Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Inconvenience of Life in India (most cities)

This post may sound a little angry I warn you. I'm sick again and more than fed up. It's when I get sick that these things anger me the most. Currently I've got another stomach infection and the pain burst that are radiating from my stomach are pulsing through my nerves and causing me to have goosebumps and chills all over my body. Occasionally it also causes muscle spasms and twitches due to their intensity. I'm truly sick of this. Maybe I shouldn't post when I'm emotional but I am an emotion driven person and that's when I have the most to say.

Being sick always highlights the one thing I hate most about life here in Amritsar. Inconvenience...or the lack of convenience available here. I swear sometimes I feel like Indians are addicted to hardship and suffering because they hold tight to all the old ways and how things were done by their ancestors. However, I know this is a very unrealistic statement. Not all Indians are like that for one and if it were true there wouldn't be cities like Delhi or Mumbai where things are very much advanced, while still maintaining some unique and valuable history. It's when I start thinking statements like that one that I know I'm truly angry because my judgment is clouded.

I've been in bed resting for 4 days now. I've made it a point not to get up and do any housework and (ugh) I skipped showering some because my body is very weak from this sickness. To shower I have to go down two flights of stairs and the cold water only makes me feel weaker. The fatigue all this places on my body is noticeable in the 20-30 minutes I become a zombie afterwards and the difficulty I have in understanding even simple words afterwards. I can't even hear English clearly enough to know what's going on and I have to ask for the phrases to be repeated multiple times. That's how weak and disoriented I become. When I've mentioned in my blog over this last 10 months about being sick, this is what I've been talking about. This same kind of intense horror.

Now, I really don't like chips and greasy foods, including snack foods. So there isn't much else available here to purchase. On my trip to Hypercity before I got sick I had purchased some nuts and dry fruits and such to make oatmeal with and I always look for healthy snack foods for those days I'm having trouble getting through but there is rarely anything there that isn't also greasy and requires a napkin to eat it. I don't buy these things. But for the last 4 days I've lived off junk food including pistachios and dates. I barely made it through it but I did go downstairs to make potato soup one night and the pain was so horrible that hubby had to finish cooking while I sat outside the kitchen and gave him instructions.

Yesterday I only had 1/2 cup of pistachios all day and had to have hubby bring me home some food. He picked up Pizza Hut for me but that left me going hungry all day long basically because there is NOTHING available nearby except overly spicy and nasty, greasy junk food that tears my stomach up and comes from the street vendors. Eating those foods is like asking for trouble for a foreigner no matter how long you live here so I know better...especially while I'm sick.

Today I was feeling better and thought I could make some oatmeal. It takes 3 minutes to cook and I could have some real food again. I put everything in the pot, the oatmeal, sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg and then went to get the milk. There was no milk in the house today. So the only choices I had left was a sandwich or cooking. That means (no matter which one) I have to chop veggies and stand up in the kitchen for a while getting everything together. It took me 20 minutes and I had to sit down a few times to get through it. This is why I hate living here.

I don't use the word hate often but I truly hate living here when I'm sick. I can tolerate it other times but I can honestly say I don't enjoy India at all anymore. I can't have MIL cook for me because she doesn't wash veggies and I've seen the food she thinks is okay to cook with. Most often it's been on the counter open and uncovered for hours to days and sometimes she cuts the rotten part away and uses what she perceives is good and she doesn't wash her hands before cooking. I do not trust any food she makes and every time I eat anything she cooks I get an upset stomach so I don't eat her food ever. I'm stuck with having to cook for myself or suffer more. Chachi's cooking sucks (as in it's not edible either) so that's no option either.

So that's what's pissing me off today. There is no convenience living here. No matter what you need, it's never available. I can't go get my own stuff (including groceries). Not only because I don't know where to go and I'm not allowed out by myself but because I'm too weak to get fully dressed and then drag myself down there. If I got someone to go with me it would no doubt take 20-30 minutes of them doing other things before they got ready to go. There are no food places that deliver to the residential areas here and there is no fast food available close by. The stores in the street are tiny and don't sell much of anything - especially not snacks with no hot masala spices.

There really is nothing here that is useful. This is the most inconvenient place to live I've ever been in and sadly it's the biggest city I've ever lived in. You would honestly think that with the veggie guy coming to your door daily, so many having maids and cooks and more that this country would be a great place to live but it's not. Everything is archaically difficult and I live in a middle class family! I can't imagine how much worse it is for the less fortunate, some of which I see regularly and my heart already goes out to them. If I saw how hard their lives were behind closed doors I may never stop crying.

Don't get me wrong. In the US I had to cook and clean and all the same things that I have to do here. However, in the US cleaning products actually got the house clean and when I was sick the laundry didn't get done. Here the clean laundry keeps piling up even when I'm too sick to put it away. In order to cook I usually have to go down two flights of stairs to collect my ingredients from the ground floor pantry, then cook on the first floor, then come up to the second floor to eat. Hardly any easy foods exist and the ones that do are very poor quality and disappears from the shelves quick and never come back so they can't be relied on. (Not to mention MIL turns off the fridge all the time so frozen foods don't stay frozen.) So to cook you have to stand and chop and peel and stir, etc. The 20 minutes I spent in the kitchen was only for a sandwich...that is quick food normally. Imagine when I actually have to do hot food because bread isn't normally kept in the house either. Todays bread was old and getting hard so I even wound up only eating the sandwich contents and not the bread.

I just want to scream right now. How the hell am I supposed to take care of myself under such strict and rotten circumstances? Each day I get closer and closer to just walking out. I am always asking and demanding remedies for the food issues but it never stays worked out for long. Yes, I do question why I keep tolerating this but I do know the answer. My real question is how much longer will I tolerate it before that reason doesn't matter to me anymore.

*as my positive energy to try and counteract some of the negativity in this post - I made it through typing it without any foul language. And also, I truly don't think these things are done to me specifically. This is how this family lives and has for God knows how long. This is how they have been running the house since before my husband was born and they just don't seem to be open to the idea that it is not hygienic or sanitary and needs to be changed for their own health.I know that because I've seen MIL eat nearly rotten food to avoid wasting it and my husband panics when I try to throw food out - he thinks for sure there is someone somewhere that can eat it.


  1. I remember the trip very well, and I am not at all surprised to see you taking to insults.

    I am talking about living standards, hygiene and the way people live in Amritsar.
    I think it is simply incorrect to convey that middle class Amritsaris live the way your family does as that is a misrepresentation of the fact. I would hate for anyone researching Amritsar to find your blog and be discouraged and as you and I both know, they would be. 
    My reasons for leaving were actually to do with none of the issues you mentioned, they were related to cultural, language and familial issues that you know were worsened by the fact that my husband wasn't there.
    Two months is more than enough time, to see the entirety of Amritsar - even on the 3 weeks I was there last I did as well.
    You are the person that is so ready to mention status, not me - I am just putting it into perspective.
    My MIL grew up in ****removed for safety purposes**** and none of her family have lived there for 30 years, I am almost certain in that time things have changed as the City has expanded. I am not claiming to be wealthy, or upper class - so I have no issue in admitting that they lived there. I don't think our home is great or in a fantastic area, but your husband himself has told me it is.
    I am certain if your husband read what you broadcast to the world and saw the way you deter people from visiting Amritsar he would be bothered by it, just like anyone would be.

  2. Thank you. I'm sure I've posted many times this is my limited experience as well. No one else could ever see Amritsar through my eyes because they haven't been where I've been and if they only take my opinion for everything, then that is their loss.

  3. That's amazing. Sometimes the solution is the simplest thing!

  4. Oof.  Reading these posts make my heart hurt. I hate that you are struggling so and don't feel well.  Hang tight and everything will work out eventually.  :-)

    re: the generalizations?  I've been reading your blog for quite awhile and never assumed that your experience was indicative to the whole of Amritsar.  I usually assume that no matter where a blog is located since a personal blog is simply a reflections of a single person's experience. *shrugs*

  5. GR,

    I like reading White Bhabi's blog - but sadly I have had to unsubscribe.
    I simply find the way she talks about the city and the place insulting.
    This is not the only post, it is a never ending stream.
    I understand she is not well, and I understand that circumstances are less that ideal - but she is painting a negative picture of the city and a picture that isn't the reality for most people.
    She talks about her life as a part of middle class Amritsar, as if this is a reflection of the masses there.
    The family simply are not middle class, things like unplugging the fridge would relate to finances plain and simple.
    She has talked about people bathing in the street, people washing dishes on the street - but frankly those issues are only of the lowest classes of India.
    Perhaps if White Bhabi visited Rani Ka Bagh, if she visited Bassant Ave, Green Ave, the Cantonment in Amritsar she would see a world outside the old world version of Amritsar in which she is living.
    I would hazard a guess that the ongoing health issues are related to unfiltered water too.
    I have been and stayed in Amritsar and I have spent more time out and about in the city than White Bhabi has.
    If the dig as at me, I really do not care as the time I spent in Amritsar was more as a resident than as a "tourist".
    The things that she talks about are accessible, places do deliver, if you shop on days other than Sunday things are available.
    White Bhabi is discouraging people from visiting the great city that is Amritsar.
    It is not by any means a metro, nor modern - but it is like most Punjab cities and most living in those cities would prefer it to metros.
    It is safer, it is less polluted, it is greener, it is much different to the vibe in metros.
    Yes, it is dirty, yes there is trash - but those issues do not go away in metros, those issues are there even in Western cities too.

  6. Badbhabhi,

    It wasn't a dig at's just the way it is.  I know what you're thinking, that you were there for an extended holiday or perhaps multiple times and that too while staying with a family.  That you DO understand the issues and really the issues aren't THAT bad.  I used to think the same thing....after my first trip to India and before moving here.  

    But the plain and simple of it is that a person just don't know until they've lived here.  Until you've had to deal with trying to live here on a daily basis and the constant struggle to complete what in the west would be considered a simple task.

    We loose power here constantly, the water shuts off, the internet lines are cut by construction, the roads are filled with potholes, the shops don't carry the same items so you must go to more than one to get what you need.  There aren't proper utilities for the people and poor live next door to the rich.  

    These are the truths of India and no city is immune.  Of course there are beauty's as well.....but they aren't in the majority.  India is balanced that way.

    However people do come to a point in their life when things get BAD.  When it's just too much.  And it's during those times that a person needs someone to help them walk through the bad times.  Remind them of the good times.  Help them see the good things that they just can't see right now.  

    And yes, some people don't adjust well to India.  I think WB has made it very clear that she hasn't and is actively working to go back home.  Most people reading this blog I think, will understand that her opinions of the place are tinted with those glasses.  Especially since she has said quite frequently that she knows it's not this bad everywhere .....even within her own city.  

  7. Lol. You have been here a total of 2 months your whole life and I guarantee you haven't been out and to more places than I have in this city. Your last trip you didn't even last 2 weeks before you went home crying. Remember who was supporting you and offering to help? I get out of the house a minimum of 3 days a week every week as has been well posted on my blog. Anyone who had actually lived here would also know that even beside the best houses are areas where there are those less fortunate so to see people bathing in the street is not a representation of of our status. And you also need to remember your MIL came from this very same area, within 1-2 streets of where I live.

  8. I think what you both have to remember is this:

    White Bhabi is sick and in pain, that will make you either angry or emotionally drained or both if it's been going on for any length of time or keeps re-occurring.  

    She said that she knows that these are clouding her judgement and that her feelings about Amritsar as a whole is being affected by it.

    She also points out that the hygiene issues are based on her family's household and no one else's.  She at no time says that everyone does this.  

    Her only issue with Amritsar is the inconvenience and if you've actively lived in any city anywhere in India for a length of time longer than a holiday, you'll understand that statement.  It's not a slur on India, it's the truth.  Most things are inconvenient here.  

    Lastly, I think it's important to remember that at some point we've all been angry or tired or hurt or just plain "over it".  Walking in another person's shoes and judging based on a backseat observation is something you wouldn't want done to you and I'm sure White Bhabi doesn't like having done to her.

  9. Yes, the homeowners in those pictures pay someone to sweep in front of their homes. However there is still visible dirt in the street of some of your pictures and trash in some of your other pictures. Some of the pictures show the houses in need of repair. You asked me to back up my claim that there was dirt everywhere and I simply showed your own photos, readily available and already uploaded.

  10. I am defending myself. You started with the insults. If I wanted to attack you I could easily post up all the things you said about your family and your living conditions and the things you said while you were here that did go on in your house. And even with the family issues you mentioned those as part of your reason for leaving as well. Your whole argument is getting ridiculous. You're even contradicting yourself from one comment to the other.

  11. We have a water tank too. The fresh water is what is turned off. Power doesn't go out every Monday because it's an election year right now. Yes, it does happen though. We also have private power so our power doesn't go completely out but we don't waste it by using everything in the house. The power cuts happen across the city and no area is immune to them.

  12. I see no rubbish or filth in the pictures posted?

    The video is of Lawrence Rd which is a main thoroughfare for shopping, as you would know, but even the main thoroughfare in Melbourne has rubbish and horse shit on it & Melbourne is ranked as the most livable city in the world by many different measures.
    With regard to our areas looking the same, why wouldn't they? The exteriors of many houses are very similar. Vishav's house is in a congested lane. The way in which they are designed are often similar.
    Have you been to Ranjit Avenue, why don't you visit D block in the new developments. Grass and no rubbish in many lanes there.
    Like I said, we are not wealthy and our house is not great but my FIL was the only man to contribute to that, and right now two people live in it - so it more than meets our needs.
    This is not a status issue, a class issue, or a personal issue. It is a matter of me disagreeing with the way you convey the City to be a hell hole, when it is not and nothing else.

  13. If you read what I said correctly, we have unexpected outages but not planned ones like the way you experience.

    Mondays you have no electricity for a better part of the day and you said between 10 & 12am no water.
    You know that when I was in India I told you we hardly experienced outages for 5 minutes and we never had issues with water because we have a huge tank on the roof. :)

  14. That may be where she learned it but the fridge we have now is only 3 years old. Maybe that's why she doesn't use the one downstairs (ground floor) very much though.

  15. Actually it turns out she didn't know how to turn it down and the milk kept freezing. Hubby figured it out the other day and fixed it for her.

  16. You must be the only person in all of India that has water and electricity all day every day. It's fascinating they would only skip your house.

  17. Your neighborhood looks very similar to mine...anyone can compare YOUR pics to mine on the blog, on FB and on YouTube and see that.

  18. I will get the others...but here are the pictures of your husbands area and such that you asked for.....ironically these are YOUR photos posted on YOUR blog.

  19. Ooooh, OK, I have a real answer for you about the fridge thing!  I asked around, and Mr. 4B says that older fridges (maybe not the one you have now, but one that you MIL may have had in the past) in India used to form ice on the inside and outside.  We are talking huge chunks of ice that would  them melt all over the floor.  So, yucky in a different way.  I doubt it applies to her current fridge, though.  Still, what a relief that there is reason, right?

  20. Ugh.  I'm sorry you've been so ill.  I've been dealing with a dirty house guest (as you know!), so I feel your pain.  I feel like I'm constantly cleaning up after a toddler--just without any of the benefits of getting to be around a cute toddler.  

    I find the digs at your family's perceived social class in these comments very disturbing and unkind.  I mean, my MIL has never unplugged the fridge, but there are lots of things re: germ theory that she just plain doesn't understand very well because she's from another generation (needing to refrigerate food, needing to wash her hands with soap before/during cooking, bathroom stuff we don't need to talk about, et cetera).  That doesn't make her lower class.  

    I imagine that your MIL's fridge unplugging behavior comes from having grown up with power and water shortages for most of her life as well as the generation she's from not having grown up with fridges,  more than it has to do with class.  

    That said, feel better. 

  21. We have running water all day, electricity all day (except for unexpected outages), we have AC in many rooms, we have a car, we have a kitchen for washing dishes, we have running hot water for showers, we have a water filter.

    If you are middle class that would make us upper class, which we simply are not - this is the way middle class live in Amritsar.
    We are not a joint family, with many men to contribute, we are not a wealthy family. We do not have a great house in a great area and I am not saying that we do.
    I am just trying to give an unbiased perspective - if you want to talk about Amritsar and you want to talk about the city. Please just tell it like it is instead of picking and choosing what details to be truthful about.
    Please remember, your blog audience is not limited to "gori wives" if I google Amritsar your blog comes up on the first page.
    If you were talking about Melbourne, I would be just as bothered.
    I myself, my husband and others we know in Amritsar find the things you say to be insulting.

  22. Please provide photos of Khalsa College, or GNDU, or the lane in which my husband's house is in. Or better yet the homes in Bassant Ave.

  23. Exactly. I can supply pictures of any and all areas as proof they are all dirty. It's a fact, not an insult. There are areas in every country with dust problems like this. It just seems worse because there's no grass or trees here to catch any of it.

  24. I've mentioned it and always get the rebuttal that we don't need that. I can fuss about the fridge and it stops for a while. Other things I just avoid and work my way around them.

  25. Will definitely look though I haven't seen anything like that previously. Thanks for the tip!

  26. We're not discussing hygeine, that even varies from family to family inside of one house. The city is dirty in all parts. Trash is thrown in the streets and no area is immune. The people are very diverse - the dust and debris however is everywhere. Even in much nicer areas than badbhabi's family is from.

  27. got to agree with badbhabhi here.  i visit india every year (specifically punjab), and hygiene is of the utmost in the house i visit.  disinfectants are used daily in the kitchen and bathrooms.

    hygiene varies family to family.  please don't lump us all together just because your experience hasn't been that great.  

  28. Can you buy one of those small fridges (like beer fridges) and keep it in your room and stash your food there? Your situation sounds so concerning. It's a real worry. :-(

  29. In instant soup packs, just check if Hypercity doesn't have the Keya range, they were just spice and dried herbs until recently, but they now expanded to the soup powder business, their tomato soup is awsome, you just need to pour the pouch in a big tea mug and add boiling water....yum!
    Since it's an Indian brand it should be too hard to find, another one I like is Bachelor's Slim-a-soup range, it's imported but not that much costlier than Keya. I find Knorr and Maggi soups a bit boring, plus there is always way too  much soups out of one pack, I'm the only one liking soups so it generally goes to waste, better get the individual serving packets you can do in mugs. If you invest into a small one serving electric tea kettle you could even boil the water in your room on the days you feel too sick to go downstairs

  30. Amritsar is not half as bad as you say Kristy. Please remember which part of town that you live in before painting the entire city with that brush.

  31. Thank you! I can see why you avoid it. Even our friends here comment about how dirty and run down things have gotten which helps me realize it's not just me being picky and snooty. I love spinach actually! I have a package of mixed dal just waiting for me to get well enough to get busy with the spinach. I make this amazing spinach dal dish and I created my own palak aloo recipe when I lived in the states I can't wait to share. Then there is spinach dip and I really want to see how the family like spinach with chili vinegar on it like we eat in the southern US. I am excited spinach is finally coming back. I missed it over the summer. I'm going to break out my cookbook and learn some new spinach recipes while I'm here too. I have guinea pigs to experiment on with my cooking. ;)

    I love ginger too. It has been one of my best friends with combating some of the stomach upset. I pay way too much but I found ginger ale here and that was a huge comfort whenever I was sick in the US. I haven't yet developed the taste for plain ginger (I made ginger chips once) but it gets added in wherever I can to help me.

    I'm also taking plenty of immunity support vitamins and health supplements to help. I've noticed they work some, until the kids get sick. Until then I guess this is the ultimate learning experience in how to overcome obstacles you never knew could exist. Some good will come of this suffering. I'm sure of it. Thanks for your support!

  32. I'm definitely over trying to watch my health. I did that early on and I was so excited about having the fresh veggies more available here than back home. I've now realized it's unrealistic to expect to survive here on health foods alone. Now that it's been mentioned I will definitely be picking up some packets. There aren't too many available that I can eat but Knorr does have some soups on hand. I've tried some of the ready to eat meals that are available here and they are horrible and often have way too many spices in them. I do a lot of searching at HyperCity for thins that I can eat and that cook quick but there isn't much there. I can't believe I actually miss TV dinners now because I avoided them when I lived in the US. I would almost pay $20 a meal for just one Kashi lemongrass chicken frozen meal now though.

  33. If I could get the chinese food I probably could eat it. The closest chinese restaurant is on the other side of the city from me. I did however remember a packet of sweet corn soup that cooks in abt 5 min that I purchased a while back though thanks to your suggestion! It's really good, not spicy at all and really easy to make which is all I need in life right now. I must remember to pick up more of those things when I go back to HyperCity too because the weather is getting cold quick.

  34. WOW! Poor bhabi ji,i was very upset when i read this post.... just now life is not good for you,and your health and wellbeing are suffering so much. I will tell you a secret, i cant stand Amritsar either. For me the only good things are Harmandhir Sahib and Baba Deep Singh Gurudwara. i think its dirty and so very overcrowded, I usually try to avoid going completely,and go to Anandpur sahib and Kiratpur instead. Can you take spinach cooked in a way you like? and ginger tea? I think your diet has suffered so much and you physically and emotionally very weak. I hope that you get better soon and that you and Rohit Ji are able to get to the states within the next couple of months. we are doing the langar at our gurudwara in glasgow on sunday, i will pray for your happiness at Ardas xxx

  35. Oh no!! I really hope you feel better soon. I can imagine how frustrating it all must be. Maybe buy a few food packets from the supermarket and keep them in a hidden stash. They take 2 mins to cook and aren't the healthiest, but better than almost rotten ingredients. Hang in there. It gets better :)

  36. I really hope you feel better. It does suck to be sick and in a foreign environment. 

    What about chicken soup for the soul, do you think you could stomach chicken corn soup or vegetarian corn flour soup from a local Chinese restaurant? It should be pretty bland with nothing added to it, and the broth will give you some strength.

  37. Well....I can understand how you feel.Get well soon. May be this will bring some smile on your face (hope you have'nt seen it before :-))

  38. Definitely! Even the simplest task is so much harder here. They are just jealous anyway lol. Everyone should be spoiled a little sometimes.

  39. HUGS
    I know each time we visit in Lucknow I go nut too, and we only visit for a week, I could not imagine living in a second tier city in India, because you really need to pick your area carefully in order to have some convenience. I never had problem in Bangalore and Mumbai, and not even Chennai, there were always restaurant around for these crappy days who would deliver to your doorstep after a simple phone call. Pizza Hut is by the way the less reliable for deliveries, at least in Bangalore, they have a short delivery radius and even within that radius they deliver pizza half cold :(

    I've been arguing with people from the west on the necessity to have a maid and hired help because otherwise you are plain dead on your feet after one day, but they called me spoiled...clearly they never lived in India :(
    I hope you'll feel better soon

  40. I never heard of anybody switching off the fridge.Strange!.

  41. I would certainly be much better off in my own place. I know that but it's not a possibility right now and to be honest I'm so fed up all I want is to leave and never come back. I don't even want to try anymore, though I have no choice but to keep trying so I can survive while I'm stuck here. Being sick definitely keeps you from being able to see anything good in this country. I'm trying to remain optimistic but it's just not happening.

  42. I do go grocery shopping on the weekend but that leaves out veggies because they rot so fast here. MIL keeps turning off the fridge too and so that even makes the convenience foods rot or go bad. I throw out so much food because it molds from getting too warm and we can't seem to stop her from turning it off. She's doing it when we sleep as if we won't notice and doesn't listen when we tell her not to. If we turn it on she turns it right back off as soon as we're not looking. So I've even had to quit buying things that have to be kept in the fridge. That limits me to nuts, chips and prepackaged foods.

    I'm not sure a cook would help either. Workers here in Amritsar are notoriously unreliable for showing up, doing the job and even doing it right. By hiring one I could be setting myself up for salmonella. I actually love cooking, it's only when I get really sick that I have problems and that is random so by the time we found a cook I would probably be well too. You know how slow things move here sometimes. It's almost like a no-win situation.

  43. I really feel bad for you!.After reading your posts I'm so greatful I live just alone with my husband in a nice flat and nice area.And even though some streets are dirty here in Bangalore the air is clean most of the time as it rains very often.I miss good public transport though and I felt really lonely and lost when I moved here but the more you go out the more you feel comfortable around the city and know where to find things.My friend says that only places like Bangalore, Mumbai and other metros are very cosmopolitan and "female friendly" environments so I guess that's a disadvantage with Amristar.Few exceptions aside I've not changed my quality of life in India and, in fact it has improved in others(apart from the time I got a virus and was down for several days after I arrived.Awful time and being sick makes you loose perspective unfortunately).

    Have you considered moving to your own place with Rohit?.

    Get well soon.

  44. Hope you get well soon! India is definitely very difficult to live in. I think some of it has to do with exposure to so much pollution--even with a maid + driver + no chores + eating freshly cooked food every day, I feel drained when I get back home from work every day. 

    House hold chores and simple tasks like driving are definitely more difficult and time consuming in India. Isn't there any way you can do your groceries in the weekend and keep stuff separate for yourself? And maybe hire a part time cook?

  45. You should just go back to the States. You are an unhappy, entitled and racist.

  46. LOL...You're right, anyone living in such a crappy city like this would be unhappy. But educate yourself, in order to be racist you have to hate a whole race of people - not a city. And changing your name to post comments and make yourself look like a different person doesn't work. Your comments are tracked right down the place you login from. So I know it's you even when you use a different email address and name.