Thursday, November 24, 2011

I Have a Lot to be Thankful For myspace graphic comments
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  • Having so many insightful, helpful and thoughtful readers!
  • Having so many gori friends (online and offline) who are in similar relationships.
  • Being lucky enough to have an awesome MIL and not a monster-in-law like most are known to be.
  • Having a loving, caring husband who spoils me even when I'm rotten or stubborn.
  • For all of the experiences I've had living in India - good and bad - I know they will teach me something.
  • For all the drama in my life that causes me to have reasons to be thankful, gives me something to write about and, in general, keeps my life interesting enough that I still want to live it. 
  • I'm extra thankful that I don't have to do the dishes. :D
  • For having a maid. Finally a lifelong dream fulfilled - and all I had to do was move half way around the world lol. 
  • For All Out plug in bug deterrent. Without it that mosquito may know where to find me. Yikes! 
  • My nail scrubber...without it I could never stay white in India - especially not with all the turmeric and tomatoes in the food!
By the time you guys read this (This is a scheduled post) I will have spent two days cooking to celebrate this day with my Indian in-laws. I will have updates for you and maybe some recipes over on Expat Fusion within the next few days. This should be quite interesting.


  1. Firstly Happy Thanksgiving!  Secondly I love what you wrote about turning darker because of eating so many tomatoes and turmeric! I do love your sense of humour!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving and wish you had wonderful time with your family.