Good? Bad? Strange? lol

I was starting to worry but I did have the blessing of being able to talk to some of my family members over the last week. I was on the phone almost 5 hours total which is good because most of the time I never hear from them. I call, they aren't home. I send FB messages and they take forever to respond. I have it set up so that they can call me for free but they still don't take advantage of it. That's been a big part of my sadness this holiday season because to be honest I feel a little forgotten. I haven't spoke to my mother in months because she never calls. (Before you say why don't you call her's because she's working 2 jobs and has 2 teenagers in the house who dominate her phone and cell phone so you can never get through, I have left messages.) I think all those issues would require an entirely separate blog - not just blog post, a whole new blog - to write about though.

On a more positive note I also had a major personal victory this past week as well. I have overcome one of my past demons (you can read that as ex if you want). This demon used to invoke fear in me with the slightest effort and sometimes without any noticeable effort at all. This past week the demon reared it's ugly head and all I got was annoyed and I found its attempts laughable at best. That felt good and was something I really needed. One emotional hurdle has now been knocked down but there are many more to go.


  1. Sending you a big christmas hug and lots of love x i hope 2012 brings you much more joy peace and contentment than this year x

  2. Thank you!! I hope you have a fabulous 2012 as well!

  3. Merry Christmas to you! I love your blog

  4. Thank you Anonymous reader, I'm glad you like my blog and I hope you had a good Christmas!