Saturday, November 5, 2011

Yummy, Chummy Thumb Socks! - Updated

When I was a child my grandmother - Granny we called her - had taken in two teenage boys and they lived with us (this was when I lived in a joint family in the US). Those boys were named Bobby and Donny and they both were into martial arts. They were like real brothers to me and I looked up to them quite a bit. Now Bobby was into Ninjitsu and took to wearing his outfit (I have no idea what it's called) around the house from time to time. This was more than fascinating to a 9 year old girl and I still remember it to this day - the site, the way he handled himself in it. I always felt like he was a star in the making and this was probably my first experience with true stealth and the art of investigating (but that's a whole different topic).

This is Bobby in his Ninja suit! (No thumb socks that time though.)

As part of Bobby's outfit he had these socks I always thought were so unusual but cool at the same time. I never could find a pair to buy for myself back then either, otherwise I'm sure I would have proudly proclaimed how we matched lol. Anyway, Bobby used to like to flaunt his skills and he showed me how he could get through the house unheard, etc. I was mesmerized. Not far into his adulthood Bobby passed away and for some reason the family shielded me from all the details of his death. I did look for answers once but since it happened before the internet was big (I'm even talking pre 1200 Kbps days and before Bulletin Boards went viral) there wasn't much information I could find. I wasn't in the same city any longer and it was probably a good thing. I was sad that day and I'm sure my family protected me from it for a reason. 

Today as I sit here in my room something strange happened. Well, maybe not strange because before India this was totally normal for me. Since I've been in India and I've stayed sick so long my body temperature has been higher than normal and it stays that way on a daily basis. I've really only noticed for the last several months how warm my body has become and I hadn't even noticed this missing. Having Hashimoto's disease has meant my feet have been cold for the last 19+ years. I could get them warm with socks but they never got warm to a point I noticed it. Not even in the summer. I can wear socks and running shoes all summer and never break a sweat usually.

Not today!! I actually got very excited because I was sitting by the door in my room working and I noticed both my feet were cold to a point I needed socks. It took a minute to sink in too. Then it hit me...if my feet are again cold then something about my body must be getting back to normal!! Now you can imagine me jumping up and down lol. I did literally jump up out of my chair and run to the door to bask in the cool weather. I then ran over to my drawer and pulled out a pair of socks....but not just any old socks!

I pulled out my very first pair of thumb socks!! Of course, these are not black like Bobbys awesome Ninja socks. When I put them on my feet the first thought that came to my mind was Bobby. I don't forget important people in my life and these definitely remind me of all the happy memories from him living with us. Of course they make me a little sad too because we never got to match.

In case you guys have never seen them - this is what thumb socks look like. 

Hubby always tells me about the little things in life and how they remind us of each other. Of course he's usually talking about gifts that we give and he says that every time the person sees our gift they will think of us. Before I met hubby I never noticed that kind of stuff before (probably because I rarely ever got gifts). Now I see it so clearly though. I understood him before but this makes it even more real. These socks not only make my feet warm but they remind me of some of my favorite childhood memories and one very influential person in my life. It's nice to have these happy memories brought back to my mind.


  1. That's sweet. Memories are so important. My momma always tried to tell me that but I didn't understand. I guess I didn't have anything then that I wanted to remember but now I do and it's a good feeling.

  2. I totally agree about gifts and things that remind us of people. When I pick out my jewelry each day, I don't just think of who gave it to me -- sometimes I pick it because I want that person's support that day! Of course there's lots of other things, too, but jewelry is the biggest for me. Over the last nine years, I've whittled down my mom's things to the most meaningful things. When we moved, I had a weird reminder of someone. Every time I walked in our second bathroom, I was overwhelmed with memories of my maternal grandma. I finally realized it was the bar of Dove soap I had stuck on the sink until we got a second hand soap dispenser. I still haven't put a liquid hand soap in there, because I like feeling connected to Grandma.