Sunday, November 13, 2011

There is Just No Sneaking Around in This House

So this is kinda funny...I think lol.

Hubby and I have curtains in our room over the door to block out light and allow some privacy while still having the doors open. They haven't been washed in a while because I'm not tall enough (or motivated enough) to take them down. But since dusting them off doesn't seem to be working any more I thought today would be the perfect day to pull them down, rinse them out really good with some soapy water (since they aren't really dirty) and let them hang in the breeze to dry.

I know I'm not yet allowed to wash clothes (not literally but keep reading lol) but I didn't really consider this washing. I should have remembered though because I've been busted twice for washing my own clothes now and got lectured every time about how I don't have to do any of that and I should leave it for my MIL. I honestly think laundry is her favorite chore. Sometimes she even washes clean clothes lol.

So hubby was talking to customer service for Uncle ji out on the terrace next to where I was rinsing the curtains. I swear all I did was put water in the bucket, swish them around and dump it out a few times. I think it took 4 times before the water ran clear because some of the dye was coming out of the curtains and I figured why not finish what I started. It maybe took me 10 minutes. Uncle ji went back downstairs and here come MIL yelling up to us. "What are you doing? (I think Uncle ji told on me!)

Yup, we got busted. I say we because I made hubby squeeze out the water and hang them on the line lol. It was a good thing because when his mom come after us I ran and hid in the room and told him he should tell her he did the laundry lol. This time he got the lecture about how I don't have to do the laundry, etc. lol. I was cracking up. Sometimes he tells me I should help (and there are things I do on my own) and I try to tell him she doesn't let me lift a finger but I don't think he got it until just now.

After she fussed at him he came in the room and gave me this look and I laughed at him with that "I told you so" attitude. He sat on the bed and then I had to hold him hostage till she went back downstairs. I told him I didn't want to get fussed at and then he started laughing at me. I'm just cracking up though. His mom's not mean when she's fussing but I'm sure you all remember what it's like to get a lecture from your mom - now just imagine she didn't want you to do your chores and you're getting lectured because you did them....yeah, it's funny but not really funny lol.


  1. Ah, ok, all of that makes sense. I love hearing about her and the ESP / communication you have with her! :-)

  2. LOL! You might be right. I love my MIL, she rocks. She does think she's the best at laundry and dishes I know that. She fired the dish maid and rarely uses a laundry maid for just this reason. So maybe she thinks I can't do it well. I'm not gonna argue because it's not beneficial to me lol. I'll just have to get better at sneaking around.

  3. Typically the daugther-in-law comes in and starts cooking and cleaning and assumes all the roles the mother-in-law held before the marriage around the house. The MIL guides here and teaches her all the specifics of the house. My MIL has taught me some but she still doesn't want me to do everything. Rohit says it's because I'm American and his mother thinks of me more as her daughter. I also work which I think makes a difference. She doesn't want me to work that hard either. I'm quite sure if they had arranged his marriage with an Indian girl then tradition would have stuck and she would be doing the chores.

  4. Lol Bhabi Ji i really liked this post! what a good sas you have, she sounds more brilliant every time i read about her!  i used to do my own washing when i visited my grans,coz the girl that did it couldnt wash western clothes properly for some reason?? I still wash a lot of them myself coz its quite therapeutic. i think mummy ji doesnt want you to do any tasks that she sees as hard on the skin,she loves you so much that she treats you like a delicate flower. And a wee bit that desi mummys dont think goris are really any good at handwashing lol!

  5. So I'm curious, what is a daughter-in-law's role exactly, when you live in the same house? (Except for producing the sons, hahahaha!)  I thought it would be to help with the household chores.  Is it different because you are American? Would it be different if you were an Indian DIL?