Thursday, November 17, 2011

If he Thinks He's Moving In With Me He Has Another Thought Coming

So what I've decided to call mousoon (instead of monsoon) season is over. However, this little freaking mouse keeps thinking he is moving in with me. He's been living on our terrace for the last few days and a few times now I've caught him trying to come in the door and scared him out. Twice I've heard him in the room. Now, I know he's tiny but I still don't understand how he's getting behind the wall to wall and floor to ceiling cabinet/wardrobe in my room. That thing is pretty well sealed and surrounded by concrete but I have heard him back there and even found a candy wrapper he had drug in.

This is one of those times when being American in a ahimsa (aka in this situation animal friendly) household sucks. I would love nothing more than to set some glue traps or rat poison outside of my door to keep the little monster out but nooooo....we can't kill innocent creatures. Ahem...he's not innocent! These are his crimes:
  • He shreds the kites hubby keeps stored behind the bed - meaning we have to move it to clean.
  • His ancestors are responsible for the worst mass-sickness deaths in history (the Bubonic Plague comes to mind).
  • He is a known disease spreader - I don't care how small he is.
  • He poops on the floor.
  • His hair is known to instigate allergic respiratory reactions. They are dangerous to asthma sufferers.
I don't think I need to go on. You all know that mice don't belong in the home and I'm not a mouse friendly person. I see another episode of mouse catcher (and releaser) in nieces future. Ugh! And to think there is a temple here in India devoted to rats.....I think this mouse needs to move there!

I think since I have to routinely smell dead animals (the neighbor butchers her own meat) that I should be allowed to do some killing on my own. It could be therapeutic right? At least until I had to clean it up because this bhabi is too grossed out for all that lol. Bleh....guess I'm stuck with ahimsa.


  1. We have no other animals to worry about btw. Even the local cat stopped coming once I got past my chocolate cake need during early depressions lol. Yeah, okay fine. Strawberries went out of season and the cake just isn't good without them. I'm not over the addiction. Bleh. hahaha.

  2. Awesome!! I can't wait for shopping. I'm gonna be mouse free...I'm gonna be mouse free! *imagine childish dancing* lol.

  3. I think like Cyn suggested, rodenticide cakes!! They're what I use. I've had success leaving them outside the house where I knew rats were living (in a storage room under our house), but you need to make sure that other animals don't eat them!

  4. One of our rats even went to the effort of nibbling through the packaging to get to the cake when I didn't put it out one night!! We've never had one die inside yet. :-)

  5. It's been added to my shopping list now for sure. Thanks!!

  6. The rat poison brand I used is Mortein, it is even be available in small corner shops if you can sneak out and go to one :) then you split the "cake" in small bits and place them in the places the mouse likes to hide, the mouse will nibble on them, there is something in the cake that appeals to them

  7. That sounds about like how I would have reacted! We do normally catch them in a humane trap but I just want to keep them out of my room altogether. We don't keep open food in here but from the sound of it they like the kites behind my bed. They eat everything. It's so creepy.

  8. Oh I had a mouse here in the US, I guess who was staying there before I moved in. And since I was cooking, it had tons of things to eat.

    That mouse was a nuisance, would leave a trail of poop all over the carpet.

    One day, when I retruned from the work early, I saw the mouse friend had chewed its way through the plastic top of the chinese takeaway with some left over rice in it. I was shocked initially to see the mouse in but quickly covered the chewed top. I was as scared as the little mouse. Kept the takeaway outside the door and slammed it, opened it up partly to peep if it went out!

    It was trying hard to get underneath the door. I had to chase it and jumped when it refused to go into the sunlight and turned back into me. Luckily it ran into the car parking area, and that was the end.

    I had successfully occupied its territorry.

    Not sure, if this work for you.

  9. I didn't know they mostly went outside to die. That means I could do this without issue (most likely) because of how our room is set up. This is good. I know what to put on my grocery list for HyperCity now.

  10. Rat poison takes 2-3 days to kill them, and they usually do it outside according to the label on the package.
    Another reason not to let a mouse into your house: they like to chew on electrical wire, my MIL had to replace her fridge because a rat destroyed it, and in Navi Mumbai where I lived last year, a rat manage to stay inside the washing machine casing, it is a front load machine so he could climb all the way up to the control board, chewed some components, and had us wait over a month for LG to locate a replacement PCB for a model they just discontinued, fortunately the thing came under warranty, there were rat poo poo daily at the crime scene until we finally figured out where the rat was hiding during the day. I had another one inside, it kept me busy a few days chasing the damn roden around every morning, he was after my fruit basket, and even chewed a bit of my TV stand, we found out he liked to hide beneath the compressor in our fridge, fortunately didn't destroy said fridge, just hid there. We got fed up and turned toward more effective means than just playing investigators following the poops and noise and hope to be able to shoo him outside, rat poison did the trick, our inside rat decided to crawl half dead in our sink and had me use the dust pan to scoop him feeling guilty as hell to just bring him to the edge of the terrasse where he fell on his own and died, the other was found on my neighbour's terrace by my neighbour...who had been as annoyed with mice as I was and was wondering how that one got there because her rodents were in her kitchen which had windows giving on the other side of the building, I confessed that it must have been my washing machine destroyer.

    There are no kills traps avaialble too in the market, but then you are never sure the mouse in question won't be coming back to your place :(

    They have the potential to spread so many disease, that really I don't want them in or coming back.

  11. Good point....I don't have a way to trap him but maybe a little research can give me some ideas on how he may just turn longer alive. ;)

  12. Trap him outside the house and do away with him without anyone knowing! ;-)