Thursday, November 24, 2011

Recapping Thanksgiving

So Thursday is a veg only day in our house so I decided I was going to break up Thanksgiving into a 2 day celebration. I mean, what Thanksgiving is really complete without baked goods (which contain eggs)? No self respecting American could possibly cut out enough favorites on holiday to make it totally vegan - at least not with the selections I've got to work with. Then I dang near called off the celebration altogether. Partly because of how much trouble I felt like it was going to be and partly because some of the people in this house, not naming names, just get on my last nerve. Hubby kept encouraging me and I know he was excited so I finally just went with it.

Anyway, here's how it goes.

I started collecting my groceries 10 days ahead of time. I'm simply not a last minute person and since I carry most things home on the motorcycle it made sense to break up my shopping into two trips. Imagine my intense excitement to find "Philadelphia cream cheese" at HyperCity. Now Pizza Hut can go suck it with their 'we don't have the cheesecake in right now' crap they keep giving me. I intended to make my own. Oreo cheesecake to be exact. Not my favorite but I couldn't find any of the fruits I like with my cheesecake so I settled.

I baked banana bread for Wednesday - which meant I had to get bananas on Friday and so they could ripen some and then I put them in the freezer so they didn't get eaten. Cooking stuffing also meant buying bread early to let it get a little harder so it would be ready to make stuffing from scratch. I already wrote about the drama with getting my ingredients so I will skip that part. I did manage to get the banana bread, stuffing, mashed potatoes, 2 roasted chickens, gravy and deviled eggs made. Most all the recipes turned out great but somehow, though there was barely any salt added, the stuffing was salty - really salty. I haven't figured out why and I'm not trying too hard.

It came time for dinner and we gave a healthy portion to Uncle ji and his family to share. They don't eat meat in their room so I put it in their kitchen for them. I got all compliments from them. Then I put all the rest of the food in the center of MIL and FIL's bed and we gathered around and fixed our plates. That's when I got a little sad. MIL and FIL decided to share a plate and then FIL started eating and MIL got up and got some veggies she had made on her own. I felt so disappointed. Here it is a major celebration and she still wasn't going to eat until everyone else had gotten all they wanted and FIL was just letting her do it. I know this is common behavior for old school Indian wives but I purposely cooked a ton of food so we could all enjoy it together.

She did get some of everything but it just makes me sad. We had a whole chicken for four people, surely she must have known there would be enough. I just finished my food quietly and then hubby and I went back upstairs to our room. I just thought about it for a little while and decided against spending a second day cooking like that again. Nothing had really went wrong but it's just not the same having Thanksgiving dinner here. I don't want to watch my MIL step back like she's not a part of the family and wait for the leftovers again. I guess I never noticed this much before because normally when I cook I prepare a separate plate for her and FIL and serve them both at the same time.

I didn't get any complaints on the food other than FIL thinking the stuffing was too salty. He was right and I was surprised by it. I did end up making so much food it didn't get finished lol. There was deviled eggs and banana bread left in the fridge this morning. The chicken, of course, was the most attacked thing on the menu and even the bones got picked clean. Hubby, who started out overly nervous that it wouldn't get done being baked in the oven and I would be serving him raw chicken, couldn't resist and made sure there was no chicken left. It was freaking hilarious because he "sampled" it while I was cutting and then decided he needed to be the one cutting the boned portions and when I checked in on him, I realized he wasn't just cutting, he was standing in the kitchen eating it lol.

Now I just have to move on to Christmas preparations. I'm thinking I should be much more pushy with getting my ingredients into the house ahead of time. I'm not sure yet how I'm replacing the normal Christmas ham but I know I'm not eating pork in India lol.


  1. Wow sounds like everything was just about great! Congratulations on a successful Thanksgiving! :D  I know MIL not joining you was not good but the food was a big hit.

  2. Thank you. I think I shall have to teach her that I cook way too much food and she can safely enjoy with the rest of us.

  3. Thanks hun! He wasn't home, otherwise I might would have thought that lol.

  4. Any chance that Uncle Ji added extra salt while you weren't looking? ;-)  I understand how you must feel regarding MIL though. My MIL would do the same. Even when my mum was visiting, she wanted MIL to sit down and join us to eat, but of course it's more important to MIL to make sure we're all satisfied first -- particularly on a special occasion.    Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. This chicken didn't have skin either. I covered the pan with aluminum foil aka freshwrap for the first hour of cooking and removed it for the last 30 minutes to brown up the chicken. I marinated the chicken before cooking with an olive oil and spice mix and it kept really moist, though I think next time I won't uncover it as soon. Right now I doubt I'm cooking Christmas dinner at least not for everyone in this house.

  6. Happy Thanksgiving a day late :)
    Sounds like the chicken was a big hit. In Europe roast turkey is a christmas dish, so you might get very lucky and get one in Hypercity around that time, they are a smaller, about twice the size of a regular indian chicken or something, I usually make one every year for Christmas, las year I couldn't find one, so I settled for a chicken, the hypercity in Navi Mumbai didn't even have while chicken with skin on so I I had to butter the chicken thick before putting it in the oven so it would keep moist, but it was tasting great, I just missed the cruchy roasted skin bit :)